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Narikia, the Bloody Lady

Version finale de "Narikia", dont l'ancienne version m'a servie d'avatar durant un temps sur Instagram.
Pour la petite histoire, le dessin de base vient directement d'une case du tome 3 ( page 2 ) quand les premières planches de cet album étaient encore en dessin digital. J'ai de suite adoré cette version de Narikia mais il était en tout petit dans l'album. Du coup, quand j'ai changé le trait digital pour un dessin au crayon, j'ai conservé le petit lineart digital avec des couleurs très simples, dans l'idée d'en faire une véritable illustr' plus tard. C'était en 2015 ou 2016 ? Quelque chose comme ça ? ...
Mais j'ai enfin pu la finir ! Et y'a pas, j'adore ce que dégage cette elfe mortis qui aura un rôle très secondaire dans la BD, mais dont les actions vont avoir un impact énorme sur les trois continents d'Arcea.
Un petit spoiler intéressant pour les curieux ? Narikia est la grand-mère de Zakériel. Donc, oui, j'ai fait en sorte qu'ils se ressemblent un peu :D

This picture was done from a panel of the Chronicles of Arcea comics page. On this page, the drawing is really small but from the very first time, I liked the posture and the attitude of this elfe. I finally did a bigger and better coloured version of Narikia ( she looks a little like Zakériel ? Sure ! she's his grandmother Wink/Razz  )
All her outfit is inspired by a mix of african design.

I already showed her on instagram :
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I'm so glad you're uploading again!

Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar

I'm glad too, I miss DA community :aww:

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I remember I saw her in a comic page you posted a while ago, and instantly fell in love with her design also the vibe she's sending xD Now I find out she's related with Zakeriel and I can see similarities between them. I love them both, even if I don't know their story. haha

Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar

Yes, this is difficult to tell it in English. For Narikia, she's in the comics books and I'm planning to organize a kickstater campaign may be in 2021/20122, to publish English version.

But Zakériel is in the novels... and I just begin to write them in French XD

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Sérieux ? C’est mamie Zak ? :XD: Trop bien ! Elle est très classe cette illu.
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar

Oui, d'où leur ressemblance totalement voulue :P Même si métissé, Zak a quand même la peau nettement moins grise.

Daegann's avatar

vraiment tès bel artwork. Le chara design est vraiment sympa et bien réalisé !

AcolyteofArgon's avatar

You're probably not going to believe this, but I haven't been back to this site for a while or seen anything from you, and I was referring to something by using your artwork, the look of certain characters from Chronicles of Arcea. I come here to day to look for your gallery in my favorites, and there's this image above, on the top left of the front page. A nice coincidence. :D

Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar

Yes, it is. I just came back on DA since fews little weeks. I am tired about social networks and all platforms on the net trying to convice us that there are better than others. I felt nostalgic and I came back here, on DA, as a kind of prodigal daughter. Ok, there are less people than years ago, tis is not a perfect place. And what ? I never find better than DA...

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Beautiful design! I can see the African inspirations. :love: I love her smirk :heart:

Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar

She swears it as well as her blades :D

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