Character Sheet: Mark the Jester

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New character sheet for Mark the Jester. In the same manner, I've started an original series on my blog. I'm using a awesome tool from springhole. As a matter a fact, it gives me a starting point in designing my characters and it's random! Therefore, I started a new character for my story and it was a easier then my previous character.

Character Design

  • Personality ✔️ kind of ready.
  • Context 
  • Style 
  • Appearance 
Let me know what you think?


  • The name is Mark 
  • Tricker
    • Conjures poetry 
    • Survivor of Climate Change
  • Courteous: Usually
  • Risk-Taking: Never
  • Ambitious: Usually
  • Curious: Occasionally
  • Self-Controlled: Often
  • Nurturing: Never
  • Trusting: Often
  • Honest: Rarely
  • Loyal: Occasionally
  • Affectionate: Never
  • Romantic: Sometimes
  • Flirty: Rarely
  • Sympathetic: Occasionally
  • Altruistic: Sometimes
  • Optimistic: Typically
  • Observant: Usually
  • Logical: Usually
  • Social: Usually
  • Emotions: Somewhat unstable


  • Clothes
  • Known to be a trouble maker 
  • How react
    • Sadness

    • Stress


Appearance 😍


  • World : Year 2226
  • Major Climate Shift 🔥
    • Raising Water Levels flooding major coastal cities and villages around the globe
      • Left cities underwater or mostly wrecked
      • Junk and debris left as treasures for hunters 
    • Frequent natural disaster occur
    • Gov't no longer able to contain order
    • People fending for themselves
      • Looting 
      • Clans 
Using a tool from to aid in designing this.
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