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this is a drawing of a young carnotaurus
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very reminisnt of disney dinosaur, good work
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Those arms are too big. 
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gothic-music-vampireHobbyist Traditional Artist
looks cool!
but the arms don't seem right?
and why in the sci-fi section?
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The carno has way tinier arms than that. Think of them as little sausages with nubs of fingers.
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BatterymasterStudent General Artist
Delete those elbows
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The arms are much too long (they actually have one of the shortest forelimbs, even by Abelisaur standard), and yes, it does not have elbows.
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CubeTron23Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great overall, but carnotaurus does NOT have elbows.
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Knight-Of-GodHobbyist General Artist
I LOVE Carnotaurs! I've loved them since the Disney movie Dinosaur first came out! Nice job!
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its a very nice drawing
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TheStrayLigerStudent Digital Artist
So beautiful!!! Carnotaurus are my favourite dinos >3< awesome drawing!!
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ebelesaurus Digital Artist
you use colored pencil's?
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yup, crayola and prismacolor profesional
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DraconyaHobbyist General Artist
Ooo it's cute, I think you did a super job on thepic,
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Your stuff just rocks. Coloring is well done, as well as whole carnotaurus. You should do your own dinosaur-artbook or something..
....I still stare it.. God damn that's so awesome.
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one of my favorite species. Awesome!
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you need to write down the tools you use. once agian awsome.
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Legato895Professional Digital Artist
ever read dinotopia? gerney rocks my face off
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The carnotaurus is one of my fav! :D
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I love the pattern along the bottom of the top jaw, it's awesome!
I must ask how you make the eyes? Are they a different medium or digital or something, because they are very smooth looking.
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Thank you so much hehehe!!! ^_^ I made the eyes in the traditional way colors and paper
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man, i love dinosaurs. really good job with the coloring :D
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hehehe Thanks!!!! Im glad you liked it ^_^
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