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A test render using both of the characters named "Alpha" that I have. SAV’s Alpha Male M5 (left) alongside Project Alpha (right, by PureEnergy and OKCRandy).

Alpha Male M5 is wearing Luthbel’s Highlander for Genesis (well ... parts of it) and SAV’s Eros Short Hair, and Project Alpha has on Sickleyield’s Necromancer (and again, parts of it) and SAV’s Spartacos long hair. Hellboy Soto’s posing background for the back and floor.

This is a scripted 3Delight point cloud occlusion render. Still don’t even vaguely understand what exactly point cloud occlusion does or how it works — I know it adds its own occlusion light and it’s a two-pass process, but beyond that?—but I like the slightly cartoonic look it gives, even though I’m not using the cartoon shader. (Also this render somehow makes them both look ever so slightly insane.)
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