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Bullet; White Bullet; White Français ( English version is following ) 

Deux ans.
Je dois dire que je n'ai pas vu les mois passer et pourtant, après vérification, ça fait bien deux ans que je n'étais pas venue sur DeviantArt. J'avais choisi de tenter l'aventure sur d'autres plateformes. J'aurai peut-être dû m'abstenir.
Tumblr, j'ai détesté. Instagram et Twiter, je ne veux même pas tester.
Reste Facebook où j'étais pas trop mal jusqu'à présent. Mais la gestion des fanpages demandant maintenant de payer pour être visible, ça me rend malade. Surtout que j'ai payé, pour tester. Echec, j'aurai pu jeter cet argent par la fenêtre, ça n'aurait pas été mieux. Vraiment.

Donc, voilà. DA a ses défauts, je sais, je ne suis pas partie sans raisons. Mais ça reste une plateforme que j'aimais utiliser et qui a une vraie galerie. Donc me voilà de retour. Et en deux ans, il s'est passé pas mal de choses et j'ai surtout plein de nouvelles images. Je ne vais pas vous les mettre toutes d'un coup, mais durant l'été, je vais prendre le temps de vous faire découvrir tout ça.

Déjà, je vous invite à aller faire un tour sur mon site web  où plein de choses vous attendent :
- Le portfolio est plus à jour que ma galerie DA et vous y trouverez des inédits.
- Je me suis mise à l'écriture et je publie une histoire gratuitement sur le net, en français. Le blog où elle est publiée est en plus complété d'une illustration inédite par chapitre et vous pouvez laisser vos impressions dans des commentaires.
- La boutique en ligne ensuite, si vous voulez découvrir mes publications. Car pour ceux qui me découvrent, je dois préciser que je suis une artiste indépendante qui vit des ventes directes de ses créations et BD. Donc, n'hésitez pas à aller y faire un tour, ne serait-ce que pour voir ce que je propose.

Voilà, j'espère que ce que je vais vous proposer va vous inciter à continuer à me suivre, comme certains d'entre vous le font depuis bien des années. Je n'arriverai à rien sans vous et je compte sur DA pour pouvoir interagir au mieux avec vous !

Bullet; White Bullet; White English :

Two years.
I didn't see the time has passed so quickly, but I verified, I didn't come on DeviantArt since two years. I have chosen to test others websites. May be I should not have. I tested Tumblr, I hated it. Instagram, Twiter, I just don't want to test them.
I'm on Facebook. Until few weeks ago, it was good enought to use it. But FB has changed its rules and policies : I must pay to keep my fanpage visible. I paid, to try. Big failure. It was the same if I threw my money out the windows. I'm so angry about that...

So, well. DA has its lacks and problems, I didn't go without raisons. But this is a place with a real gallery that I liked a lot. So I'm back. And in two years, I had time to make news pictures ! I will show you them little by little during this summer.

But first, I invite you to take a look on my website .
- There's some unreleased pictures on the portfolio.
- And you find the books I'm publishing on my webshop. For the ones who are just discovering my work, I'm a French freelance artist, so I live from the products I sale. So take a look at least to show what I propose.
For the ones who follow me since a long time, as you have noticed, the English version of the Chronicles of Arcea is no longer available in the shop. Given that it can only be sold online, the translated version hasn't been sold enough to fund the next book. In consequence, I have decided to release the whole story in a single book for the English version instead of several episodes. It will be fund through a Kickstarter as soon as possible, however, the process will be quite long since I have to finish the entire French version first. The Kickstarter will aim at funding a professional translation and, of course, printing.

Thank you for your support, patience and kindness from all over the world, it means so much to me! And now I'm back here, I hope we going to continue to share our art love !
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Hello everybody,

I know, i'm not often on DA since several months. Being honest, I'm not a lot on the web since several weeks. Some troubles, some IRL mishaps and some more reasons from my private life I prefere not describe here.
So, first, I want to say thank you for all the one who wished me a nice "happy birthday" :heart: This is always a nice time reading your messages.

Then, let's talk about my work !
Finally, English version of the Chronicles of Arcea is begining to be translated ! I hope to make the book available as soon as possible and I will advice about it on my DA journal,
FB fanpage ( ) and Tumblr ( )
I'm working on the pages of 3th book currently.
I'm still working on two artbooks on Arcea world, on a new sketchbook too.

I'm preparing too an illustrated book from another universe/story, but only in French. Sorry, it's too big to make it translated easely. F
or the moment, this is just a project  I do to change my mind when I'm tired. Writting seems to be a good way to work when I'm not able to draw anything :XD: This project book is named " Over a single tango" ("Le temps d'un tango") and all the pictures I did and will do for it are in black and white. I will post some of them on DA soon.

Now, I know I will not be as present as I was few months/years ago. But I will try to being here a little more than currently, because I still love you all :blowkiss:

Bullet; Black Flash Gallery
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Tagged by 

1- What's your current wallpaper. Describe it, or better : show us !
Tango by Vyrhelle-VyrL Perfect for a hot summer time :boogie:

2- What's your own favorite OC and why ?
This is a question I always hate because I don't have only one favorite character ! So, I will give you them all !

Arcea universe, Pilgrims time : Elwen and Xar'Zith
Elwen et Salky by Vyrhelle-VyrL   Xar'Zith by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Arcea universe, Trial period : Zakériel
There's no rope strong enough ! by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Arcea universe, Ocean times : Eareen and Tjalelh ( they are inseparable ! )
Eareen and Tjalelh by Vyrhelle-VyrL

Over a single tango : Célia Avonis ( a new redhaired character !! )
Tango by Vyrhelle-VyrL

3- What's the most viewed / faved deviation in your gallery ?
Elwen et Katarn by Vyrhelle-VyrL
... OMG, this one is soo old...

4- In your humble opinion what's your most underrated deviation, the one that deserves more exposition ?
The Sextant by Vyrhelle-VyrL

5- What's your current main project ?

Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah... You mean all ? T__T Ok let's try to show that...

Septembre 2015 by Vyrhelle-VyrL

So... left to right :
_ storyline of the 3th book of the Chronicles of Arcea, Im' working on the storyboard.
_ "Over a single tango" book. Page layout, 4° proofreading
_ "Over a single tango" B&W illustrations
_ A crossover sketchbook with Obsidiurne-Morgil 
_ Arcea Sketchbook n°3
_ Arcea comics book n°3
_ and the colored picture I'm working on today : I can't show you it for the moment, this is a commission, the poster for a French Fantasy Literature convention.

6- What's the last deviation you put in your fav and Why did you fav it ?
Nausica - Kei Yuki by ornicar
Because I'm a fan of Leiji Matsumoto universes and this picture is really well executed !

I tag : ... I hate to tag... It seems that my near friends had already done this tag... So, I don't tag anybody! Na!
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You have a Facebook account? I need a little help

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 16, 2015, 9:36 AM
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Hello everyone !

I did an illustration, submitted as deviation few days ago named "Hurry up to love"

Hurry up to love by Vyrhelle-VyrL

This is my contribution for the Polymanga "Mabulle" contest !

It is based on the amount of facebook "likes". So, if you enjoy my work and particularly this picture, you can really really help me.

Just follow this link : link  and click on "like". You can also share it if you want...

The contest will end this evening !! I miss only few votes to be on the podium... So every single vote is a step forward to the head of the rankings of this contest, so I really hope you will be as many as possible to contribute. Each vote can make the difference !

Thank in advance for your help !

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Available in English as in French

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 5, 2014, 4:29 AM
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Hello everyone !

Receiving several notes and mails about english version of the Chronicles of Arcea, I submit this journal page to remind you this version is already available ! And you can order it on my webshop :P

.: My webshop :. 

.: Order first volume of the chronicles of Arcea :.

If you want more information about my comics book, you can see previews in my DA gallery (in "Arcea" folders) and in my own website ( )

<da:thumb id="369147462"/>
... et pour les francophones, je rappelle aussi que la version française est toujours disponible et que l'on peut la commander également sur ma boutique en ligne.

In any case, thank you to all those who have supported me so far. Even though I'm not present on DA as before, I am very touched by all the feedback I can get from you all. And I promise you that Volume 2 will arrive soon !
En tout cas, merci à tous ceux qui m'ont soutenue jusqu'à présent. Même si je ne suis plus aussi présente sur DA qu'avant, je reste très touchée par tous les retours que je peux avoir de votre part à tous. Et je vous promets que le tome 2 arrivera bientôt !

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Japan Expo 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 27, 2013, 2:03 PM
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Comme beaucoup, je serai aussi exposante la semaine prochaine à la nouvelle édition de Japan Expo à Villepinte.
Je vais être honnête, je suis loin de partager l'enthousiasme de mes comparses pour ce salon et j'y vais à reculons. Alors n'hésitez pas à venir me voir et profitez-en, rien ne garantit que je ne serai là pour les éditions suivantes.
Mais en attendant, cette année, je suis fidèle au poste, sur un stand que je partage avec l'équipe de charme de Darjeeling :iconkiramizuno::iconrakiah::iconhachiko:

Pour nous trouver, rien de plus simple, suffit de suivre le plan ;)

En tout cas, j'ai hâte de vous voir tous :heart:

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Last pre-orders and little words for you...

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 2:15 PM
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Yes, I must say a real and big


for all the ones who wish me happy birthday !! You were so many that I couldn't answer more than a :heart: ... But I was and still be very touched !! You're all so great :glomp:
Sorry for this late answer, but I was at "Les Imaginales", a french convention of Fantasy literature and universes to present The Chronicles of Arcea :D and I went back home happy but completely exhausted.

And talking about my comics book, the sale of pre-orders for English version ends tomorrow and there's only 5 ex-libris keeping !  So if you interested to have them, don't wait too long :P ... I don't have ex-libris anymore, so all the orders of the Chronicles of Arcea are all normal orders now. I didn't expect to sale so much books, I will have to prepare more ex-libris next time :D

Commissions I ordered

Comm Vyrhelle by OrenMiller :thumb373112114:
Because sometimes, I like to give a gift to myself :P

Gifts I received

Holiday Gift Sketches by Saimain PentelPortrait - Elwenn Jenci Kaera by KiraMizuno  :thumb312687507: Birthday Vyrl 2013 by Maggy-mitchi
Because sometimes, some of you give a gift to me *3*

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They are arrived !

Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 6:32 AM
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I received the volumes 1 of the Chronicles of Arcea in English !!
This end of week, I guess I will paste a lot of address vignets on parcels :D
And the preorders are still open on my webshop to order them !

The first parcels will be at the poste office very soon ;)  !

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English comic books go to press !

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2013, 2:20 PM
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Thank you all !! :heart:

I didn't expected so much preorders on only few days and if I though to contact my printer next week, I already do it in fact ! And the Chronicles of Arcea, english version, are being printed currently !! And I will receive them on a week ! :dance:

So, the preorders session keeps open until end of May, as promised, but I will send the first books earlier than I announced ! May be for May 20 or 21th, if all go right ! I'm so happy !!
Anyway, I will submit a new journal to advice you when I will begin sending them ;)

... and I will have to finish the bookplate as soon as possible :P  *fight level up !*

ps: All the preorders done by mail are confirmed  :blowkiss:


: Some of you asked me about the preorders informations and how to have a book. So I add this deviation, all information are on the comment area of it

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Polymanga 2013 and a new gallery !

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 27, 2013, 1:22 AM
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(English version available below  )

Bonjour à tous !!

Tout d'abord je tenais à vous remercier tous. Voilà bientôt huit ans que je suis sur DA (le temps passe vraiment trop vite) et vous avez été toujours plus nombreux à suivre mon travail, m'encourager et me soutenir dans mes projets. Qui ont pu aboutir en grande partie grâce à vous tous. Merci encore du fond du coeur.
Maintenant, je sais que dans le commentaire de ma dernière image, j'ai annoncé que j'allais mettre ma galerie DeviantART de côté pour me consacrer à mon site officiel et à ma Fanpage Facebook… . Mais je rassure tout le monde, je n'ai pas l'intention de fermer ma galerie ici !! Et je continuerai à poster de nouvelles choses. La seule différence sera que je n'activerai pas systématiquement les commentaires, et surtout que les images soumises sur DA seront plus petites à partir de maintenant mais avec un lien vers ma galerie où les nouveautés seront visibles en grande taille, comme toutes mes autres images ! D'ailleurs, cette nouvelle galerie n'est pas tout à fait finie, mais vous pouvez déjà la découvrir ainsi que des versions inédites de certaines de mes images. Avec les vraies couleurs, car je me suis rendue compte que beaucoup d'entre elles étaient "délavées" sur ma galerie DA.
Cette galerie est en flash et les images assez grandes, donc ne soyez pas surpris qu'il faille parfois quelques secondes pour que les images chargent. Mais vous pourrez les découvrir en grand grâce à l'option "taille réelle", passer d'une à l'autre grâce aux flèches de votre clavier, laisser un commentaire, et faire des recherches par mot-clés ! J'espère que vous aimerez !

Ma nouvelle galerie

Sinon, dans un autre registre, je serai en Suisse durant 4 jours, du 29 mars au 1° avril, à l'occasion du salon Polymanga qui aura lieu à Montreux cette année, dans la salle 2M2C. Pour plus d'informations, je vous renvoie sur le site du salon, tout est expliqué :…
Et pour me retrouver dans tous ces étages, je serai dans le village des artistes en B4, et plus précisément, ici :


Hello everybody !

Firstly I wanted to thank you all. Since nearly eight years I'm on DA (time passes really quickly too) you have always come in numbers to follow  my work, to encourage me and support my projects which have come good, in large part thought you all. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
Now I know that in my last  picture comment, I announced that I would put my DeviantART gallery aside to devote myself to my official website and my Facebook Fanpage www But I assure everyone, I do not intend to close my gallery here ! And I will continue to post new things. The only difference is that I won't routinely activate comment option, and especially the images submitted on DA will be smaller from now but with a link to my gallery where the news will be visible in large size, like all my other images ! Moreover, this new gallery is not quite finished, but you can already visit it and find new versions of some of my images. With true colors, because I realized that many of them were "washed out" on my DA gallery.
This gallery is in flash and the pictures large enough, so do not be surprised that we should sometimes a few seconds for the images to load. But you can see them in large size thanks to the "actual size", going from one to another using the arrows on your keyboard, leave a comment, and search by keyword! I hope you enjoy! But I'm sorry, it's in French, I don't have enough place on to an english translation.

My new gallery

Or, in another vein, I am in Switzerland for 4 days, from 29 March to 1 April, on the occasion of the convention Polymanga which takes place in Montreux in the 2M2C. For more information, I refer you to its website, everything is explained…
And to find me in all these floors, I'm in the artists' village in B4 and, more specifically, here: ( on the picture over )

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I wasn't motivate to work this morning. So...

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2013, 5:51 AM
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I was tagged by  :iconsugarthemis:


1.) You must post the rules.
2.) Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3.) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4.) You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5.) Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6.) No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

Things about myself:

_ I hate crowd and loudly sounds. I hate cities.
_ Sometimes I have the sensation my life is just a dream and I will wake up soon. This is a strange sensation.
_ I came through drowning when I was young and I was really afraid by water since it happened. And I'm still not at ease with now.
_ I love snow. This is one of the things I find really wonderful.
_ I'm somebody who prone to depression.

The questions I received from Sugarthemis:
1> what would be your ideal world ? If you could change the world ?

A world without money which is a real poison for the humankind. I would like a more simple and human world. May be with less things to have but the happyness is not in them, isn't it ?

2> create you again. If you could create yourself how would you be, where would you live, what would you have ?

I already did it when I created two of my characters : Elwen and Athina. They are both what I would like to be : they are strong and nice women with a powerful link with wild, living with wolves on cold country with nothing more that a little wood house, some hand-made clothes and weapons for hunting. They are free and solitary.

3> Do you believe in life after death?

No, I'm a very cartesian person. And I don't want to believe in because I prefer the idea we are only beings that will passed away. We are not so different than animals...

4> Do you love animals ?

Yes, but only if they are in wild.

5>Do you have any obsessions? addiction ? bad or/and good.

I smoked but I stopped it since several months and I hope I will continue for a long time. And I'm a computer addict.

6>What is your favorite kind of art?

All about fantasy. No matter the style to express it if it is about fantasy, heroic-fantasy in particular. For me, a good piece of art makes me dream.

7> What's your favourite movie of all time?

The Lord of the Ring of Peter Jackson. Even if  I like a lot The Fountain of Darren Aronofsky too.

8> If you should choose 5 things to bring on a lost island ?

knife, lighter, rope, paper and pencil. I can't stay whithout drawing or writting...

9> What's your favourite song of all time?

This is a difficult question because I have not only one favourite song... I will give them all.

_ How you remind me by Nickelback.
_ Our farewell by Within Temptation
_ Sky is over by Serj Tankian
_ Lonely day by SOAD
_ Blue of Yoko Kano
_ Ailein Duinn by Dan Ar Braz

10> Your favorite art piece in MY gallery please ?

Emily commission, your last deviation.


My questions for: (en français, j'suis pas vache :D )
:iconkhyl: :iconnyapowa: :iconarwen00710: :iconnefermeritaset: :iconrakiah: :iconkiramizuno: :iconalice-bobbaji: :iconoceanlord: :icondoria-plume: :iconhachiko:

1- Qu'est-ce qui t'a poussée à te créer un compte DA ?
2- Quel est le rêve qui t'as le plus marqué dans ta vie ?
3- Si tu pouvais avoir l'âge que tu veux, tu choisirais lequel ?
4- On a tous un petit coin bien à nous dans lequel on adore se réfugier. Le tien ressemble à quoi ?
5- A quoi ressemble ton homme idéal ?
6- Qu'est-ce que tu a le plus peur de perdre ?
7- Pour celles qui font du jeu de rôle, qu'est-ce qui vous pousse à jouer ? Et celles qui n'y jouent pas, pour quelle raison vous n'y jouez pas justement ?
8- Si tu devais t'installer dans un autre pays, lequel choisirais-tu ?
9- Quel est le courant artistique que tu préfères ?
10- Comment te vois-tu dans 10 ans ?

A vouuuus, les filles !!! :blowkiss:

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Not available yet ?

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 1:31 PM
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Hello everybody !!

I submit this journal to give you some news about English version of the Chronicles of Arcea. A lot of you asked me why it is not available yet and I think it's easier to answer with a journal.

First, I wanted to make you a surprise. But now, I must say the secret : I gave up the webcomics version for a paper one !!
The poll, I submitted some time ago, convices me to find a way to publish it on paper support.
But I still have two problems :

- The translation needs corrections. Don't worry, I didn't do it myself :XD: but a friend of mine who speaks english well finds some mistakes. This correction would be done in few days. But the worst problem isn't this...

- I decided to use to propose this English paper version. The PDF file is quite ready and I ordered a first test book for myself. Book that I already received... But I discovered that if I want to sale it for US customers, I need to ask a specific number tax. If I don't ask it, 30% of the few I would win already on the books will go away as US royalties. So I must do administrative papers... again... And I don't know how many time they will take to give me the number back ... :cries:

I will do my best to do it as fast as possible but you understand now why the english paper version is not available.

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2012, 8:03 AM
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I was tagged, a looong time ago, by :iconsixt-chan: , so here it is :

  :star:   Rules

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

( Sixt-chan, j'ai échangé quelques questions avec les tiennes parce que n'avais vraiment rien à répondre à certaines <_<; )

1. Quel est ton style de musique préférée? What's your favorite music style ?

Je n'ai pas de style préféré. Une musique me plait du moment que son thème et ses paroles me touchent.
I don't have a preferred style. I like music as long as its theme and words affect me.

2. Ton personnage favori d'Avenger ? Pourquoi ? Who is your favorite Avengers character ? Why ?

Tony Stark, parce qu'il n'a aucun super pouvoir, mais quelle classe ! Et j'aime son sens de l'humour, assez caustique.

Tony Stark, because he has no super powers, but what class ! And I love his sense of humor, quite caustic.

3. Quel saison préfères-tu ? Pourquoi ?What season do you prefer? Why?

L'automne. J'aime ses couleurs, ses températures plus modérées et ses atmosphères un peu mélancoliques, surtout sous la pluie.

Autumn. I like its colors, more moderate temperatures and a little melancholic atmospheres, especially in the rain.

4. Quel est ton livre préféré ? What's your favorite book ?

En matière de livres, j'aime tout particulièrement l'univers de Tolkien, mais j'ai du mal avec sa manière d'écrire. Donc je dirais que mon livre préféré est plutôt La Symphonie des Siècles d'Elisabeth Haydon. Après, j'ai aussi un attachement tout particulier pour la BD Sambre d'Yslaire.

In terms of books, I especially like Tolkien's universe, but I have trouble with his way of writing. So I would say my favorite book is The Symphony of Ages of Elizabeth Haydon. After that, I also have a special attachment to the comic Sambre of Yslaire.

5. Un personnage que tu aurais aimé inventer ? Which character would you like to create ?

Oscar François de Jarjayes from "Versailles no bara" of  Riyoko Ikeda.

6. La bestiole qui te fait le plus peur ? The beast that you fear the most?

Les guêpes. Elles me tétanisent littéralement.

Wasps. They really freeze me with fear.

7. Dans Game of Thrones, quel personnage serais-tu? In Game of throne, which character would you be ?

Je ne connais pas encore bien cette série. Et je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de lire les livres. Mais je dirais que je pourrais être Catherine Stark.

I don't know well this series. And I haven't had time to read the books. But I would say that I could be Catherine Stark.

8. Raconte le pire jour de ton existence ?  Says the worst day of your life?

Le 24 avril 2007. Je ne savais pas avant cette date à quel point quelques mots alignés sur quelques lignes pouvaient faire du mal. J'avais passé une mauvaise nuit et en me levant, j'avais un mail qui m'attendait. C'était un simple mail, même pas une vraie lettre, et j'ai eu la sensation qu'on me brouillait la poitrine entière. L'impression que le sol disparaît sous les pieds, que le sang refuse de remonter vers votre tête et vous hurlez... Comme dans les films où on croit qu'ils exagèrent toujours tout. Jusqu'au moment de le vivre vraiment et on réalise alors qu'ils étaient bien en de-ça de la vérité. Je ne veux plus jamais revivre ça... C'est une blessure longue à guérir et j'en garde encore une large cicatrice aujourd'hui... Arcea est réellement né à ce moment-là, de cette douleur et je crois que c'est ce qui m'attache autant à cet univers.

April 24, 2007. I did not know before that date how aligned a few words on some lines could hurt. I had a bad night and when I woke up, I had an email waiting for me. It was a simple mail, not even a real letter, and I had the feeling that I blurred the whole breast. The impression that the ground disappears under your feet, and the blood will not go up to your head and yell ... Like in the movies where it is believed they always exaggerate everything. Until the really live and realizes they were well into it-the truth. I never want to relive it ... It is a long wound to heal and I still keep a large scar today... Arcea was really born at this time, from this pain, and I think this is all that binds me to this world.

9.  Si tu avais l'occasion de faire UN voyage dans le temps, où/à quelle période/quelle évènement irais-tu ? (Futur ou passé, au choix) If you had the opportunity to a trip back in time, where / what time / what event would you go?

Déjà ça serait dans le passé, je n'ai aucune curiosité pour le futur. Après, je ne sais pas trop, je crois que je voudrais voir tous les évènements importants de l'histoire de mes propres yeux. Mais je crois que je choisirais une époque où l'homme n'était pas encore sur terre.

It would have in the past, I have no curiosity about the future. After that, I don't know, I think I'd like to see all the important events in the history of my own eyes. But I think I would choose a time when man was not yet on earth.

10. Plutôt Douche ou bain ? Rather Shower or bath?

Bain. C'est mon moment de détente préféré durant lequel il m'arrive même de lire.

Bath. This is my favorite moment of relaxation during which I sometimes even read.

11. Quelle est la chose que tu vas faire avant la fin du monde ? What is the thing you're gonna do before the end of the world?

Rien de particulier. Si la fin du monde arrive, je ne ressens pas le besoin de faire quelque chose de particulier. J'ai grandi avec des parents qui croyaient et croient encore en une fin du monde imminente. Et en 34 ans, le monde est toujours là. Je vais donc faire la même chose que d'habitude, travailler sur ma BD, m'occuper de mes enfants et profiter de mes amis.

Nothing in particular. If the end of the world comes, I don't feel the need to do something special. I grew up with parents who believed and still believe in an imminent end of the world. And in 34 years, the world is still there. I'll do the same as usual, working on my comic, take care of my children and enjoy my friends.

... et je vais briser les règles mais je ne taggue personne. Si y'en a que ça amuse, vous n'aurez qu'à reprendre les questions que j'ai eu.
... and I will break the rules but I tagged nobody. If some of you see it fun, you just have to take the questions I had.

See you !

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Stop using it as base, please !!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 12:55 AM
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I thought I wouldn't have to say it again, but after some months in peace, some ones used again one of my drawing as base !

Mature Content

In shadowy light of a new dawn by Vyrhelle-VyrL

I don't want to begin a witch hunt, so I just repeat : I don't give any permission to use it in any way !
Please, I have enough to received a note or a comment about a new copy of it. The time I use to sort out those problem is a time I can't draw...
Thanks to understand.

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Thank you all !!!

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2012, 7:21 AM
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I had the great and big surprise to see all your messages for my birthday !! :love:
Thank you so much !! All of you !! :heart: It's really  nice to see that you still follow my artwork above all I don't speak a lot since several weeks. And if I didn't expect anything as gift, I received some that make me feel so happy that I couldn't stay without share them with you all !!

:thumb303511157: by :iconmaud-bihan:

Mature Content

Subarashi ! by Rakiah
by :iconrakiah:
Gift - Elwen - Vyrl by Iksumi by :iconiksumi:
- Gift - Miriel Ombre d'Argent- by ooneithoo by :iconooneithoo:
Elwen by sionra by :iconsionra:
Elwen by UNIesque by :iconuniesque:

Thanks again :heart: :hug:

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Plus qu'une semaine d'attente !

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2012, 1:40 PM
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Plus qu'une semaine et le premier tome des Chroniques d'Arcea sera enfin bouclé !! Et donc, je fais cette petite annonce:  pour fêter l'évènement, je dévoilerai enfin la couverture de ce premier opus et lancerai les pré-ventes des albums en français !
Toutes les infos seront données en même temps ici et sur mon blog officiel, dès dimanche prochain !

A dans une semaine !! :boogie:


Only one week before the first chapter of the Chronicles of arcea is done !! Celebrating this event, I will show you the cover of it.  And for the ones I already show preparing their comment to ask if an englsih version is planed, I can say :  yes, english and spanish digital versions are planed for this summer !!

See you next sunday !! :boogie:

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Calendar 2012

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 28, 2011, 8:14 AM
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Hello every one !!

In a first time, I didn't want to make a calendar for this year. Not enough time and not enough new illustrations to put on. But after a lot of demands by notes and mails, I changed my mind and decided to make one. I'm preparing it and I think it will be available for the end of the first week of January. And I may add the cover of the Chronicles of Arcea in preview on this calendar ;)

But for the moment, I hope you're passing very good holidays ! I wish you the best for 2012 !


Bonjour à tous !!

Jusqu'à présent, j'avais décidé de ne pas faire de calendrier pour l'année 2012. Pas beaucoup de temps libre pour ça et pas assez d'images inédites pour le remplir d'ici la fin de l'année 2011. Mais j'ai reçu tellement de demandes par notes ou par mail pour savoir si j'en faisais un que j'ai finalement changé d'avis. Je suis en train de m'en occuper et il devrait être prêt pour la fin de la première semaine de Janvier. Et il se pourrait d'ailleurs que je mette la couverture du premier tome des Chroniques d'Arcea en avant-première parmi les illustrations ;)

Mais en attendant, j'espère que vous avez passé de très bonnes fêtes ! et je vous souhaites plein de bonnes choses pour 2012 !

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Christmas Mail order session

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 10:25 PM
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(English version on the second part of this journal)

Noël arrive à grand pas et même s'il m'a fallu retarder l'ouverture de cette VPC d'une semaine pour cause de grippe indésirable, voilà le tout enfin prêt. Et avec les prints cette fois, s'il-vous plait :P !!
Joyeux Noël à tous !



Pour commander, il suffit de m'envoyer un mail ( y'a qu'à cliquer ;) ). Par contre, évitez les notes DA qui sont difficiles à gérer -__-;

Dans ce mail, précisez bien:

- Vos nom et adresse postale complets
- Une adresse email (pour la demande de payement Paypal)
- Le détail de votre commande ( en précisant bien la langue choisie, les quantités et surtout pour les prints, le numéro et la taille choisis)
- Demander un envoi recommandé ou non.

Pour les payements, je privilégie donc le payement Paypal.  C'est le moyen le plus simple et le plus sûr.
Cependant, j'accepte aussi les chèques mais pour la France uniquement, en sachant que c'est une démarche plus longue, car j'attends que le chèque siot encaissé pour envoyer la commande.

Frais de port:

Les frais de port seront détaillés dans la confirmation de commande qui accompagnera la demande de payement. Ils seront fonction du poids du colis et de sa destination et d'une demande de recommandé ou non.

France Métropolitaine:  de 3 à 7 euros
Etranger et Outremer :  de 5,5 à 10 euros

Dans tous les cas, les frais de port ne dépasseront jamais 10 euros  et les envois se feront à ces deux dates : le vendredi 16 et le lundi 19 décembre si vous voulez recevoir votre commande avant Noël.
Un dernier envoi cloturera cette VPC le mercredi 28 Décembre.

Attention! En cas de perte du colis, seuls les envois recommandés contre signature seront renvoyés gratuitement!


This is Christmas time ! And even if a bad cold made me late for a week to begin this mail order session, all is ready now ! And with prints this time :P !!
Enjoy !! And Merry Christmas !!

To order, just send me a mail (just click ;) ). Avoid DA notes which are difficult to manage -__-;

In this mail, please, specify :

- Your full name and full postal address
- An email address (for Paypal payment request)
- The details of your order (by specifying the chosen language, quantities and the number and size of the prints ! )

For payment, Paypal only. This is the easier and safer way.


Shipping costs will be detailed in the order confirmation joined with the request for payment. They will be based on the weight of the package and its destination.

All countries from 5.5 to 12 euros

In all cases, the shipping cost will never exceed 12 euros and shipments will be on December 16th (Friday) and December  20th (Tuesday) if you want to received your order before Christmas.
A last shipment will closed this mail order session on December 28th ( Wednesday).
All  packages will be sent by registered mail.

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stock shortage

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 5, 2011, 2:38 PM
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Juste a little journal to advice there's no longer any sketchbook n°1  (Elwen) available for this mail order session. New ones will be printed but not before otctober.

... et pour prévenir qu'il ne me reste que peu d'exemplaires des sketchbooks 1 et 2 en français encore disponibles pour cette VPC. En cas de rupture, ils seront réimprimés mais pas avant octobre.

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Mail order and Commissions

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 4, 2011, 8:22 AM
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Mail order session

I forgot to say in my last journals that the mail order session will finish at the September 10th.

So, you can still order all the products proposed here :
The prices and how to order are written on the comment area of the deviation ^^

Commissions done

Some of you may remember that I opened a commission session last March. Working on the second sketchbook and on The Chronicles of Arcea, I don't give a lot of news about it, except for the deviant who ordered an illustration.
I already submit the finished ones on my other DA gallery, but I want to feature them :

:bulletblack: Digital colored
:iconrakiah: Fabian and Crescenzia by Vyrhelle-comm
:iconkatnia:   Playing cards for his love by Vyrhelle-comm

Mature Content

Heliossa commission - final version by Vyrhelle-comm

To do:

-  :iconlinka06:  50%
- L. Gounan

:bulletblack: Watercolor
:iconstillwithinview: Verril and Maia by Vyrhelle-comm

:bulletblack: B&W
:iconyuli-chan: Yuli-chan comm' : Andrew by Vyrhelle-comm :iconsatsuki--chan: Atticus and Taylor by Vyrhelle-comm

Now, I have a sad new for the ones I put on the waiting list. As I said, I could do their commission only if I did the first ones quickly. But as you can see, they took me a lot of time. I can't take others ones until new order. It wouldn't be reasonable to make them. Or I will be late for The Chronicles of Arcea. And to be clear, I think that I will not take commission anymore.
I'm really sorry. It was not an easy decision to take but I think the large part of you are waiting my comics book more than my commissions, aren't you?
So, I will do the last 3 commissions I have to do and after, I will work again and exclusively on my comic page. And if you will be kind, I will make some previews soon ;)

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Horizons Fantastiques

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 4, 2011, 3:55 AM
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Aujourd'hui, je privilégie les francophones, et pour cause, je vais parler d'un magazine français, Horizons Fantastiques.
Il s'agit d'un nouveau magazine sur la SF et le Fantastique dans lequel les cinq premières pages de la BD, les Chroniques d'Arcea sont pré-publiées et ce, avec des dialogues exclusifs à cette sortie.
Dans les kiosques depuis une grosse semaine , surtout n'hésitez pas à le découvrir ;)


This journal is for french speakers. I just wanted to talk about 5 pages of my comic book that are published on a new french magazine about SF and Fantasy, named Horizons Fantastiques.

( hé, y'a mon nom à côté d'Harry Potter, Elric, Stan Lee et R. Howard... Si c'est pas trop la classe ça *__* )

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