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Mr. and Mrs. Brante
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Published: December 25, 2017
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I also put this on Smack Jeeves with the same comment. Just a head's up. But I am probably going to make these the canon designs of Vye's parents in Nightmare.

Some backstory. After Pokemon Go came out last year, I met my parents at a restaurant for lunch. Because it was so new and I was stubbornly using my Pokemon Trainer Club login, I was having a crazy amount of server issues and couldn't get logged in. Still, there was a lot of buzz going around about Go so my Dad asked about it. I said what I was able to play of it, I really liked. While we were sitting there, mostly as a joke, my dad downloaded the game and caught his first Pokemon.

(He chose Squirtle instead of Charmander but hey, we all make mistakes.)

I thought he'd play it a bit and then drop it. He had never had any interest in Pokemon and in my younger years had even discouraged me from playing. But over the next few days, he would text me questions about the game and the Pokemon themselves. I thought this was just an extension of the joke at first, but then I realized he was taking it on for too long and was actually playing quite a bit. He soon convinced my Mom to try it. She downloaded it to play with him and to also let her grandsons play. But then she soon got WAY into it and the two of them, since they were both retired, took to playing it for hours at a time.

We still get together to go around and hit PokeStops and now we raid together too. Dad had gone to Team Mystic and so my Mom joined it to be on the same team with him. I went with Valor and so later on when they were looking for more to do, they set up alternate accounts that they also set with Valor. They play both of them but their Mystic players are their main ones.

I had this idea of drawing them with Pokemon for some time now and decided to do it as a gift for Christmas. I printed them out and made little badges they can wear that have their team and names on them. I was pretty pleased with the final result. This is the artwork I made, and maybe I'll share the badges themselves later. I want to make one for myself!

My Dad is with a Pidgey and a Tyranitar because he is always going after Pidgey since they are easy to evolve for extra experience. We often joke that a 10 CP Pidgey is his favorite animal. He also stumbled upon a really small CP Tyranitar soon after Gen 2 came out. To get a better one, he made it his buddy for a long time so I just associate him with that Tyranitar that follows him. My Mom soon became attached to Eevee because of its cuteness and so she catches a lot of them. I wanted another Pokemon with her and settled on Dragonite. She got one before me or my Dad, now has several of them, and since Dad's with a pseudo legendary, it makes sense she is too.

Anyway, that's the story.

I also wanted to put this here as a reminder that today is the last day to get Sheer Power Book 1 for free. If you want to read it in the future, you'll have to pay for it so now is your best chance!…

I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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Should tell them to come to my town and join my Mystic group, we plan outings and lure parties all the time lol

Okay, but who would win in a fight? My money is on your mom XD
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Haha, based on Pokemon Go, Yeah, I’d say my Mom would win too!
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