Vye's Thoughts: FFXIV Beast Tribes
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Published: October 11, 2018
I realize most of you following me are only doing so because of Pokemon related things, so a post about something in Final Fantasy 14 may not interest you. But I'm putting this up anyway because I want to.

For those of you sticking around, I will supply all the context I can without getting too into it. It is an MMO and a Final Fantasy game at that, so there are a lot of details I could go into. I'll try to keep it as concise as I can. (Then again this is me we're talking about and if there is anything I can do, it's get way into what I'm writing and go on forever.)

In FFXIV, you play a character arriving in the world of Eorzea which is split into the city-states of Ul-dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa. Each region has its problems, and each also have what they call Beast Tribes. You have your civilized folk who live in the main cities or smaller villages, and out in the wilds you have the Beast Tribes who are initially introduced as enemies to fight. The Beasts have sentience but for their own reasons are basically in conflict with the people of Eorzea. With all the attacks and fighting between the Beasts and the cities, they are looked down on as being dangerous and need to be taken out. Also a good portion of the people you meet in game are racist anyway so the Beast Tribes are presented as villainous when you start out.

Later in game though, you start finding sects of the Beast Tribes that are non-confrontational and even want to be helpful. They realize because of their species they are viewed poorly and mostly are content to live in secrecy. (In general, of course.) You are given the chance to do quests for them and by doing so improve your relationship with them and follow them on a little story line. Expansions of FFXIV introduce new areas and new cities and new Beast Tribes along with them, making 11 in total to work with. Because you follow a set of characters through a quest line, I ended up getting more invested in them than many of the other story lines. I have completed all but one of them but even that one is almost complete and so I wanted to share my thoughts on each. I'd like to review other story aspects of FFXIV in the future so I guess this is where I wanted to start.

At the same as describing my feelings on each, I'll also be ranking them. Mostly just because I want to. We're going to start with the worst and end with which one I think is the best. Now obviously the ranking is going to be completely subjective to my experience. Any players of the game that might see this are entitled to have differing opinions. These are just mine.

Also for players or potential players of the game, there are spoilers ahead.

So let's get into it.

11. Ixal (Realm Reborn)
These guys can just go die in a fire!! I'm a Black Mage so I can help them with that!

Okay. Taking a step back, I am glad the Ixal quests exist. Unlike the other Realm Reborn tribes, when you start the Ixal quests, you do them as a crafter instead of a battle class. They are meant to help you level your crafting by giving you something to craft for them. Originally I had no interest in doing anything with the Ixal, but in order to finish out the Realm Reborn tribes to the Bloodsworn rank, I had to. I picked up Goldsmith for this purpose. To be honest, probably the reason I hate them so much is because I had only just started crafting and didn't really know what I was doing. That made the Ixal quests harder than they really were so I got really frustrated from time to time. Then the Ixals have a longer story line than the other Realm Reborn beast tribes so that didn't help either. After a while I just started doing their provisioning quest since that gave the biggest boost and most experience and barely touched their other quests.

As to the actual story... it was okay. Nothing bad, nothing great. In the past, the Ixal species had wings and so the current Ixal have this obsession with flight. The Echtal tribe you work with want to build an airship to go higher than any other airship. The purpose for that though is... I don't know. Do they want to travel? Live on it? Just prove they can? Sure, the completed airship comes back into the story later with a dungeon and stuff, but even that doesn't really go anywhere. I guess we're supposed to just be satisfied with the goal of completing the ship but that wasn't enough to get invested for me. It's entirely possible they addressed this fact but didn't hold my attention long enough for me to take note of it. The annoyance of their quests aside, there wasn't any characters that I could latch onto. The head Ixal forms a bond with the Lalafell you get to help with their airship. I think they tried to imply you were one of those friends too, but this either didn't succeed or just didn't come off as genuine. Because of that, I just felt like a third wheel when it came to their story. I was just there to witness what was happening and craft a piece now and then. I was not involved.

With no attachment to any characters, species, final goal, quests, or even the region itself, the Ixals just did not do it for me. I have friends that will return to the Ixal a lot to level their low level crafters. I do not plan on doing the same.

10. Kobold (Realm Reborn)
The Kobolds gave me access to one of my favorite mounts, but that didn't help them be interesting. Of course I started them specifically to get that mount so... mission accomplished?

The Kobolds as a species are miners. They mine for materials and crystals. Instead of using these resources for trade, they horde everything to themselves and even attack people in the region to steal their supplies which they can also horde. After a series of attacks, you are brought in to bring the suspects to justice only to find the suspects are innocent. The Kobolds are split into groups they call orders and those orders are numbered from the best to the worst. You are working with the 789th Order who are the very bottom of the Kobold hierarchy. Another order, the 13th, is the one behind the attacks and they are even threatening to take out the 789th order due to their uselessness. Through the course of your quests for them, you work to help the 789th improve their standing to improve the quality of their lives and prove their innocence along with stopping the 13th order.

Now that could have been interesting. The 789th are the bottom due to their lack of motivation and by the end of it their leader becomes more motivated. But that is the problem. The leader becomes motivated, his underlings don't. The work you do for them is stealing supplies from the other orders so the 789th can take credit. From an outside perspective, sure, okay, we're essentially sabotaging more dangerous groups so that the friendly one can be helped. But nothing really comes from it. The order is never ranked up. They start at the bottom and stay at the bottom. There's no indication that if they did get higher ranked that it would help make the Kobolds a better race over all. If they did get better than the other orders, what would stop them from then becoming a threat to the people of Limsa? And literally all you do is get the leader motivated. When you return to do the final rank up beast quest, he hasn't done anything and is still acting like a lazy coward. You accomplish nothing with them. You blow up a machine the 13th order was working on, but there's no reason you shouldn't have been able to do that without the 789th.

The quests themselves were easy. I didn't get attached to anyone really but probably the thing that let them down the most is what I see as wasted potential. There's some side character from the Maelstrom but all she does is complain at the leader instead of doing anything to contribute so she isn't even worth looking up her name. I'll just use my mount, thanks.

9. Sylph (Realm Reborn)
Transport quests are annoying. That is the biggest problem with this tribe.

The Sylphs are actually the first friendly Beast Tribe you are introduced to in the story. It isn't until much later that it turns out there are good and evil sides of each species. The Sylphs were also the first one I sought out on my own when I found out I could do so. I thought they were really cute and loved the way they talked and acted so I wanted do more with them. Their quest line involves an egg of a Chosen One that is going to soon hatch. It will be more powerful than any current Sylph and is destined to be a leader and thus you have to make sure the evil Sylphs don't take it and corrupt it. There actually isn't much to it besides that. Most of the major story quests involve keeping the egg safe or retrieving it if and when it's stolen. It's simple, but that was okay.

Probably the most notable thing about the story is a character named Voyce. He originally was there to study Sylphs but ended up deciding to stay. Voyce is... something. He is essentially the main cause of any problems that come up. This isn't intentional as he is trying to be helpful but just fails at everything. He isn't dumb. On the contrary, he is well read. He is all book smarts and no street smarts. He will very often misunderstand a situation or come to his own conclusion without taking all the facts. When he has a misunderstanding, he doesn't let go of it. I could easily see people finding him annoying and in fact the Sylphs do. They really dislike him. I guess that's why I found it endearing. He doesn't even know he's a burden most of the time and is oblivious to the Sylphs dislike of him. The Sylphs are pranksters and jokers to where most NPCs find them annoying. Seeing this turned on them with a character they didn't want around was entertaining.

But then you have to actually do their quests and that is where it gets more frustrating. Several of them include a "transport" function where you have to carry an item from one place to another. You can't fight or mount or anything, you just have to run and hope your stamina doesn't run out. The areas you had to go through were crawling with enemies so if you were lower leveled, you would run into trouble. The area is very maze like so getting around is a pain. I still get lost in there. These missions weren't impossible but like I said they were the biggest gripe I had with the Sylphs.

8. Anata (Stormblood)
Honestly surprised to see the Anata as high as they are seeing how little I cared about them. I guess since they only had one transport quest instead of several, that helped give them the edge over the Sylphs.

The Anata are interesting though. The ones you mostly deal with are probably one of the most, if not the most, incorporated into civilization. When their home region was conquered by the Garleans, they joined up with the resistance to help drive them out. Unfortunately you don't really deal with the tribe as a whole so you don't get to learn or deal with them much. You mainly help a younger Anata named Alpa who is training to become a leader within the army and is given an old Garlean base to make functional for the resistance. She has to do so in time for her mother to come inspect it and if she's not satisfied, she has to leave the army and return to their home village to train there instead. Alpa is innocent and naive as she doesn't know much about species outside her race. This leads to misunderstandings and mix-ups. She was also very determined to get better and these things made her engaging. By the end, people respect her as a leader and such. Unfortunately, apart from her being so determined to do the right thing, most of her growth is purely from what they tell you rather than seeing it happen yourself. (FFXIV as a whole has a huge "show don't tell" problem.) I get what they were going for with her and it's not like I don't buy her story arc. It just would have been nice to see her do a bit more. Granted, she is the only reason the Anata are this high as without her endearing nature, they would have ranked much lower. I don't really care to help rebuild Ala Mhigo.

I seriously don't care about that place at all. We can never go back as far as I'm concerned.

The quests themselves were fine enough. Functional. They weren't hard but I did do them when I was already well leveled so I might not be the best judge there. Unlike the Kobolds, you can actually see progress being made and what is accomplished by helping the group out so if nothing else, I felt like I had made an impact. This made them a perfectly passable Beast Tribe, but there wasn't anything to get excited about either.

7. Amalj’aa (Realm Reborn)
Ugh, this hurts putting them this low! It honestly does!

Why is that? I started my journey in FFXIV in Thanalan and Ul’dah is my city-state. I got super attached to the city and joined the Immortal Flames to be even more involved. The Amalj’aa were my first Beast Tribe, both in the sense that they were the first enemies I encountered and in that they were the first Beast Tribe quest line I unlocked. This happened on accident, actually. I was just in the Immortal Flames headquarters and saw a quest and so I did it only to find out it unlocked the Beast Tribe quests. I continued on from there.

Most of the Amalj’aa worship and serve their primal Ifrit. Everything they do against the people of Thanalan is in service to Ifrit in some way. They steal supplies, kidnap people, whatever they have to. Some Amalj’aa were spared the fate of becoming tempered (controlled) by Ifrit and formed the Ash Tribe. They actively fight against their Amalj’aa brethren to try and prevent summonings and restore honor to their kind. This is good! Fight bad Amalj’aa, save my beloved Thanalan, stop Ifrit. This is everything we work towards in main quests too!

...And then you meet the main character of the actual story who is a Miqo’te chick who I also don’t care enough about to look up her name.

She was saved by the Ash Tribe during a raid when her mother was taken by the Amalj’aa. She decided to fight alongside the Ash Tribe against the other Amalj’aa. All the problems I have with the Amalj’aa story line are related to her. None of the daily quests you do for them have anything to do with her, and yet the actual story parts are centered around her entirely. Her story doesn’t even make sense. Like she acts as though she has become basically feral and is utterly confused by civilized society, but the Ash Tribe don’t act like her. She came from the village at the Forgotten Springs whose people are mostly hunters so was she always like this anyway? How much could she really have changed? How long as she been gone? She says something about how all this happened years ago, and yet the people of the Forgotten Springs recognize her. The evil Amalj’aa chief you fight against knows who she is and specifically leaves her mother for her to find to mess with her. Did he really remember her after all that time? He remembered this one specific Miqo’te girl out of all the raids they’ve done? How is the mother even still alive after all this time? Why did they wuss out and not kill the mother at the end and instead let her return to the Forgotten Springs? She’s still tempered. She’s not exactly safe to be around other people! If you don’t want to kill her, at least keep her at the Ash Tribe so she doesn’t hurt anyone.

Add in all the times she generically complained how she “needs to get stronger” without ever actually doing anything and you might get an idea of why I just could not care about her. I could probably nitpick the story even more if I wanted. Like if they wanted her to have a story arc, she didn’t. She’s the same at the beginning as she is at the end. The only difference is she knows where her mother is... I guess. Kind of like the Kobolds, you don’t really accomplish or change much but at least the Ash Tribe has a clear goal and motives and give the impression they are actually going to keep working towards them. The quests themselves were basic but that was just fine seeing how this was my first Beast Tribe. I didn’t have a problem completing any of them. The only problem was the worst character got the most focus for the story.

If I didn’t have the attachment to the Amalj’aa themselves or Thanalan, they could have easily been lower on the list. But here we are. 

6. Moogles (Heavensward)
It kind of feels like Moogles are only a Beast Tribe in that they don’t primarily live in a city and aren’t humanoid. The good ones even vastly outnumber the bad ones as you only really fight Moogles in one trial. But whatever.

Also it somehow feels wrong to rate anything Moogle related so low seeing how it’s Final Fantasy.

But this is just because they are un-impactful. Some Moogles of the Churning Mist want to restore some ruins from when man and dragon lived together. You team up with the Moogle Mogzin and the Ishgardian Tarresson to make this happen. Like the Ixal, the Moogles give you quests for your crafter class. You craft whatever they request or do whatever you can to keep the Moogles entertained and motivated, seeing as most of them would rather do anything but work. The only conflict of note in these quests come from a powerful dragon who doesn’t want to see the ruins restored as he doesn’t believe our work will live up to his memory of the originals.

The Moogles are cute and their antics amusing, but this didn’t really carry the story. I only cared as much about the story line as much as I do because of the story of Heavensward as a whole. You spend the game trying to bring peace to dragon and man, and now you get to be a part of them actually working together again. I liked that a lot. You don’t make huge changes to the Churning Mists, but you do something and that was nice.

Now I will admit, after my experience with the Ixal, I did not want to do the Moogles at all and so I put it off for a really long time. This meant I was very over leveled for their quests and as such their quests were super, super easy. It’s entirely possible if someone was level appropriate that they would have a harder time than I did. I found the quests simple and so I enjoyed them enough that they weren’t a hassle to do. Also helps that there were fewer high quality requirements and they made a lot of improvements in function over the Ixals. (You don’t have to wear any stupid gloves for these, thank you!) I just can’t really rank them higher because while I had no major gripes, there wasn’t anything super exciting either.

5. Kojin (Stormblood)
This has nothing to do with anything, but it was amusing to me to have to hear "Kojin" said so often in this game. My spelling and pronunciation are slightly different, but I just couldn't help being reminded of Sheer Power.

The Kojin are somewhat like the Anata in that they aren't completely excluded from civilization but I'm not as sure to what extent. I liked the Kojin when they were first introduced and liked the original one you meet by the name of Soroban. He's trying to set up trade with other cities and countries but wasn't having much success due to his appearance. I was under the impression this was the first time they had reached out like that but can't 100% remember if that's true. The "bad" Kojin, or the Reds, are mercenaries that work for the empire. The Blue split off from them when they didn't agree with what they were doing and it's sometime after that you encounter Soroban. So it is entirely possible they were always used to working with the more humanoid races just like the Anata, but I'm not sure how closely.

Anyway, sadly you don't work with Soroban during the Beast Tribe quests and instead work with another Kojin named Kabuto. Like Alpa, he needs to learn how to be a leader but what he needs to learn is how he doesn't need to do everything himself. He is worried about putting others in danger or troubling them but eventually learns how his friends want to help him and sometimes he needs them. This is taught to him by a kami named Tsumoko who takes over a Kojin puppet.

It's a fine story arc. Really the only thing that holds it back is the only time we see Kabuto actually utilize his lessons in any sense is the last duty with him. The rest of the story is taken up by setting up trades with other merchants and cities which is fine but don’t actually contribute to the lesson Kabuto is supposed to learn. Any time a fight comes up, he goes and loses so you have to save him. I guess he’s supposed to see how he fails so often alone and so then at the end when you fight together, he can see how much better it works? Best I can do.

Like the Kobolds, I had wanted to do the Kojin purely for the mount. Even so, for some reason I dragged my feet unlocking them and didn’t for quite a long time. But after it started, the appearance of Tsumoko peeked my curiosity and I was always interested to see where each turn of the story was leading. I was surprised at the ending. I was glad they went through with what they did with Tsumoko. The quests were really easy so I never felt like i was only doing them out of obligation (apart from maybe the stretch to Bloodsworn which takes so long.) Since there was nothing about them to annoy me, I just got to enjoy a simple yet intriguing story line that I unexpectedly grew quite fond of. I don’t know really how to explain it better than that.

4. Vanu Vanu (Heavensward)
How the heck did these guys get so high on this list?!

No really, I’m surprised too. I am not sure when I got so attached to these guys.

When the Vanu showed up in the story of Heavensward, I didn’t think much of them. They played their part in the story and I liked their demeanor and designs. They were another tribe I put off because I didn’t think I’d be interested in them. I was somewhat nearing completion on the Moogles and knew if I wanted to do the final rank up for Heavensward, I was going to need to finish the Vanu. So I started the quests and was pleasantly surprised.

Originally I thought the quest would be working the the Zundu tribe that you work with during the main story. The Zundu are subservient to the Vanu who come from Ok’Ghundu and basically pay the Vanu off so they don’t attack them. When you start the Beast Quests, you run into some Vanu trying to escape Ok’Ghundu. Over the course of the storyline, you help them build a small village of refugees that finds ways to sustain themselves, and eventually help the Vanu of the Zundu tribe. All of the Beast Tribes use colors to help differentiate the bad ones from the good ones, but the Vanu you follow through the story maintain the color scheme of the bad Vanu from Ok’Gundu. This was an interesting change.

You can really see the village grow over time and see them organize themselves. They really sell the idea that they’ll be able to survive on their own. Then when the Ghundu demand the refugees return, you see the new tribe team up with the Zundu to fight them off. They needed your help along the way, but at least they contributed to their victory in the end instead of just being carried by you. When you return for the final rank up for Heavensward, it’s shown that they continued to thrive without you, and they are even still seen as a threat by the Ghundu and that’s without you there protecting them!

These big birds had big hearts and I guess this just really won me over. I also enjoyed all their metaphors and similes in their dialogue. They’re so humble and friendly, I just couldn’t find anything to not like. Even though the Sea of Clouds is such a huge area and their quests send you all over the map, their quests were never much of an issue. Any problem I had was just from the repetitiveness of their quests but all the Beast Tribes have this problem in some regard. Can’t say anything bad about them in particular so I’m just left thinking of all the good!

3. Namazu (Stormblood)
Most of the FFXIV players I know will burn me alive for not placing them first...

At this moment the Namazu are the only tribe I haven’t completed all the way. I’m just one story quest away though so unless that one quest just completely blows my mind, I can’t imagine they could rank higher than this.

To be honest yet again, I only unlocked the Namazu out of a sense of obligation. I was basically already completing everything else. (That won’t be the last time we see this fact.) I waited until I was done with the Moogles and so I moved on to the next crafting Beast Tribe, the Namazu. I wasn’t even all that interested in the mount, as comical as it may be. Still, I was curious about them seeing how my friends spoke of them and their quests so fondly.

Three Namazu are warned that in 7 years their kind will go extinct. The only way to prevent this is if they get 777 Namazu together for a 7 year festival. Therefore, they start putting together said festival so their kind can be forced to celebrate. (Yes, it is more or less presented like that.) You help by crafting and gathering the supplies they need and by helping them organize whatever half baked ideas they might have to help the festival grow. The Namazu don’t seem to have any real organization and so they have no rituals or guidelines to follow. Therefore they spend their time taking ideas from the cultures surrounding them to form their own traditions.

Comedy can go a long way in winning people over. There is basically no aspect of these creatures and their quests that are not funny in same way. From their actions to their goals to their dialogue, there is usually something to be found to be chuckled over. Some quests will even have events or dialogue that happen differently depending on the day so even if you have done one before, they can still be fun to do again. Oddly enough for me, that wasn’t really what ended up making me like them as much as I do. I was actually more interested in seeing a culture who had lost their own traditions start copying other cultures to attempt to find themselves. This was also helped by the flash forwards you get showing the potential dark future of the Namazu that is shown to be changed by the actions of the festival in different ways. By building up these new traditions, they are creating stability for themselves that will save them in ways they don’t even understand.

These scenes are probably meant to just be another joke but I found them intriguing and heartfelt nonetheless.

That all aside, I must admit my fondness for the quests also comes from the fact that I was able to do them as a gatherer instead of a crafter. I really like mining for some reason so it was so refreshing to do quests as a miner instead of my goldsmith. The quests also give a ton of experience so they got both jobs to 70 very quickly. I picked up Botany and will probably do another crafting class in the future, so once I get these jobs to 60, I can see me happily returning to the Namazu for experience.

2. Vath (Heavensward)

Deftarm, you’re always going to be my number one student!

Just as a character I didn’t like killed my enjoyment of other tribes, a character I fell in love with sold me on the whole experience.

The Vath were originally part of a hive mind species called the Gnath. They managed to (for unexplained reasons) break free and become individuals with their own thoughts. While some couldn’t return to the hive’s control, others just didn’t want to and so they created their own home. They are struggling to survive when you first meet them, but then little Deftarm comes in to save the day! He’s new to this offshoot “hive” and doesn’t even have a name when you start up the quest line. He wants to be helpful to his new friends and comes to the conclusion that he needs to become a strong adventurer like you. He chooses the name Deftarm, creates an adventurers guild, and then sets out to win over customers to his new guild. He helps his clients with different tasks such as defeating dangerous enemies or gathering goods to be traded in exchange for whatever supplies his home is in need of. He does the exact same things you do through the game and it’s adorable! (And naturally you join in doing all the same things because of course you have to.)

The story could have just been him winning the respect of the clients he seeks out. He is usually disregarded by them but he doesn't give up. Even if he can’t do the exact thing they think they want from him, he usually find something within his means that meets their needs in another way that leaves them satisfied. He’s so dejected when he fails but he doesn’t quit and I love that! But the story goes further than that. Deftarm is still highly sensitive to the calling of the main hive and it tries to reabsorb him. You have to help him fight through it and because he’s learned so much about himself through his adventures, he has something to hold onto. They didn’t have to go through all this, but I’m glad they did. Just gave the story more conflict and I was glad the hive mind aspect of the Gnath was explored more here than it had been in the main story.

Although I have such a soft spot for the master/student relationship that he won me over the second he called me Master. Honestly the rest of the story could have involved burning down the Chocobo Forest and I would have helped him do it gladly.

The Vath were the first Heavensward group I unlocked. It’s entirely possible I only thought to unlock it because I knew that’s where I got Chocobo food. I honestly can’t remember. All I know is Deftarm melted my heart and that was all I needed to be motivated to keep going. I am iffy on whether I like the mount or not but I don’t care! Even the more annoying quests I still did without worrying about them.

But as a side note, I didn’t really like what they did with Deftarm through most of the final rank up story for Heavensward. I know what they were going for. He’s found such an identity for himself that he became a little headstrong and he wasn’t sure how to interact with non-combative tribes. Still, it bothered me how angry they made him. They made up for it with how quickly he realized his mistakes at the end of it, and I was still glad to go through the whole quest line with him back at my side. I just think they could have dialed it back a bit and nothing would have been lost.

But anyway, on to the best Beast Tribe.

1. Sahagin (Realm Reborn) 
So I’m pretty sure Square found out about my affection towards story lines involving a father figure and then wrote this story line just for me.

I may change my title in game from time to time, but it will often return to “Novv Clutchmate” and will be forever that way in my heart. 

The Sahagin were another big surprise to me. At the point I unlocked them, I was stubbornly keeping the Amalj’aa as my favorite Beast Tribe due to their connection to Thanalan. When I was working on the other Realm Reborn Beast Tribes, there was a part of me that was only doing them so I could finish my ranking with the Amalj’aa. I had gone through the Amalj’aa, then Sylphs, and the Kobolds and the Ixal I was mostly working on during the same time. (Although because the stupid Ixals have a longer story line than everyone else, I think the Kobolds were done long before the Ixals were.) Another part of me had at least some connection to an Amalj'aa, Kobold, and Ixal because they played a part of the Black Mage story quest so if nothing else, those tribes had that going for them. I didn’t anticipate caring about the “fish guys,” and so I didn’t bother unlocking them until everyone else was done. I even was only doing the Ixal to get them out of the way and yet at the time  I could still only see the Sahagin as a hassle. I didn’t find them interesting in the main story, I had no connection with Limsa, and even the mount was pretty boring. But I needed to do it so eventually I did. With all the other tribes complete, I begrudgingly went to unlock the Sahagin.

If I had known how much I’d come to love them, I would have done their quests sooner! But then again, maybe it was nice that I did them last.

The Sahagin have a female “queen,” (which is even said to not be the best term for it, but it’s the best they can do in our language,) who lays eggs. When she deems a male worthy, she will give him a clutch of eggs to fertilize. When the Sahagin are born, they do not have gills and as such can’t live in the deep waters where the Sahagin normally live. They have to be raised on land until their gills develop. It is the responsibility of their “clutchfather” to protect and teach them until they are old enough to go out into the open ocean alone. These clutchfathers raise their young in spawning grounds that they protect fiercely. During the last calamity in Eorzea, the normal spawning grounds were destroyed which drove the Sahagin to the shores of Limsa Lominsa to raise their young there. The people of Limsa see this as an invasion and so they are constantly trying to drive them out. The Sahagin fight to stay as they see this as the only way their species can survive.

Enter Novv who was a Sahagin warrior who was granted a clutch of eggs to raise. Due to prior happenings I really don’t know how deeply I should go into, Novv wishes only peace and safety for his children. He is wary of your presence in his home at first, but soon sees you as an opportunity. He hopes to go into peace talks with the people of Limsa but needs you to act as a “bridge” to help him do that. His intentions are undermined by a group of Sahagin who think the best way to settle their conflict is to fight even harder. They are attacking Limsa ships and keeping them to create their own armada and kidnap or kill anyone they come across. They even get their hands on a Limsa dignitary at one point and Novv knows these actions are only going to make things harder for his kind, not better. You team up with Novv to stop the group from making their situation worse and help him keep his children safe while they grow.

Novv talking about how he wants to raise his sons in peace and the lessons he teaches them along the way is just so perfect. It really sells the idea how peace isn’t won by more fighting. The game overall likes to push this so it was nice seeing one scenario that proves it. He not only talks the talk but walks the walk too. If he or his children are threatened, he will fight but he does everything he can to avoid that from happening. You get to see pieces of him teaching his children all he can from battle to survival to how to interact with other species. Basically Novv could do no wrong in my eyes and I was constantly switching back and forth between cheering for him and being moved by him.

Then he stole my heart by telling me I was basically one of his children and he was proud to call me daughter. He was basically securing himself the top spot on this list with that line!

As easy as some of the other quests might have been for me, the Sahagin ones were probably the easiest. This was before it synced enemy level to your own and because I started the Sahagin so late, I was like mid sixties or so doing these quests. I would basically attack the whole room of enemies  with one move and go on my way. With a story line suited to my interests and quests I would breeze through in a couple minutes at most, the Sahagin just gave me no negative experiences to speak of. I loved every minute.

And that is my list and my thoughts on each tribe. About as simple as I could have made it, I think. Perhaps rankings will be changed in the future. Beast Tribes became some of my favorite things in FFXIV but maybe that’s just because I spent so much time with each of them. (Apart from the Ixal, of course. They can still burn.) But now if you’ll excuse me, I think I am going to go hop into the game and rewatch some Beast Tribe cutscenes.
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