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Arta Vile Crusade - Worms Squirm Up Marek

By Vyxes
Exploring the war-torn wasteland of Ursus 137d, an arta stumbles on two vowers eager to make her their pet.

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And there's always more at vore-more (remove the "s" from "https"):
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"worms...why does there have to be worms..."
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Indiana Jones ~ The Smirk Of Adventure

Admittedly, I'm using "worms" as a loose term.

They're vower spores. Vower basal cells are so adaptive, they even survive digestion. So, vowers eat each other, absorb the ancillary cells and defecate pure basal spores. Spores that amass in pits to merge into new vowers.

steveXL5zodiac's avatar
but the bottom line is....there's no hope for her...
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She is doomed...

steveXL5zodiac's avatar
that's what I wanted to hear

She looks hopelessly stuck! :D

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Happy Slime Emote Happy Slime Emote She is.Happy Slime Emote Happy Slime Emote 

It looks like even you're emojis got slimed.

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Yeah... 4 by Vyxes   everything around me...  6 by Vyxes   tends...  18 by Vyxes   to get...  15 by Vyxes   slimed... 11 by Vyxes  
What is that stuff she stuck in?
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Vower slime - a viscous venom that arouses flesh on contact.
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When it wants to be.
Qs-Vore-Guy's avatar
Very cool!  And great effect with the cocoon slime! :D Mind if I ask how you did that?
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It's all just low-poly box modeling and displacement textures.  Duplicate the character, select the mesh I want for slime, remove the rest, swap the character texture with the displacement texture = slime.   As a bonus, the character UV Map will keep anything I extrude within the polygons they were extruded from, changing the flat displacement texture into a vertical stencil.   That's how I get the ripple in any slime that stretches from her.     

That's for the globs and thick stuff.

The thin stuff is just texture painting.

ThankYou1 by Vyxes  
Qs-Vore-Guy's avatar
That's very clever!  Nice Job and thank you! :D
Sinformation's avatar
Love your work,
Great facial expressions!
Vyxes's avatar
Thank you.  Those expressions are the result of a fair amount of study.
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