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I got double tagged by :iconaiko-chan2012: and :iconbluevortecz: [C] - VynalLine by UltimateCharizard006

1. Real Name: Zannalee Blezard!
2. Nickname(s): Zan, Z, Nino(nee)-- said like knee) and Strangeling
3. Zodiac Sign: Taurus, I go moo!
4. Male Or Female: Female, I got the parts and everything!
5. Primary: Went to Mayfield, St Peter's and St Joseph's Primary. Fun times :D
6. High Secondary School: never went much to Secondary school, moved around to much to finish my education ^^;
7. College: Did my educations, met :iconvipervoltz16:, studied art, all the good stuff! :la:
8. Hair colour: dark brown
9. Long Or Short: medium, it's a little longer than shoulder length
10. Loud Or Quiet: both, i'm quiet when I want to be, but loud most of the time. I can thank Pokèmon Go for that
11. Sweats Or Jeans: Dresses or skirts
12. Phone Or Camera: Phone..
13. Health Freak: not in the slightest! :D I live in my tip of a room and love it! I love my Dr Pepper and Jellybean, junk food and will also skip on showering or bathing most of the time xD
14. Drink Or Smoke: Drinking! xD luckily I don't get hangovers  and I've only been drunk once, black out drunk ahaha
15. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: I do, i'm also dating the guy aha
16. Political orientation: who cares?
17. Piercings: used to, not now
18. Tattoos: Never! I don't want any T-T

19. Airplane: Yes
20. Car Accident: No
21. Fist Fight: I broke up a fight once, restrained the person after she hit me like a girl xD

22. First piercing: ears
23. First Best Friend: idk
24. First Instrument played: glockenspiel
25. First award: I dunno something in Primary
26. First Crush: boy in secondary school, a doofus who was shorter than me
27. First Language: English
28. First Big Vacation: Florida when I was little

29. Last Person You Talked To: mother
30. Last Person You Texted: Andrew
31. Last Person You Watched: my mum walking to the office
32. Last Food You Ate: egg rice
33. Last Movie You Watched: August Underground
34. Last Song You listened To: Motion City Soundtrack- Hold me Down
35. Last Thing You Bought: Chocolates for Andrew
36. Last Person You Hugged: Andrew

37. Food: Jellybeans
38. Drinks: Dr Pepper
39. Clothing: my bunny jacket
40. Book: Revenge Rides Hard
41. Color: Candyfloss pink
42. Flower: Snowdrops
43: Music: genre- anything, right now- Illusia by Mago De Oz
44. Movies: the Last Unicorn
45. Shoes: my boots
46. Subjects: Math

47. [] Kissed In The Snow
48. [X] Celebrated Halloween
49. [] Had Your Heart Broken
50. [] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
51. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
52. [] Came Outta The Closet
53. [] Gotten Pregnant
54. [] Had An Abortion
55. [X] Done Something You've Regretted
56. [] Broke A Promise
57. [X] Kept A Secret
58. [] Pretended To Be Happy
59. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60. [] Pretended To Be Sick
61. [] Left The Country
62. [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [] Ran A Mile
65. [] Went To The Beach
66. [] Stayed Single (I actually got together with someone.. ^^; )

67. Eating: air
68. Drinking: air
69. Getting Ready To: finish packing
70. Listening To: murder documentaries then music
71. Plans For Tomorrow: moving
72. Waiting For: me to finish this

73. Want Kids: screw kids, no!
74. Want To Get Married: idk, never really thought about it that much
75. Careers in mind: Comic book artist

76. Lips Or Eyes: Eyes, I love eyes~
77. Shorter Or Taller: I dont really care ^^
78. Romantic Or Spontaneous: a good mesh of both
79. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: nice butt, I love booty more than those things!
80. Sensitive Or Loud: again, both
81. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship, like what I'm in now xD
82. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: I like the idea of both, but my waifu is Kurumi Tokisaki sooo... xD

83. Lost Glasses/Contacts: nope
84. Ran Away From Home: when I was a young child, yes
85. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: NoT really
86. Killed Somebody: not classifies to tell yoy
87. Broken Someone's Heart: I think I have.. sorry about that >~>
88. Been Arrested: imma good girl~

90. Yourself: why would I want to do such a  stupid thing?
91. Miracles: Nope :la:
92. Love At First Sight: Nah, that doesn't exist
93. Heaven: nope
94. Santa Claus: he's real in hell
96. Magic: No

97. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: why yes, yes there is
98. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: I am indeed ^^
99. Do You Believe In God: Nope

100. TAGS!
Screw your tags! I ain't tagging anyone!
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BlueVortecz Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018
Why is the gun to MY head T^T

Was fun to read though XD
VynalLine Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because it didn't look right at the beginning of the sentence? XD

Thank you xD
BlueVortecz Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018
Makes it look like you want me dead for the tag XD
VynalLine Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You wanna tag me? Imma shoot you first mofo xD ahaha
BlueVortecz Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018 shot me after.
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Student General Artist
So much fun to read XD I listen to murder documentaries while drawing a lot too Lololol
Thanks for doing the tag as always~ Hope I'm not bothering you with tags XD
VynalLine Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'very currently finished the female killers series and moved on to Britain's darkest taboos! Honestly, such documentaries are best when drawing aha
It's fine, I don't mind being tagged :la:
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Student General Artist
Sounds fun!!! There's a whole YouTube channel dedicated to creepy things and they have a series called "Serial Killer Files" and I love listening to it~!

Of course, I still always listen to musical soundtracks too XD I try to listen to as much new stuff as I can~

But so true! Crime and murder documentaries are the best XD

Alrighty~! >u<
VynalLine Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh I think I've seen a few videos like that :D they're awesome!

Of course~ gotta listen to what you live as well as tons of new stuff ^-^

Yeah! :D

Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Student General Artist
Yes!!! And recently, I've also really enjoyed Buzzfeed Unsolved, you should totally check them out! They have a True Crime series and a Supernatural series ;u; 
The True Crime is about cases that have never been solved~ 
And the Supernatural series is basically a ghost believer and a non-ghost believer go on ghost hunts XD They work really well together and they deserve more attention! XD 

Yep! ^-^
VynalLine Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll have a look into them both at some point :D they sound interesting~
One you should check out would be cold case files where they open up unsolved cases from the past and solve them! :D some are really interesting
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Student General Artist

gasp yes! That sounds really good! I'm on it right now! 
VynalLine Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Most excellent! XD
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