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Cat Tattoo

By Vyamester
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Please don't use without my permission! Thx ^.^
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May I use it as a template for an Embroidery design digitized?
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You may :) Would you mind sending a photo about it, when it's ready?  I'm glad you like it.
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Hi! Thank you for your reply.  I have the photo ready but don't know how to send it to you?
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Hi! This cat is gorgeous! I would like to use this image on a makeup palette to be made for my use. I'd like to include your signature too as I feel it completes the look. I would need an image without the background watermarks though, is that ok? Here is a link to what I'm looking to do: Please let me know. She is so pretty and I'd like to have her on something I see everyday!
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I'd love your beauty to be my main picture and possibly a logo.
Is this possible?
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oh sorry, just seen you message. Just as a picture and possibly a logo- she is so gorgeous! she must be seen!
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Heart Hi Vya, you are such a gifted person, what a beauty you're giving to people, thank you!
Can i ask your permission to use your cat on my website, please, it's called prettycat?
Thank, Irina.
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Hi Irina,
Thanks for your kind words. :)
What do you want use it for on your site?
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Hi Vya, i really am in need of logo, was wondering if i could ask you to make me a logo, please?
Regards, Irina.
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You know we do this for a living and a logo is 38 000 HUF at our design studio, it about 137.21 USD i think. Thats why for comercial use we only sold them, not really doing charity work, just if we make it for donation for athlete or like that. 
You know artwork is intellectual property thats why asked what do you want it for.
Sorry if it saddens you... :(
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Hi Vya, no the fact that you charge for your work doesn't upset me, why would it!?
What is saddens me is the amount you charging, sorry not my budget, cannot pay this much.
But thank you.
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This is the best design I've found for what I want my cat tattoo to be. I was wondering what sort of policy you had with your designs? (If it's like blatantly on your page I'm very sorry for not seeing it as I'm on mobile and had a difficult enough time getting to this page as it is //shot) I very badly want to get a tattoo like this and I was wondering if that would be allowed? I cannot even begin to express just how perfect this is for what I've been searching for ;v;

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Hi Ashley,
It wasn't made for commercial use, just because i like cats, so if you want to use it for tattoo, go for it, and send me a pic about it, when its ready.
I'm soooo proud when i see my work on others too. :D
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Hi Vya,

Thank you for sharing your Tribal Cat tattoo with me, I love it!
Some of the comments I've received from folks on my new tattoo are "Pretty" and "She's (the cat) got attitude". (I've got attitude too since I got this tattoo) Grinning broadly!

Here is a link to my tattoo for those that might be interested. It actually looks nicer now as I continue to heal and will update when finished.…

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Hi Denise,

I'm really glad that people like it this much :D
I always love to hear back from my works.

Have a nice weekend!

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Hi, I think your cat tattoo design has the best balance of all the features I'm looking for in a tattoo. Can you please tell me your policy to use your design? Thank you! Denise
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Hello Vya, I love this cat design. My beautiful cat Maggie died recently and I want to get a tattoo of her.
If I send you a picture of her, could you change this cat just a little bit to look more like her, please?
Thank you,
Msskitty   @   gmail    .com
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I'm sorry from your cat, and i'm glad you like my work. 
I will pm you, and you can send a pic of her :)
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