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The posters are finally ready! I received the prints test yesterday and therefore I'm pleased to announce the sale of posters can finally started :boogie:
These posters are digital prints of my images on thick photo paper, satin texture on large majority (except for smaller formats). And I've prepared this little guide to simplify the order ;P

Step 1 : Choose the image and its size.

I know it sounds silly to state it, but as a first step, all images displayed on my DeviantArt gallery will not be available in print posters. It is therefore important that you check availability. The list of available images is at the bottom of this journal. Then, for each image, there will be from 1 to 5 formats. Please note that you want and the corresponding fare. This list will grow with one or two new available picture each two weeks.

Step 2 : Order

All is done by note or by email if you don't have a deviantArt account.
You just have to fill and past this model :

Subject of the note (or email) : Order of poster by your name or ID
Content of the note (ou email) :
:bulletblack: Name: your name
:bulletblack: First name: your first name
:bulletblack: ID: your DeviantArt name
:bulletblack: Email: a valide email on which I will send the order confirmation
:bulletblack: Complete address + Country : For the shipping and the calcul of it
:bulletblack: Ordered Product(s):
- Title of the image (no link) + chosen size + Number of copies
- Title of the image (no link) + chosen size + Number of copies
- etc.

:bulletwhite: Attention, following rates are excluding postage. Starting around 5 € ( 7 USD) for several countries like US, Canada, Brazil, UK...  and still less than 10 euros in all cases. The exact price of delivery of your order will be specified in the order confirmation I'll send you before any payment.

Step 3 : Payment

Payments will be made primarily by Paypal. I will send the email address for payment by note/mail confirmation of each order.
However, as I already had to deal with such cases in my commissions sessions, I will accept checks exceptionally, but only in Euros! I said that it will remain very exceptional, because I don't like to give my home address.
In all cases, the posters will be sent once payment received.

Step 4 : Shipping

A delay ranging from 4 to 7 days is required for printing and mailing the poster. Save the time of delivery varies depending on distance.
However, beyond a month of waiting, contact me for more information on the status of your order.

Additional information

:bulletwhite: Some prints are very big, I suggest you find a frame for your print before you order. The formats are standard formats, you should not be too difficult to find an adequate framework.

:bulletwhite: The prints are made by a development site online photo. I chose it for its quality and its prices, especially in shipping.

:bulletwhite: None of his prints will be signed or autographed. This kind of bonus will be reserved and numbered art prints that I will move a few times.

:bulletwhite: All profits from the sales of posters will be used to help finance the printing of the artbook that I prepare.

:bulletwhite: If you have any question, please post a comment on this journal instead of send a note.

Available to order :

Calendars 2012
20 x 30 cm 20€ - 27,00 USD
30 x 40 cm 25€ - 33,75 USD

30 x 45 cm ( 17¾ x 11¾" ) 15€ - 21,40 USD
40 x 60 cm ( 23½ x 15¾" ) 30€ - 42,75 USD
50 x 75 cm ( 29½ x 19¾" ) 40€ - 57,00 USD
60 x 90 cm ( 35½ x 23½" ) 50€ - 71,25 USD

Mature Content

Summer time by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Mature Content

A morning in Ausros by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Mature Content

What are you looking at, miss? by Vyrhelle-VyrL
Watching over her sleep by Vyrhelle-VyrL On Without-Color shipboard by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Mature Content

At Ephraam's Lake by Vyrhelle-VyrL
Helea and Elwen by Vyrhelle-VyrL:thumb34054832:

Mature Content

In the middle of wild herbs by Vyrhelle-VyrL
The wolfpack by Vyrhelle-VyrL

30 x 40 cm ( 15¾ x 11¾" ) 15€ - 21,40 USD
40 x 54 cm ( 19¾ x 15¾" ) 30€ - 42,75 USD
50 x 67 cm ( 29½ x 19¾" ) 40€ - 57,00 USD
60 x 80 cm ( 31½ x 23½" ) 50€ - 71,25 USD

Xar'Zith by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Mature Content

In the royal cabin of Ithlael by Vyrhelle-VyrL
Hold me. You're mine by Vyrhelle-VyrL They were demons... by Vyrhelle-VyrL Close to fire by Vyrhelle-VyrL Map of Arcea by Vyrhelle-VyrL Puppets of fatality by Vyrhelle-VyrL

60 x 100 cm ( 39½ x 23½" ) 50€ - 71,25 USD

Mature Content

In shadowy light of a new dawn by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Mature Content

Hidden Love - Version 2 by Vyrhelle-VyrL
Nathyrra et Elrohir by Vyrhelle-VyrL Amaranth of cinnabar Ring by Vyrhelle-VyrL Give me back the breath... by Vyrhelle-VyrL Arcea - Duel in the moonlight by Vyrhelle-VyrL

30 x 76 cm ( 30 x 11¾" ) 35€ - 49,85 USD
60 x 150 cm ( 59 x 23½" ) 70€ - 99,70 USD

How nice to have come... by Vyrhelle-VyrL
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Yami-no-Takemaru's avatar
Are they open again? 
NocturnalKitten's avatar
ASDFJKL; I want all of em! D>
...however we can barely even pay bills right now so... Blarg... x__x
Guess I'll hafta wait and hope we somehow come into several hundred dollars. <_<;
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
The posters are available for a long time ^^
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SevenCyn's avatar
Ah bah le calendrier, je le prends!
Note envoyée :)
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Fiammy93's avatar
If I want to order a calendar, do I have to write the sizes on "ordered poster(s)"?
It looks so cool ._. I'll ask my parents to have it.
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
There's two sizes for the calendars, just note which one you want ^^
Ilithyeress's avatar
Yipoooo *_* Heureusement que tu proposes pas Xar, car sinon pas sûr que ça rassure mon proprio quand il vient XD
Je t'envoie une note de suiiiite :love:
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Oh mais je le proposerais bientôt :fuzzydemon: Il était juste pas dans la première vague de tirages d'essai. Il est dans la deuxième qui est partie aujourd'hui :flirty:
Ilithyeress's avatar
Aaaah *_* C'est pas bien de me tenter comme ça Vivi =D
Vivement que j'ai un appart plus grand :love: Et pis j'ai hâte de voir ce second set !! Yipooo
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Moi? Tenter quelqu'un? Je vais finir par ressembler à Kae avec autant de bonne foi... :D

Je devrais recevoir tout ça dans le courant de la semaine prochaine et je mettrai les nouvelles images disponibles dès que j'aurai eu le résultat entre les mains ^^
OceanLord's avatar
Ah bah ça y est ! =D
Moi j'attends plutôt l'artbook, je suis pas très "posters" ^^

(je viens à peine de remarquer ton header de journal, très joli ! =D )
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Bah, je commence à ressembler les sous pour le artbook. J'espère arriver à rassembler la somme nécessaire pour le printemps prochain. D'ici là, le artbook sera largement fini ^^

( j'ai fait peau neuve à mon journal pour l'occasion :D ... j'avais envie de couleur claires ^^ )
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