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This is another one of my Visual Design Theory projects. This one with a logo including my name. Wish I wasn't using my first name all the time at work or at college. I'm pretty proud of this, I LOVE the 'eye' in the background. I remember fiddling with it in Illustrator in class, although I don't seem to have the same thing in my version. Which makes me sad, I love that eye... I even changed the colors and properties, as the orange part is a lot smaller in the original coloring type.
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Hehe.. It's really cool baby. Mm do you go by David at work and school all the time?? Heh Then again I think I'm the only one that calls you Michael instead of Mike. But the eye is really really cool though.
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Whoa.. spiffyness... having so much fun with all the new.. cool... stuff XD

Erm.. They started calling me david, didn't bother correting them... I'd have to do it a lot in college and probably a few times at work
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I dont like that.. You aren't David! You're Michael!!! *whines*