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Hello everyone ! I'm preparing a crowndfunding campaign to publish IN ENGLISH my comics, The Chronicles of Arcea.

34 votes

I prefer Indiegogo for sure !

Do it but on Kickstater please !

Ulule is my favorite !

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Je l'avais annoncé fin juillet, j'ai lancé une campagne de financement Ulule pour l'impression du prochain tome des Chroniques d'Arcea. Et cette campagne se termine ce soir, à minuit !
Voici le lien vers cette campagne : 

Alors avant que le carrosse ne se transforme en citrouille, il reste tout juste quelques heures pour profiter des bonus déjà débloqués en contribuant vous aussi ! Et peut-être permettre de débloqué encore un palier supplémentaire ?
 C'est à vous de jouer !
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I'm back !

4 min read
Bullet; White Bullet; White Français ( English version is following ) 

Deux ans.
Je dois dire que je n'ai pas vu les mois passer et pourtant, après vérification, ça fait bien deux ans que je n'étais pas venue sur DeviantArt. J'avais choisi de tenter l'aventure sur d'autres plateformes. J'aurai peut-être dû m'abstenir.
Tumblr, j'ai détesté. Instagram et Twiter, je ne veux même pas tester.
Reste Facebook où j'étais pas trop mal jusqu'à présent. Mais la gestion des fanpages demandant maintenant de payer pour être visible, ça me rend malade. Surtout que j'ai payé, pour tester. Echec, j'aurai pu jeter cet argent par la fenêtre, ça n'aurait pas été mieux. Vraiment.

Donc, voilà. DA a ses défauts, je sais, je ne suis pas partie sans raisons. Mais ça reste une plateforme que j'aimais utiliser et qui a une vraie galerie. Donc me voilà de retour. Et en deux ans, il s'est passé pas mal de choses et j'ai surtout plein de nouvelles images. Je ne vais pas vous les mettre toutes d'un coup, mais durant l'été, je vais prendre le temps de vous faire découvrir tout ça.

Déjà, je vous invite à aller faire un tour sur mon site web vyrhelle.com  où plein de choses vous attendent :
- Le portfolio est plus à jour que ma galerie DA et vous y trouverez des inédits.
- Je me suis mise à l'écriture et je publie une histoire gratuitement sur le net, en français. Le blog où elle est publiée est en plus complété d'une illustration inédite par chapitre et vous pouvez laisser vos impressions dans des commentaires.
- La boutique en ligne ensuite, si vous voulez découvrir mes publications. Car pour ceux qui me découvrent, je dois préciser que je suis une artiste indépendante qui vit des ventes directes de ses créations et BD. Donc, n'hésitez pas à aller y faire un tour, ne serait-ce que pour voir ce que je propose.

Voilà, j'espère que ce que je vais vous proposer va vous inciter à continuer à me suivre, comme certains d'entre vous le font depuis bien des années. Je n'arriverai à rien sans vous et je compte sur DA pour pouvoir interagir au mieux avec vous !

Bullet; White Bullet; White English :

Two years.
I didn't see the time has passed so quickly, but I verified, I didn't come on DeviantArt since two years. I have chosen to test others websites. May be I should not have. I tested Tumblr, I hated it. Instagram, Twiter, I just don't want to test them.
I'm on Facebook. Until few weeks ago, it was good enought to use it. But FB has changed its rules and policies : I must pay to keep my fanpage visible. I paid, to try. Big failure. It was the same if I threw my money out the windows. I'm so angry about that...

So, well. DA has its lacks and problems, I didn't go without raisons. But this is a place with a real gallery that I liked a lot. So I'm back. And in two years, I had time to make news pictures ! I will show you them little by little during this summer.

But first, I invite you to take a look on my website vyrhelle.com .
- There's some unreleased pictures on the portfolio.
- And you find the books I'm publishing on my webshop. For the ones who are just discovering my work, I'm a French freelance artist, so I live from the products I sale. So take a look at least to show what I propose.
For the ones who follow me since a long time, as you have noticed, the English version of the Chronicles of Arcea is no longer available in the shop. Given that it can only be sold online, the translated version hasn't been sold enough to fund the next book. In consequence, I have decided to release the whole story in a single book for the English version instead of several episodes. It will be fund through a Kickstarter as soon as possible, however, the process will be quite long since I have to finish the entire French version first. The Kickstarter will aim at funding a professional translation and, of course, printing.

Thank you for your support, patience and kindness from all over the world, it means so much to me! And now I'm back here, I hope we going to continue to share our art love !
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Hello everybody,

I know, i'm not often on DA since several months. Being honest, I'm not a lot on the web since several weeks. Some troubles, some IRL mishaps and some more reasons from my private life I prefere not describe here.
So, first, I want to say thank you for all the one who wished me a nice "happy birthday" :heart: This is always a nice time reading your messages.

Then, let's talk about my work !
Finally, English version of the Chronicles of Arcea is begining to be translated ! I hope to make the book available as soon as possible and I will advice about it on my DA journal,
FB fanpage ( www.facebook.com/vyrhelle ) and Tumblr (art-of-vyrhelle.tumblr.com/ )
I'm working on the pages of 3th book currently.
I'm still working on two artbooks on Arcea world, on a new sketchbook too.

I'm preparing too an illustrated book from another universe/story, but only in French. Sorry, it's too big to make it translated easely. F
or the moment, this is just a project  I do to change my mind when I'm tired. Writting seems to be a good way to work when I'm not able to draw anything :XD: This project book is named " Over a single tango" ("Le temps d'un tango") and all the pictures I did and will do for it are in black and white. I will post some of them on DA soon.

Now, I know I will not be as present as I was few months/years ago. But I will try to being here a little more than currently, because I still love you all :blowkiss:

Bullet; Black Flash Gallery
Bullet; Black My Facebook
Bullet; Black My Tumblr
Bullet; Black My webshop

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1- What's your current wallpaper. Describe it, or better : show us !
Tango by Vyrhelle-VyrL Perfect for a hot summer time :boogie:

2- What's your own favorite OC and why ?
This is a question I always hate because I don't have only one favorite character ! So, I will give you them all !

Arcea universe, Pilgrims time : Elwen and Xar'Zith
Elwen et Salky by Vyrhelle-VyrL   Xar'Zith by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Arcea universe, Trial period : Zakériel
There's no rope strong enough ! by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Arcea universe, Ocean times : Eareen and Tjalelh ( they are inseparable ! )
Eareen and Tjalelh by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Over a single tango : Célia Avonis ( a new redhaired character !! )
Tango by Vyrhelle-VyrL

3- What's the most viewed / faved deviation in your gallery ?
Elwen et Katarn by Vyrhelle-VyrL
... OMG, this one is soo old...

4- In your humble opinion what's your most underrated deviation, the one that deserves more exposition ?
The Sextant by Vyrhelle-VyrL

5- What's your current main project ?

Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah... You mean all ? T__T Ok let's try to show that...

Septembre 2015 by Vyrhelle-VyrL

So... left to right :
_ storyline of the 3th book of the Chronicles of Arcea, Im' working on the storyboard.
_ "Over a single tango" book. Page layout, 4° proofreading
_ "Over a single tango" B&W illustrations
_ A crossover sketchbook with Obsidiurne-Morgil 
_ Arcea Sketchbook n°3
_ Arcea comics book n°3
_ and the colored picture I'm working on today : I can't show you it for the moment, this is a commission, the poster for a French Fantasy Literature convention.

6- What's the last deviation you put in your fav and Why did you fav it ?
Nausica - Kei Yuki by ornicar
Because I'm a fan of Leiji Matsumoto universes and this picture is really well executed !

I tag : ... I hate to tag... It seems that my near friends had already done this tag... So, I don't tag anybody! Na!
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Hello everyone !

I did an illustration, submitted as deviation few days ago named "Hurry up to love"

Hurry up to love by Vyrhelle-VyrL

This is my contribution for the Polymanga "Mabulle" contest !

It is based on the amount of facebook "likes". So, if you enjoy my work and particularly this picture, you can really really help me.

Just follow this link : link  and click on "like". You can also share it if you want...

The contest will end this evening !! I miss only few votes to be on the podium... So every single vote is a step forward to the head of the rankings of this contest, so I really hope you will be as many as possible to contribute. Each vote can make the difference !

Thank in advance for your help !

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