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Arta Vs MudShark 2

By Vyxes
An Arta is mobilized to collect DNA from a new Vower type classified as a mudshark.  Number 2 of a 7 piece gallery series.

Find comic and gallery at:

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Vowers are animal/fungal hybrids, meaning they have two natural states of being: an active animal and a passive fungus.  The Arta's job is to continually agitate the Vowers with violence so that they remain animals.  If they do not wage war on the Vowers, the Vowers will devolve back to fungus.
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Hanoko's avatar
Love the feeling motion and twisting body in the picture! And the helmet design is cool ^^
I'm looking forward to seeing the next pieces X)
Vyxes's avatar
Thank you for acknowledging the helmet.  It's the result of a lot of nostalgia digging.
Hanoko's avatar
I can see it, it looks a bit familiar ^^
What was your inspirations for it?
Vyxes's avatar
It's kind of a hybrid between Cobra Crimson Guard and Imperial Scout.
Hanoko's avatar
The fusion gives a cool design!
PerilComics's avatar
very sexy! love it!
Blades-123's avatar
Great stuff, very dynamic, lovely posing!
Vyxes's avatar
Thank you.  It's taking time but I'm finally starting to understand my model.
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