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Dwier Swallows Jadexs

Once human, Dwier was left the sole operator of the otherwise fully automated Ursus 13 orbiting station. But since Ursus 13 was abandoned, the station has decayed into a derelict satellite, leaving Dwier stranded.

To survive the ever degrading conditions, he spliced his genes with the local mold. This has kept him alive and well for decades. Long enough to shed his human past.

That is until Jadexs arrived, docking for ship repairs before she lands on the planet. Everything about her awoke senses that he'd forgotten and hungers that screamed to be fed.

Apart of Jadexs Eps 1 on Gumroad for $2

Always see more at vore-more.

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divinebeauty91's avatar
That would be a fun thing to get eaten by.
Wouldn't it though?
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Especially since vowers are psychic predators that use your body to weaken your will to feed on your mind.
divinebeauty91's avatar
In other words, making you easy prey?
Vyxes's avatar
A belly pet.
divinebeauty91's avatar
I wouldn’t mind that all.
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Thank you.  Glad to see this one still attracts fans.
Lyrnetu's avatar
This is the coolest thing I've seen in weeks. Thank you so much  0_0
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vegtheradish's avatar
"Hungers that scream to be fed"! I think we know what that means!
Awesome artwork and a lovely looking lady! More please!
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Always more at...

Scroll, click, explore, find...

ThankYou3D1 by Vyxes  
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Curia-DD's avatar
This is really cool...!!
Elfenkrieger's avatar
Mutant Vore is even a form of cannibalism with a different form of eating. Mostly i dont like vore cause thinking "a intillegent kind of species would more enjoy" but this one is a great story and even as a non sexualisized Horror Movie it would get fans ( and in double morality even in the mainstream as a Horror Movie cause the mainstream likes if the evil lose all its humanity)
Vyxes's avatar
Vore doesn't necessarily mean digestion.  What happens inside an alien body can be left entirely to the imagination: from the literal to the sexual to the surreal.  The painting itself, stripped of what it may imply, is just swallowing.  What happens next is up to the viewer. 

Vore as a fetish, no matter how it may be defined, is different from person to person.  For me, this is a fantasy with terrifying moments that leads to a strictly, though very strange, sexual encounter.  In the beginning, Jadexs, for her reasons, seduces Dwier.  And, in the end, she is regurgitated weak, pleasured and morally confused.

The story of Dwier, so far, is the only comic I managed to finish.  Hopefully, I will be telling strange tales again.

Thank you for enjoying...
Elfenkrieger's avatar
The interesting is what could happening insider her other than digestion... what means sexual?!? How it Works...  Or is it all to surreal to imagine or discribe?!?

This would be open for those who like to add aditional storys about this one. The visual is shown but the literally it could be added by us viewers
Vyxes's avatar
Yes.  You've got it.  This is the moment where the fantasy can transform into whatever the viewer wants: from something purely destructive to something purely sexual to something yet imagined.
Dwier is soft and slimy.  It is up to you to decide what that becomes.

For me, the creature is malleable.  It can and will mold itself to her: mind and body.  The moment is erotic.  It only wants to pleasure her.  The fantasy is a vicarious one experienced through voyeurism.  There is no death, no destruction.  There is only enough peril to be adventurous.  It is being pleasured by something grotesque and, safely alien, in a place of eerie desolation that is, itself, safely private.

Elfenkrieger's avatar
There also can be a sequel where he choses to get the form of her to seduce and prey a male... So he think its the missed one but its a twist...
Dwier lost his human form so long ago... after devouring females there is nothing against that he can chose a female form for a male prey
Vyxes's avatar
Or it could just turn her to stone.
Elfenkrieger's avatar
Nice Concept... iam a great ASFR Fan next to Vore so if you want made such a Petrification Topic
Vyxes's avatar
I'm strictly vore and alien sex.  But the fantasy really could be anything.
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