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August 1, 2007
In the royal cabin of Ithlael by *VyrL is not only a work of art in itself, but it is one of those works of art that leaves the viewer with emotion long after they have turned away, it gives a feeling of wanting to see more, and after reading the except in the artist description I can't help imagining what they might be feeling and long to know more about them. Wonderful display of emotion, skill, color and light.
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In the royal cabin of Ithlael

From The Chronicles of Arcea's universe©

Prints Available : here

Photoshop CS
Hours: 50-60 hours, I don't remember exactly

The characters: Nathyrra Zora and Elrohir Dorthonion (I really like this couple...)
Elrohir is :iconargan-gwengar: character. And the following extract of text, which inspired this illustration, was written by us both.

Before read it, you must know that, in moon elf culture of this univers, the drawing make up are the symbole of their social status. Purple make up is for the married people...

…Elle posa un doigt sur ses lèvres comme pour le faire taire. Elle avait ce visage qui trahissait la femme qu'elle était réellement, et qu'elle cachait souvent derrière une insouciance plus ou moins feinte. Ses paupières se levèrent peu à peu et le bleu de ses yeux se plongea lentement dans ceux d'Elrohir. Elle se contenta de sourire. Elle s'avança à son tour et deposa ses lèvres sur les siennes, effleurant celles-ci d’un baiser léger comme la caresse d'une plume. Elle se tourna ensuite un peu sur elle-même pour rapprocher la boîte d'eux et l'ouvrir. A l'intérieur, elle découvrit une sorte de pinceau au poil long qu'elle récupéra. Elle fit à nouveau face à Elrohir et prenant une de ses mains dans la sienne, elle deposa le pinceau... Ses gestes étaient presque cérémonieux. Et quand sa voix s'éleva, elle était si douce qu'elle en était irréelle.

_"Je te laisses faire selon ce que j'exprime pour toi. Quelque chose de simple... Et ce n'est que du maquillage. Si tu n'es pas satisfait, nous recommencerons. Je veux que tu trouves le dessin qui te parle le plus... Que je pense à toi à chaque fois que je le contemplerai dans un miroir. Après tout n'est-ce pas le but premier de ces marques? Rappelez à chacun notre voeux?... Y compris à nous mêmes?"

Elle ferma les yeux et releva un peu le menton, présentant son visage à la lumière pâle de la lune qui perçait à travers les hublots de verres blancs. Elle posa alors juste une main sur sa joue et entrouvrit les yeux.

_"Elrohir... Je t'aime. Tu es mon coeur, mon tendre amant.... Et à présent aussi mon epoux."

Elrohir la vit refermer les yeux, il avança une main vers elle... ce ne fut pourtant pas la caresse du pinceau qui vint en premier effleurer la joue de la jeune femme, mais bien les lèvres du druide, qui n'avait pu s'empêcher d'embrasser encore Nathyrra. Cette caresse se deplaça jusqu'aux lèvres de la guérisseuse avant de s'éloigner. L'elfe sylvain contempla encore un instant le visage de Nathyra avant de saisir le pinceau et choisir une couleur, un violet assez clair et tirant vers le bleu. Il commença alors à effleurer la peau de la jeune femme du bout du pinceau... A plusieurs reprises il dut effacer une partie du motif avec un bout de tissu imbibé d'eau puis le recommencer. Egalement à plusieurs reprises, ce fut à nouveau ses lèvres qui effleurèrent celle de la jeune femme.

… She posed a finger on his lips like making him silence. She had this face which betrayed the woman who she was really, and which she often hid behind a more or less pretended unconcern. Her eyelids rose little by little and the blue of her eyes was plunged slowly in those of Elrohir. She was satisfied to smile. She advanced in her turn and deposited her lips on his, brushing those of a light kiss as the caress of a feather. She was turned then a little on herself to bring them closer the box and to open it. Inside, she discovered a kind of paintbrush to the long hair which she recovered. She was met again with Elrohir and taking one with his hands in hers, she deposited the paintbrush… Her gestures were almost ceremonious. And when her voice rose, she was so soft that it was unreal.

_ “I let you make according to what I express for you. Do something simple… This is only make-up. If you are not satisfied, we will start again. I want that you find the drawing which speaks you more… That I will think of you with each time I will contemplate it in a mirror. After all, isn't the first goal of these marks? Recall to each one our wishes? … Including with ourselves?”

She closed the eyes and raised a little the chin, presenting her face at the pale light of the moon which bored through the white glasses of the port-holes. Then she just posed a hand on his cheek and half-opened the eyes.

_ “Elrohir… I love you. You are my heart, my tender lover…. And now also my husband.”

Elrohir saw her closing her eyes again; he advanced a hand towards her… However, it wasn’t the caress of the paintbrush which came in first touch lightly the cheek of the young woman, but the lips of the druid, who hadn’t been able to prevent himself from still embracing Nathyrra. This caress moved to the lips of the healer before moving away. The Sylvain elf still contemplated a moment the face of Nathyra before seizing the brush and choosing a colour, purple rather clearly and drawing towards blue. Then, he started to pass on the skin of the young woman of the end of the brush… On several occasions, he had to erase part of the pattern with a piece of cloth soaked with water, then to start it again... Also on several occasions, these were again the lips which touched lightly the ones of the young woman…
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Brent7's avatar
Gosh, I hate watermarks! :( this is a fine piece of art you have, just like everything else in your gallery, but my ocd goes crazy when I see these images over top of the art! I know you should protect whats yours, but still, it makes me sad to see such great art ruined by those eyesores. keep up the awesome work!
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
You can find the original version without watermark on my own website, on this special gallery : [link]
Zak05's avatar
Congrats beautiful work!!
Zak05's avatar
You're very welcome!
BunnyTeethOwner's avatar
it's official:I'm addicted to your works!
marcwars's avatar
Claire-Field's avatar
I really love this piece! I used it as inspiration for a um, romantic coupling between my two elves from Dragon Age here: [link]

I really really really love your work!!!!
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Glad to inspire you. But I think I could not read your text. A little bite too long for me and my poor english :XD:
Claire-Field's avatar
Its ok. It was a romantic tryst. ;) Am practising my romance writing and this really helped. :)
Claire-Field's avatar
Again, I absolutely adore your gallery. Your characters are awesome. :)
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
LupusDream's avatar
wow that is really nice. i wish that i can draw like that.
Yaoki-Lunamarie's avatar
I think I am out of compliments... This is just flawless! ♥
RaisloverSakura's avatar
Gorgeous background and great poses! The way you draw is very beautiful and serene! :heart:
RaisloverSakura's avatar
FreakyShadows's avatar
This is lovely!!!
Moorluck's avatar
You are simply amazing. I love this piece especially.
Vyrhelle-VyrL's avatar
Noir-Azur's avatar
Et hop, featuré dans mon journal ! :)
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