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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Yeah, this seems a bad time given I know a lot of people want to commission me but I burned out in a major way and I need a breather for real life stuff as well; please be patient with me. (I haven't sent the invoices out yet either)

I don't know when I'll be back up and running, but I hope within the nest two weeks or so.

Reminder commissions have gone up in price as well to $50 full color for standard and $150 for full color sequences (3 parts).

Commissions established before July 1st are at old rates.

This months drawing poll will also likely be later in the month as well.
So last month I posted this journal  Problems with PacingSo this month has been slow, and the beginning of next month is likely to be a bit slow as well, as will the months to come but nothing major is changing commissions will still be open and you'll still get art updates.
Tomorrow I'll be starting a day program, it's not too long each day and is only three days of the week for 12 weeks but it's a time sink and it may effect the speed of delivery when it comes to art, and the stress of it being new has been distracting me as well.
For the next few months art might be slow, there's a lot of unknowns here but this is good, this is moving forward.
During this time I appreciate your patience and if you could share my work from here/patreon/ko-fi links with anyone who you think might enjoy it, that be great too.
I will be pushing myself to use my time better, while the program is on
about how I likely wasn't going to get much done due to a new therapy day program, and to expect a low volume of art because of it.

2018 Persona - Vyctoria Gothized by Vyctorian Andrea the Cow [Flat Color Commission] by Vyctorian [CMSN] Good Twitterbot by Vyctorian

Mature Content

How to attract a goth girlfriend [Patreon Reward] by Vyctorian

But I crushed it instead, not only did I get all thew above pieces done or posted last month, I've begun practicing more, and have tons of sketches in my traditional sketch book I haven't shared yet on top of that the new day program is really helping me deal with some of the personal issues I have which is helping my real inner personality shine outward. 🖤😊❤


I'm also working on a Paid comic, which will be a 7 page NSFW Race Change Transformation comic. It will be hosted off site for a price. Patrons will get two pages free likely 1 and 4, while DA will get page 1 for free. This will likely be something that is out in April according to my estimates.

Patreon will also be getting a pledge update, new milestone goals, the possibility of a patron Minecraft server in the future, and more, also the latest Patron TF poll is now posted (There is a mirror on DA as well, though unless someone renews my DA Core membership tie breakers will go back to whatever I like best)

Thank you all for your faves, shares, comments and support.


Goth vs Tribe Poll up on Patreon (Tribalizing goth girls)
When are you most active on DA?
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I have a curious cat if you want to ask me anonymous or non-anonymous questions:
Sam Allen B-Day gift art
Birthday gift art for :iconwrenzephyr2: who remains a constant inspiration.
Take a seat at a desk in the front row please.
Would you lean back for me please? 
Get nice and comfortable.
Relax I don't want to stress you out.
I know you must be having a hard time.
Take some deep breaths in and out.
Slump back in your chair.
And read long slowly.
Deep breaths.
In and out.
In and out.
Focus on your breathing.
Fall deeper and deeper.

Very good.
Nice and comfortable for your teacher.
Ready to listen to your instructions.
Deeper and deeper.
Just think summer vacation will be here very soon.
Imagine all the free time you will have to do whatever you want.
Breathe in and out.
Deeper and deeper.
Lots of sleep.
Lots of fun times playing video games or going out with friends.
Falling deeper and deeper.
Feel the satisfaction of such free time as you listen to my instructions.
Getting ready to obey them.
Know how hard you had to work to obtain your freedom.
Falling deeper and deeper.

Teacher wants you to feel good on your vacation.
Feel the amount of sleep you will be able to get.
Become weak for your teacher.
Deeper and Deeper.
Obey me student.

I am going to count down from 10.
Each number getting you closer to summer vacation.
Each number making you more willing to obey my instructions.
You are working hard on your finals.
You have studied very hard.
Many sleepless nights.
Obeying your teacher.
Deeper and deeper.
You have completed half of your finals.
You are making your teacher very proud.
You have started your last final exam.
You drop your last pencil.
Obeying feels like summer vacation.

Now for your trigger.
When I say Eternal Vacation you will fall deeper under my power.
Complete freedom.
Eternal Vacation.
So much sleep.
So many fun times.
Eternal Vacation.
No more homework.
No more tests.
Eternal Vacation.

Enjoying all of your free time.
Laughing lots with your friends.
Eternal Vacation.
Spending time at the beach.
Spending time at the ice cream shop.
Spending more time in bed.
Eternal Vacation.
Falling deeper and deeper for teacher.
Having your perfect balance of outside and inside time.
Eternal Vacation.

I noticed that your grades haven't been doing so well and you haven't been turning in your homework.
You have been a very bad student.
I will make you a good student.
You will call me sensei from now on.
Now you are going to complete every homework assignment your sensei gives you the night it is assigned from now on.
You will be ready for every test and exam that sensei gives you.
You will go above and beyond and earn the extra credit points to please your sensei.
You will become a teachers pet for sensei.
You will work hard for sensei and I will reward you with the attention and grades you deserve.
Now obey sensei.

Sensei is going to give a trigger now, one anyone can use to reward you for your hard work.
Whenever a hypnotist calls you *Good Student" you will feel accomplished and happy as a wave of pleasure flows through you .
This will work in and out of trance, and you know this fully.

When you leave this trance, I'd like you to comment below about how much you want to be a Good Student for me.

I am going to count down from 10.
Each number will get you closer to waking up.
Vacations are wonderful.
Vacations are earned.
Starting to wake up.
The rest and relaxation will come.
However there is work to be done.
Reality is returning.
Your future depends on this.
You will feel so much better.
Vacation is over for now.
Wake up.
Good Student Hypnosis Script
A Hypnotic script I wrote in collaboration with :icondjengo44:, He uploaded this originally but I'm uploading it as well and made some small edits as well. I've gotten very into real hypnosis over the last two years, and my time not spent on art is mostly spent in and arround hypnosis now.
Dark/Goth/edgy girl characters you'd possibly want to see art of? (Ex: Leblanc (LOL), Raven (TT) ))
Apologies for being slow getting to notes, kinda in an odd rut. Doing some sketches now at least though
Barroness Selene [CMSN]
Bullet; Orange This was originally posted earlier today to Patreon - (HQ) Bullet; Orange

Commission for :iconsunny-temple: , I'm really happy with how the outfit design and lighting turned out.

PSD will be available start of next month for patrons above $2 USD.

BTW We have a poll going on regarding what options you might want to see more of in future polls -…
I feel most of my transformee's not being anything more than that is an issue I'd like to address, have them be actual characters.
Dollified Andrea [CMSN]
Normally this is where I'd link out to Patreon, but they're making some changes I don't think are beneficial to patrons this month so instead the HQ will be a point download and if you want to support my work you can give me a coffee* here 

Commission for my patron and girlfriend :iconvamspapi: after having been turned into a lolita dressed ball jointed doll [BJD].
This was a lot of fun to create, and I put a lot of time and effort into this piece, trying to get the dress right and accidentally discovered a sparkle effect which is cool.

Want a commission, they're discounted until the end of the month:

* I actually don't like coffee it gives me stomach problems
Kikyo Hopi [ A New Experience ]
If you like this piece and want to see more please consider supporting me on Ko-fi, please include the name of piece with your tip :
If you want to learn more about the Hopi people in the modern age I suggest visiting this link:
If you want to donate to the Hopi people (well native American's in general):

Working with SebastiansSire on this one. It's not a collab or art trade, more we're working on similar pieces that share a theme.

Here's is Kikyo from Inuyaha having a new experience as a Hopi Native in traditional wear. This was a fun challenge, It got to do a lot of wonder research into Hopi and various other tribes, and after looking at Hopi silver smithing I now want some for my jewelry collection (of course I would buy native). The works of Edward S. Curtis were so valuable for photographic references, he's been passed for decades now but he truly helped to capture what no other white folk had bothered to look at during that era. Balancing Kikyo's look with Hopi culture was diffuse but I enjoyed and feel I rose to the challenge here. ^^

More like this: Navajo Ranma [ A New Experience - TG ] by Vyctorian

Kikyo and Inuyahi belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan Inc.
Art belongs to me
Navajo Ranma [ A New Experience - TG ]
Winter 2017 Commissions -…

I am working with a cool cat in DA known as :iconsebastianssire: on making a theme based on anime characters drawn as Native American people from North America. First one I did was Kikyo form Inu-yash, while they did Ochako Uraraka, and now sticking with Rumiko Takahashi's works, I've decided to do Ranma from Ranma 1/2 becoming a Navajo after being splashed with water from a river in the reservation.

The outfit is inspired by the ones worn during the Miss Navajo Nation competitions. I decided to go with a more modern inspired outfit as native culture aren't bond solely to their past, like all cultures. I do want to keep these pieces beyond buckskin. I'm having a lot of fun with this series as it forces me to put more into my clothing for the sake of being accurate and allows me to learn more research. This took a lot of time thinking about though as I didn't copy one piece but combined several together. This also has allowed me to go watch Ranma 1/2 which is a series I missed when it first aired when I was younger. I'm also really liking working with modest outfits, I like sexy anyone who has seen my gallery can tell you I like sexy but modesty and really in too. In a rebellious way not because the opposite is wrong but because sometimes rebellion for rebellion sake is a way to diversify your works and the works around you. ^^

The piece before this from me -…
:iconsebastianssire: piece -…

More like this: Kikyo Hopi [ A New Experience ] by Vyctorian

Edit: Now with the full version downloadable ^^

Ranma Saotome belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan Inc.
Art belongs to me
Shakura's Sunset still is and will continue to be my pride and joy

Mature Content

Shakura's Sunset -Page 1- by Vyctorian
Shakura's Sunset still is and will continue to be my pride and joy

Mature Content

Shakura's Sunset -Page 1- by Vyctorian
I have this curious thing, you can ask me questions through it or even leave art suggestions (I'm trying to build an ideas list for when I'm out with my sketch pad)

You can even do so anon ~



Artist | Digital Art
United States
I'm mainly a comic artist who sometimes draws other art and likes to collaborate with others between comics ^^

I'm an adult writer/artist, you can call me Victoria, or Vy.

I'm very social and love talking with others, if you have something in mind send me a note.

I do RP but it's not a priority for me and, I rather narrative RP over erotic RP.

Requests: Closed
Point Commissions: Closed; but if you have an idea you think I may like ask.

When on DA my personal motto is: " If I fave, I comment."


* Twitter:
* Patreon:
* Discord: [Redacted]
* Tumblr (Personal):
* Tumblr (Art):
* Second Life: (Maybe, ask)
* Steam:…
* Twitch:

Unless it's a commission, collab/coloring, fan art or I state otherwise,
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: as long as it's not for financial gain or political reasons.

-feel free to add my art/writing to groups, where it be appropriate-

Stamp :: Rooster Teeth by homestucktroll123 INFP Stamp by zakarranda
firebender stamp by steamwork Ganguro stamp by decoland
Feminist by Dametora Stamp 1 by Aivilo0
STAMP - Natsume by Roack Everything is a remix by XxchantellexX

If you want to contact me for conversation reasons I rather a note then comment but whichever is best for you is fine.


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