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Arta Vs Mudshark 6

By Vyxes
An Arta is deployed to collect DNA from a new Vower type classified as a mudshark.   Number 6 of a 7 piece gallery series.

Find comic and gallery at:

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And always see more at Vore-More.

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Halstrom's avatar
Awesome work, thank you for sharing :)
meyfaaren's avatar
Komblkaurn's avatar
Your work is amazing, so gross and perfect. Do you model in zbrush?
Vyxes's avatar
Thank you. 

Actually, I don't use zbrush or model utilizing displacement maps (I think that's what they're called.)   I use C4D and mainly work directly with the model's polygons, adding curvature with hypernurbs (now outdated term.)

As you can tell, I need to catch up with the tech.  And zbrush and its method of modelling are still things I need to learn.
Komblkaurn's avatar
I still need to learn zbrush also, it's pretty different then any other modeling program and not really intuitive. But your stuff looks great, I think I should do some modeling like that.
Vyxes's avatar
Cinema 4D.  I have R13 but the later versions now have a zbrush-like sculpting feature.  You should be able to explore both techniques in the application.  Because working predominately with the polygons also has its limitations.
Blades-123's avatar
Superb image, great details and textures.:)
Vyxes's avatar
Thank you.  I spent a lot of time toying with C4D's material settings to get those textures. 
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