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Arta Vile Crusade 2 - Marek dangles before Sil

By Vyxes
Reclaiming her from the ravenous worms, Sil enjoys the now feverish Marek and her psychically potent sensual hunger.

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SATANELI's avatar

ok this creeps me out man.

Vyxes's avatar

Titillate or disturb. Either way, erotic horror does its job.

SATANELI's avatar

you need a hobby better than this one man.

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Excluding the power fantasy, most sexual fantasies involve some form of ritual ruination. This is why dominatrices and books like "50 shades" are popular.

As with all of my fantasies, the hero (Marek) - who is the idol of many things but mainly purpose and determination - is cleansed of her responsibilities and made to rest in a state of sexual bliss. Ruination fantasies are often about something that's being ignored by conscious pursuits.

I work a lot of hours. I don't get enough sleep. It's partly because of my lifestyle. It's partly because of my personality. The villain in my ruination fantasy makes me tend to the things my body longs for - absolute relaxation.

The bondage is there because an adventure isn't an adventure without some peril. This also includes the objectification of the hero. When Marek fades into the background of her own story, it's a form of figurative death which plays into the peril.

The monsters and the slime serve another older fetish.

The sexual fantasy can dig deep into the psyche which can make them a useful tool for introspection and a great primer for understanding personal archetypes. As with everything, the pursuit is what you make of it.

Vyxes's avatar

What's wrong with this hobby?

blurpblurp98's avatar
do you still do art with your old jadexs art style?
blurpblurp98's avatar
i like the old “realistic” style lol
Vyxes's avatar

The old style is photomanipping and it's too time consuming and limited. But glad to see it's still appreciated.

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interesting adventure for her

Vyxes's avatar

Thank you, and it will continue with "Arta: Vile Crusade 3."

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