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G.R.A.E. (Reaper)

I decided to try something new and do a different genre. So I tried out horror :P The character is known as the Grim Reaper (Reaper for short), and like what the actual Grim Reaper does, he steals, harvests, collects, reaps, etc, a person's soul. So, yes, he has a scythe has his weapon. But, it's not that he wants to kill people, it's that he has to since he signed his soul away to the Devil/Death. I wrote a short story for him as well, but it is in the middle of being proofread by a couple friends of mine. Since it's a short horror story, I guess I could label it as a Creepypasta. ^^; I actually enjoy the CP stories. Not so much as the new or popular ones, but the stories that are not so popular, old and (or) equally good.

I know his name is cliche but I can't think of a good name for him. :P I'm currently trying to come up with something better at the moment. I'll have the story posted soon. Just be patient if you wish to read it. ;) And thank you if you actually DO want to read it :D

EDIT: Finally came up with a name and his new name is G.R.A.E. (pronounced "grey") which stands for Ghastly Reaping Archangel of Ethnologies. It's more of a title than a name.

Artwork/G.R.A.E. (c) Vyndicare
Do not steal, copy, use, edit, claim, re-post, etc. without my written permission.
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The Reaper (Process Animation) by Vyndicare
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make  me one please
CrystalAngelAqua's avatar
:'D I read your creepypasta and it was just SO awesome! May I draw fanart of him?
Vyndicare's avatar
Yeah of course! Thank you so much! Just make sure you give me credit for the character. ^^
CandyPout's avatar

Waahhhh! I love your CP!
May I do an anime screenshot of him? What does he usually say? (for the subtitle)

I am still practicing doing screenshots (you can at least see my gallery to see what I can improve, since you're an amazing artist!) :>>
Vyndicare's avatar
Oh thank you very much! I'm glad you like him! :D
Well it's been awhile since I've done anything for this character haha but the one thing he'd always say before reaping a soul is, "It's just business."
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Thank you!!
You should do more of him <33
And I am glad I am gonna do fanart for him!! He needs tons of love! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Vyndicare's avatar
You're welcome :D I would if I had time!
and thank you so much for doing fan art of him! That makes me so happy to hear ^^
lucariodialga123's avatar
PLZ be my friend, I absolutely loved your story on creepy pasta, and I hope you make more!
Vyndicare's avatar
Oh you found it on the CP site? Cool! :D

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it but as a lot of people say, there were some inconsistencies, loop holes and whatnot XD it could be improved by a lot.

My other story, Violinist's Demise, is a lot better. Well written and I did a better job on the POV :)
lucariodialga123's avatar
Whatever, you did an awesome one, and people should be happy on that. Meow. I speak the language of cats, and their needs come before mine.
Vyndicare's avatar
Oh well thank you so much! I appreciate it ^^ What I really don't like though is how harsh some of the people are.. I mean, just about everyone on the site is a novice writer. They shouldn't expect so much. Especially when it's a first for some people to write.
Lol I used to say meow all the time XD
Gismome7Nightmary's avatar
It's like he's staring into my soul XD Love it! Very nice job ;)
Vyndicare's avatar
Haha yup that's kind of what he does :3 and thank you so much! I really appreciate it. And thank you for the watch too :)

Be sure to read his story if you're interested :3 Lol you don't have to but I'm just saying ^^
Gismome7Nightmary's avatar
sure, i was planing on it anyway, just need time to read it XD But it does look very interesting though
Vyndicare's avatar
Oh really? That's awesome! I'd be happy to hear your thoughts I it :)
TheWickedWordsmith's avatar
This is gorgeous.... :love:
Vyndicare's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Vyndicare's avatar
Oh and thank you for the watch and the llama. :)
TheWickedWordsmith's avatar
No prob, my friend. :)
DzynrChakry's avatar
Awesome...I like his red eyes..pretty cool
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