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Nathyrra, Eladam Heiress

From The Chronicles of Arcea's universe©

Photoshop CS
time: 3 hours

Nathyrra Zora is the Heiress of the Moon Elven’s throne, and so the future queen of Eladäm.
She fell in love with Elrohir, a Wood Elf and they decided to get married so as not to be separated when she’ll become queen. The circle in her purple make-up is the symbol of this marriage.

Thanks :iconflammechant: for the translation.
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demihime's avatar
The fabric on that dress looks gorgeous~ Great job with depicting how it would hang over her body~!
so beautiful.
110Noir011's avatar
how can u draw like dat? o.O amazing!
DarkLover33's avatar
Beautiful picture!
BornFreak's avatar
Fantastic dress design!
KittyKatDa's avatar
I think it looks a little with the caracter described in my storry. Blonde hair, blue soft eyes. [don't worry, mine is an elf ^.^]
And also, I really love your drawings!
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Nathyrra is an elf too. But I don't mind, this is a very classical charadesign.
KittyKatDa's avatar
She is so beautifull and amazing! :D
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Pretty sure someone's already alerted you, but.. [link]
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Thanks to advice me. I reported it and it was deleted by DA staff.
VikingHans's avatar
Oh, awesome! You're welcome. You're too great of an artist to have your stuff stolen like that.
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
I really apreciated your help ^^
T-horin's avatar
Have you a version of this pic without the tatoo on her head? :)
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Saphiel89's avatar
wow! i really like the dress :)
Yukitamashii's avatar
Now that is a fine lady.
red-winged-angel's avatar
Ironic, your outfit looks like one of the outfits I designed for a moon character, too. XD Nicely done!
JoanneMorder's avatar
tspeecestudios's avatar
I love her dress....
LeGa18's avatar
Her expression is great, caught my eye, nice job! :clap:
afacanx's avatar
is there anyway to read your comic?
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