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Arta In QMAF

By Vyxes
Quantum Mechanical Amniotic Fluid (QMAF)

The QMAF is an all purpose organic soup generally used for space travel, bio-manufacturing and repair, and as a common feature in most biotech.  

It is a mixture of two integrated components.   The perfluorochemical base has a high solubility for respiratory gases; making it not only breathable but, often times, an artificial substitute for blood.   The base is normally combined with a synthesized amniotic fluid which provides a steady supply of stem cells along with proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and phospholipids, and urea.

Through nuclear magnetic resonance, the whole solution functions as a quantum machine.  Reacting to electromagnetic commands, the fluid can change its viscosity and manipulate its own properties to perform a variety of chemical tasks.

For Incuso, the QMAF is used for Arta manufacturing and repair.  Via a magnetically translated blueprint, the Artas are literally printed from the bath of stem cells and proteins.    Consequently, the same QMAF system also serves to repair and rehabilitate injured Artas.

Every outpost is equipped with three QMAF vats for medical treatment, fever rehab, and, ultimately, replacing MIA's or retirees with new Artas.

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heavenly777protector's avatar
so a literal wet/viscous dream then?
Vyxes's avatar
I suppose since the QMAF is used to conjure fully grown artas from seemingly nothing.
heavenly777protector's avatar
Interesting, seems quite a lot of thought has gone into this 👍
Vyxes's avatar
Obsessed to a fault. 
And thank you.
Xlavok's avatar
I wonder how thick is the fluid? Is it like thick slime?
Vyxes's avatar
Reacting to electromagnetic commands, the fluid can change its viscosity.  It can be thick enough to hold up a person or it can thin to a gas for breathing.
Very beautiful fun
Your very welcome
akizz's avatar
Wow, I can feel the dim light behind. Also LOVE the detailed explanation. Superb.
Vyxes's avatar
Honestly, I paint these to have an excuse to present the explanation.  It's a concept I incorporate in every scifi I tell.  That and the odd Gothic feel I get when visualizing the scene.

ThankYou3 by Vyxes  
akizz's avatar
You're welcome. I can see that in your work. Hope you do more great stuff in the future :)
vegtheradish's avatar
Nice, slightly different technique compared with the Jadexs pictures!
Any particular reason for this?
Vyxes's avatar
Jadexs is a photomanip.  This is 3D.  Though the photoshop workflow is  virtually the same.
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