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Dr. Omunkulos's House Of Slime 3 - Promo 1 by Vyxes, visual art


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Space Girl vs Kraken
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Facial Expressions and Body Language

Simple Tools For Body Language by Vyxes, journal

Slime Effects

Simple Tools For Slime Effects by Vyxes, journal

For those wondering,

I don't do commissions.

Though I sell the results, my pursuits are personal.

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Thanks for the Albino Llama. Very much appreciated.

Thank you for the faving, buddy.

A lot of this stuff would be great setups for pregnancy horror too... was hoping I’d see that somewhere, but oh well

I make my fetish and I appreciate everyone who enjoys it. But it's only about being conquered by a gross monster and kept as a pet. It is no less and it is definitely no more.

Thanks for the llama.

Thanks for the watch and all the great work! I've enjoyed your stuff for years, so it really means a lot that you like my page.

! Thanx for the Llama !