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FFXIV Character: Kessa Altos
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I started playing Final Fantasy 14 back in February, and for a long time I've been wanting to draw my character. Better late than never, I guess!

When I started to play, my initial thought was to create a version of Vye like I normally do. But then before I really got into it, I decided I do that enough and I wanted to create something as different as possible! I wanted a tail and being a Miqo'te didn't appeal to me, but the Au Ra sure did! I saw Xaela and loved it so I started messing around with it. I wanted something different but also just kind of went with what I thought looked best. I ended up with dark blue skin and purple hair and I loved it! I don't even normally like face paint on my characters but I thought the design on the eyes really brought out her eye rings. Now she looks plain if I try to take the paint off!

A lot of my time is spent cooing over my own character and how much I like her design, haha.

In terms of how I play the game for those Final Fantasy fans that may have stumbled on this, I mainly play Black Mage because I just like doing damage. I will sometimes play Bard and I recently leveled White Mage but I'm still learning how to use it reliably. I have done some Extreme fights but have yet to do any Savage. I am still learning about the game constantly and would like to be able to raid more in the near future but even so I would say it'd be very casual.

Whenever I start drawing a character, it takes several times for me to get a good flow and have anything resembling consistency. That's why she's so different in each picture here, haha. I hope to draw her more in the future and hopefully I'll get better at it!

I wasn't sure what to draw her in and couldn't think of something I designed myself. Might just do that in the future though. So I just did somewhat simplified versions of two of my favorite outfits, the one on the left being the set from Drowned City of Skalla, and the one on the right being the Shire gear. (Both dyed of course.) Her hair probably shouldn't have that much blue in it compared to how the highlights work in game, but I went with it because I liked it.

Hopefully I'll draw her again soon!
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F0XBLAZE|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She looks awesome!
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Vye-Brante|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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