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Arta Vile Crusade - Marek Meets Varg

By Vyxes
Exploring the war-torn wasteland of Ursus 137d, an arta stumbles on two vowers eager to make her their pet.

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Made with Blender and Photoshop
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Looks more like she's about to murder an alien that's obviously terrified.

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The title's a bit sarcastic but it is nice to know I conveyed the scene.

For some context...
Arta Vile Crusade - Marek Peers Down Pit by Vyxes
The vower was sneaking up on her.
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A pet that happens to be an attractively formed human? Mere chance I am sure!
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Would you prefer another type?
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Excelent, who's the monster? :D (Big Grin) 
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it is of course a chance coincidence that Vowers are attracted always to attractively embodied female humans!
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It's not by chance at all.  The Federation is an artificial species consisting of four specialized subspecies reprinted and adapted as needed.
Double-x DNA proved to be easier to re-engineer and became the scaffolding for the Federal human.  Below the skin, they are much more alien.

Being printed, each member of the subspecies is physically identical - copies of their template.
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Thank you.   Unfortunately, I can't think of a short answer.  So here's a long one.

It's a vower.  An abandoned psychic weapon, the vower evolved a primal infatuation for the mind of the Federal human.  When rediscovered centuries later, the Federation found a being that treated their psyches like a narcotic.  No matter the form, all vowers hunger to lull Federal humans into a feverish delirium to feed on their minds.

However, it was later learned this strange desire was only for the artificially printed Federal human and their specific genetic makeup.  All other organisms were just meat.

This made the vower an ideal bioweapon against the earthling plague.   Instead of brutalizing infested worlds with conventional warfare.  The vower could use earthling flesh as raw material to terraform the planet into a Federal paradise.

However, on Ursus 137d, after nearly wiping out the earthling colony, the vowers stopped.  They spared the few remaining survivors and receded back into their newly grown wilderness.

To investigate this failure, artas (specialized wardens of the vowers) scour the decimated colony for clues, collecting bio-samples from survivors and vowers alike until an answer is found.

For the "who", it's Varg who lives in an abandoned prospector mine with Sil - bi-products of consumed earthlings.

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Thank you for your long and complete explanation, my question was black humor, the Alien seemed defenseless in front of the sexy space girl.;) (Wink) It's a well-done scene, good job.Clap 
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