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Also known as the Yellow Dragon 黄龍

In East Asian culture, there's sometimes a fifth Guardian Beast of the Four Symbols. This deity is the guardian of the center and it represents the element Earth, the Chinese quintessence, as well as the changing of the seasons.

A fifth Symbol and no Suzaku, yet again. But that's for another time ^^; This was supposed to be a surprise deviation for when I finished the Four Symbols series, but no such luck. I wasn't planning on painting him in the first place. I just happened to get inspired and a practice doodle on my new tablet turned into this.

This wasn't easy for me to finish and there were again a lot of moments where I almost abandoned the entire thing -which I fortunately didn't. This time you can see my struggles! I always paint in one layer so I had a million save files of my progress lying around. I figured somebody might be interested in how it came to be: [link] The BG killed me, because of my inability to paint Chinese looking mountains and so did his claws/talons. It's not perfect, but I'm finally satisfied :D Oh and again apologies if he looks a bit too Western again.

Just a tidbit more about Huang Long (thanks again Wikipedia): Huang Long is a hornless dragon who once emerged from the River Luo and presented the legendary Emperor Fu Xi with the elements of writing. According to legend, when it appeared before Fu Xi, it filled a hole in the sky made by the monster Kung Kung. Its waking, sleeping and breathing determined day and night, season and weather. Huang Long doesn't appear in Japanese mythology: the fifth element in the Japanese elemental system is Void. So there cannot be an animal representing it. Because of this, Huang Long is often forgotten. However, some consider the Ouryu (Ōryū, yellow dragon) as the Japanese counterpart of Huang Long since they share some similarities.

Huang Long is awesome and deserves a lot more love. :heart: I hope I did him some justice! Also, listen to this wonderful song which inspired me to finish it [link] I love it so much! :heart:


Medium: Painter 2, PS (for the dodge tool), Wacom Tablet Intuos 2

Time taken: No idea. Loads of hours, but less than my Okami piece. Fifteen hours?

Other parts of the Series:

Byakko: [link]
Genbu: [link]
Seiryuu: [link]
Suzaku: [link]
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Esta bestia majestuosa y preciosa se ve fantástica en esta gran obra. :clap::love:Excelente trabajo! :la:

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Great work on this piece. People like you really dig mythology and give it a modern feel in drawings and paintings:-)
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great work! thanx for wip too
Vyrilien's avatar
Thank you very much! Glad you like the wip too :D
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that is really good
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don't know if I commented on Him but HuangLong is my Chinese guardian animal and Suzaku's linked to my western sign (Cancer)

He's beautiful.:)
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Amazing! Huanglong being my zodiac made it very difficult to find another person with capabilities to create such artwork to reference his image for my tattoo... Thank you for your time and consideration on this piece... Once again amazing job
Vyrilien's avatar
Aw, what a great thing to hear! I'd be incredibly happy to see the results once it's been inked (, but if that's a little too personal I understand perfectly! Happy my work was of some help :)
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This is really beautiful! Would you mind it if I use it in my research project? I will credit you fully of course. I can't draw dragons myself and so I need to find other talented drawers to get my pictures, It would mean a lot to me if you would allow it
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As with the other picture you have my permission to use my work in the way you've described. Wish you luck with your project and thank you very much for the compliments :heart:
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This pic is amazing! I love how much detail there is! Fav!!!
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Wow, thanks a lot! :D Happy you like it!
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I don't know what animal is meant to represent it but in the dark heavens series the centre is the jade emperor.
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What is the Dark Heaven series? Are they books? Interesting though, since the center is represented by the Yellow Dragon and the yellow dragon is closely associated with the Emperor (although I'm not sure if it goes for the Jade emperor; I always thought they meant the human earth one) :)
Shadow-Witch-Darky's avatar
it's a great series and teaches you a lot about chinese mythology and gods and goddeses.
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Thanks for the link! :)
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wicked this is a sweet drawing
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100000000000000000000 A+

I wonder were there any dragons way back then
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