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Final Pokemon Sun Team by Vye-Brante Final Pokemon Sun Team by Vye-Brante
Pre-Gameplay Team

I've been meaning to draw this up for forever, and since Ultra Sun is about to come out, I figured now was a good time!

My team was Tartan the Incineroar, Paisley the Ribombee, Fleck the Lycanroc, Dots the Tsreena, Crosshatch the Golisopod, and Argyle the Kommo-o. They were a great team!

I like it more than I thought I might while I was drawing it. I was frustrating myself. I usually have to draw a Pokemon a few times before I can get a hang of them and pose them however I want. Since was the first time for all of these Pokemon though, I wasn't satisfied with them at first. Particularly Crosshatch and Argyle. Those two are basically modeled from their official art and I don't really like doing that. I tried putting Crosshatch in a different pose, but it when it wasn't working I changed it halfway through but didn't fix what I had done so his shell actually ended up looking wrong. Poor Argyle just kind of came out looking boring.

I also wanted to give them accessories, particularly something with the pattern they were named after on it. But I couldn't think of anything I hadn't really done before and they have such complicated designs anyway...

But I do sort of want to draw this team again. If I do, I might get them more right next time and with accessories.

In spite of these complaints, I actually kinda like it in its colored form. Lazy background and all.

When I first drew them, I made the background to fit my iPad screen. This time I took the ORAS team route and made it a background for my computer, which I've already put up on my computer. You can do it too, if you want, for whatever reason.

Let's hope I draw the Ultra Sun team long before the next set of games come out. 
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November 14, 2017
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