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Arta #1 - Imp Sheaths Aleko

By Vyxes
In Arta Issue 1, Captain Aleko lands on a black site planet in search of salvage only to find a mysterious life form that hungers for her flesh.

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Made with Cinema 4D and Photoshop.
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© 2018 - 2021 Vyxes
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what happened with her?
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Her mind and body become enslaved for a time.
There's a Quick Preview on this issue's drivethrucomics page.  It shows the entire comic - beginning to end.   Just follow the link in the description.
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So erotic how she is covered by it!  Yum!
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Her body hopelessy drenched in its intoxicating poison, she feels a sensual hunger consume her mind.  Will fading to whimpers, Aleko drowns in the venom's unrelenting esctasy.
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*shudders* soooo hot!!
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impressive work, kudos ;)
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Awesomely gooey :)
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Wow...intense! Love Clap 
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Hungry little beastie!
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