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Did he do ... The Worst Thing He Could Do?

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Yeah, so ... sadly, pretty much my own terrible idea that needed to be exorcised. Plus, having gotten the Guy and Girl pro bundles, I didn't want to do what I did with the Girl 6 Starter Bundle, and be so thankful that I didn't hate her that I used her once and then didn't touch her again. (... OK, technically, at this point in time, i've used her three times, but there was a two-year gap between the first and second. And, granted, I've used Jax kind of a lot, so Guy 7 at least has been well served. But still.)

Since I'd already used the title, and that specific aspect, I changed up the characters as well. (Well, kind of had to, if it was going to be all Guys and Girls.) (By the by, someone else should run with the terrible idea I just planted there. I've got several other terrible ideas on the plate already.)

This terrible idea inspired in roughly equal parts by
- Grease! LIVE!
- Old WWII anti-STD propaganda posters (and all I can say is, if one wonders how an entire generation of men had such a relentless madonna/whore complex, all you need to do is look at the posters that they threw at an entire generation of 18-year-old guys. Good girls Didn't, and if they did, not only were they not good, but they were likely to have fallen prey to Diseased Men who got it from Diseased Women.  All that said, this particular poster is my absolute favorite. It doesn't demonize women quite as relentlessly as the others. It's also strongly reminiscent of AIDS-era posters. I especially commend to your attention the section under the "Warning" at the bottom.)
- Posters for the movie "High School Confidential" that I happened to run across. I'm especially fond of the French ones, where the title actually translates to "Drugged Youth". ("High School Confidential" is notorious for showing bare breasts in a brief scene, which for its day was quite the scandalous thing. In context, as far as can be told, apparently getting involved with the wrong crowd leads to drug use leads to sleeping naked leads to bare breasts on movie screens everywhere. Or something like that. 50s moral terror movies have logic (... well, "logic") that's kind of difficult to track these days. Thank goodness.

The role of the hapless Guy who May Have Done Something Worse played by Jax for Guy 7, with Omri hair and the Roflaquettes, and wearing Chilling Out jacket. (I tried using the shirt that comes with it, but it's built in a way that means you need to have the jacket collide with either the character or the shirt, and that doesn't work, so I stuck the Henley shirt underneath, since it has long sleeves.) Lockers from i13 Real University, which also has Parrotdolphin metal shaders, because the university is built for Poser. (Not the university I've been talking about buying, if you were wondering.)

The Boys Or Two that he may have been involved with are Killian for Guy 7 on the right (wearing Iconic Outfit, complete with cigarette, because Bad Boys Smoke), and the other is a combination of Guy 7 himself and Hongo G3M.

The Neighborhood that thinks he's Trashy and No Good are Ruby for Girl 7, and the other is a combination of Girl 7 with Camille for Bethany 7, which works out surprisingly well. The girl running away from the horrible gossips is Amaya for Girl 7, wearing Bluebell Hair and a converted Eleanor Dress for V4.
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