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Blue-Berri Jam

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"Annnd there she was, out of the blue, bright as the sky, Sugar-Rushin' sweeeeet... BAM!" Berri blurt in sing-song, she strummed her guitar in vigorous playfulness; it strung in weird tunes of dullness strictly for the fact that it wasn't plugged into an amp.

"Annoying as all get-out," Turbo muttered, as if to finish the verse. He slumped over his knees a little more and let his irritated, pixel-cubed gaze gloss over Orion City. It boasted the morning sun with all of it's magnificence, though just as he was about to take another inhale of his cigarette, he flinched as Berri suddenly strummed her guitar a little harder and leaned into Turbo's side.

"ANNOYINNNNG as all get-out," Berri retort, she wrinkled her nose at him in dry annoyance and noticed him go for said puff of his bad habit, though she lulled the guitar in her lap and gingerly plucked the cigarette from his hand.

"Ah- HEY, HEY!" Turbo grunted in high pitched annoyance as Berri flicked the cigarette off of his massive sixty-fourth floor drop. Turbo grappled the railing of his balcony and peered down to the loud city life far below, though he slowly came back to the couch the two were comfortably lounged on. He inhaled a slow, seething breath and desperately tried to contain the thought of rocketing her guitar over the edge, in retaliation. Berri cocked an eyebrow and gave him a stern look of full-blown girly sass, though he glared her down, "Don't you have to meet up with Throttle or something? Some other poor soul to torture?"

"In forty-five minutes," She muttered as she remained still and peered to him with a dull smile, though her eyes twinkled with all the energy and excitement in the world.

"Forty-five minutes, huh... You could go sit in Game Central Academy's Library and, oh I don't know... Hear silence for once," Turbo huffed as he crossed his arms, though he couldn't help but let a wide, annoyed smile plaster his face as he noticed Berri get ready to excitedly strum at her guitar once more. Turbo jolted to sit up, he uttered a hard noise of grimacing annoyance and grappled the neck of her guitar, "DON'T... Make a song about it, for User's sakes."


:onfire: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... I have a question for you guys.

I SO. DESPERATELY want to make more fanart and reveal the title of my 4th story, but, I'm at war with myself.

Y'see... I was planning on beginning writing the 4th story AFTER Wreck-It Ralph's sequel came out, next March, but... I honestly am not sure if it will take me an entire year to finish the rest of Rectifying Origin. R.O. maybe has about 60-80 more chapters left in 'er, and that won't take me 12 months to complete.

Would it be more wise for me to wait until after the sequel to write for this 4th story? Or should I just balls-deep and disregard whatever the sequel throws at me?

It's just difficult because, clearly, this 4th story revolves around Turbo and a select other characters (including all the ones you guys have grown to love) - but... I would hate for the sequel to totally fuck with what I have going, and then I don't get around to it.

I foresee myself completing R.O. by the time Thanksgiving or Xmas comes around, and then, it's just 3-4 months of nothing... I don't want to give myself that gap, cause if I do, then I won't ever get around to writing the 4th story.

I already have the cover art for this story, the title, the plot, the new (and old) characters... IDK what to do, and I'm literally bursting at the seams, as you can see :XD:


I'm extremely proud of this piece, this is likely my favorite piece to date. This features, obviously, Turbo and Berri, who is Tessa's and Zed's second born (if you couldn't guess by the hair :lol:) I'm totally floored by their dynamic, and adding that Berri is, indeed, a musician, I'm excited to expand on different plot points, twists and the like. Turbo is a total hermit, and though he remains to be a clam, somehow, the bright-eyed new Sugar Rush kidlets find a way of drawing him out. :heart:

Enjoy guys! :wave:

You can read my Wreck-It Ralph saga at the links below, in this order!

:bulletpink::bulletpink: Wrecking Limits by Vyntresser:bulletpink: :bulletblue: Defying Code by Vyntresser:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: Rectifying Origin by Vyntresser:bulletgreen: :bulletblack: Out Of The Blue by Vyntresser:bulletblack::bulletblack:
Wrecking Limits              Defying Code              Rectifying Origin           Out of the Blue
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MifmemoHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe see how long it takes to finish the current story to see the gap? you could always spend some time on a collection of short story/filler following other couples if the gap between is only a few months and you really wanted to start the 4th story with elements from the Wreck It Ralph sequel (After all people are always asking for more stuff with the minor characters). But if each of these stories is only taking about a year to write maybe just plan on adding elements of the sequel to the 5th book (there will probably be one at this rate LOL).

Either way best of luck with all your stories! I need to catch up on them again (Had a baby and now live in a time vortex). Also lovely piece and I look foward to reading about these cuties later.
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! Oh, congratulations! Oh lord, a FIFTH story?? I guess no one would put it past me. I swore to myself I'd stop at the 2nd story and look how well that turned out. 

Thanks for your advice :) I guess I just am discouraged, what with the new sequel. I know no version of fanfiction is real, but somehow I just am worried the sequel will sort of erase all of my hard work.
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19chucki74Hobbyist General Artist
I say, get started on the story! Regardless how the movie sequel is going to be, realize that THIS STORY is your baby, and you owe it to yourself to see it through. If you have the plot ready, start now while it's fresh, and while you're continuing Rectifying Origin. 

I can tell Berri is gonna be a handful for the resurrected Turbo, and it's gonna be much fun watching this one unfold.
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! and, I'm not going to write the fourth story while RO is still in progress. That will put way too much on my plate lol. And yes, Berri is a bit of a handful :XD: Total opposite of Ace lol
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Retrok1llHobbyist General Artist
Love the art. :D .

Best adive I can give atm. Do what feels right. That is all I got.
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!  
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ISmashUHobbyist Traditional Artist
HOT DIGGITY DANG, ummm!?!? This is SO amazing, like everything is so sleek and crisp!!
WELL Clapping Hands  FREAKINClapping Hands DONE
This is beautiful, Tina! Heart Love

tiny turquoise heart

Just go balls deep, GO FOR IT! This is your story, you've put so much love, passion, and time
into this series, and I don't think you should be worried about the sequel potentially 'fucking with
what'cha got going'. ;) :D Love ya girly~
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
THANK YOU Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

I think I'm going to just let R.O. ride itself out, however long it's going to be.... I'll probably give myself a week or two allowance, to write the first handfuls of chapters, for the 4th story, and then just upload it, regardless of the sequel... Cause from what it sounds like, the sequel sounds like it won't line up with what I have going, and I'd hate to bank on it at least SORT OF making sense with my 4th story, and then it just doesn't. I'll just derail and whatever.

Maybe one day I can write another whole saga off of the sequel and blow everyone's minds at just how much stopping resistance I DON'T have Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
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Kaoru-YukiHobbyist General Artist
yay more Berri and Turbo. They're adorable together.

And on the note of the fourth story and the Wreck-It Ralph sequel:

Balls deep baby! Look, if we know anything from past Disney sequels is that they have a hard time doing them. And considering you already essentially diverged by making the Sugar Rush gang older, considering it's the only way we can get Jawbreaker anyway, there's no point in waiting to see what they do with the sequel. I'm excited for the fourth story because we get Berri and Turbo and probably some other new characters and dynamics and it'll be awesome. If you decide you want to write something based off the new sequel after it comes out, you can do that as a separate or sorta alternate piece. I don't suggest trying to divert from your original plan because then your heart might not even be fully into it and it's obvious how much your heart is into this whole saga.

Anyway, back to the actual painting. It's beautiful as always. I can easily see the conflicting but also complimentary dynamic going on between Berri and Turbo. Even though it's a static painting, there's movement between the characters and the scene behind them with the way the lighting is and everything, it's a great piece.
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
That is very true! I really appreciate your support :heart: I have decided that I will go ahead with the 4th story, directly after R.O. is finished :) I'll be revealing the name of the 4th story within the next few weeks here, just to get everyone prepped and excited. Hopefully it lives up... 

I appreciate your compliments, as well! Thank you very much! They're both polar opposites, but it makes for some very interesting dialog and plot :D
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StardustNebulaeHobbyist Digital Artist
Berri~ Can't wait for when she comes along ;7;

And I'd suggest doing what you think suits you best, like what feels right in your gut....don't do something that doesn't feel right to you, cause it's your story and you should do what you think would be best for it and it's sequel....I'm sorry if I'm bad at advice...;u;
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
YAY I'm glad Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] I'm excited to write for her! She's definitely a different brand of crazy haha.

And, thank you for your support! I've decided that I'll be writing the 4th story directly after R.O. - I'm not going to let the sequel dictate it, and when the sequel comes out, well then... :shrug:
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Snake557Hobbyist Digital Artist
it sounds like a good advice :)
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ObversaHobbyist Writer
I agree with the other two! :thumbsup: Your story, your choice! Go for the gold!
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!  
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ObversaHobbyist Writer
You're welcome! :)
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Go for it :) The sequel is the sequel, but your story is your story so go all in! :) 
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!  
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CherriesHobbyist Digital Artist
I say go balls-deep and disregard the sequel, haha! And that's only because I don't think I could go 4 months without my favorite series ever. ;u; Ultimately it's up to you!
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VyntresserProfessional Digital Artist
Aww.. Thank you so much <3 Yeah, it'd be pretty freaking hard for me too. I might just have to disregard the sequel and hope for the best :worry:
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