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So. Tasha 8.

At a guess -- based, of course, on no information whatsoever -- one suspects this means that either Lilith or Arabella -- or both -- will not make it into this generation. Lilith was in the supernatural succubus position, while Arabella was the supernatural vampire, so it may be that Arabella isn't seen again this generation. I had thought that Lilith was decently popular, but again, that was in the echo chamber of the forum, so .... Then again, with (in all likelihood, based on past pattern and practice) only about four to six months left in this generation, and two theoretically-known males hanging around out there, and this being the point in every Genesis generation when Things Get Weird, it's entirely possible that both of them are taking this generation off. We shall see, I suppose.

And once again, I'm going to wind up getting the pro bundle despite not really wanting it, because there are things I want, and only one of them (besides Tasha herself, which I like well enough) is in the starter bundle. That said, I only want one thing other than that, but the way the bundle prices are configured, it winds up costing about the same to get the pro bundle as it would to get the starter bundle and the one pro bundle item I want, or Tasha and the two other things I want: to wit, the Twilight outfit and Pandora hair. I got plans for that, he said (shifty eyes, shifty eyes ...). I like the Immortal outfit OK -- it's pretty clearly a rebuild of Roxana Yaroslavna, although I'm mildly puzzled as to why it lost its cape in this version. Especially puzzling because this is a dForce outfit for no really good reason (yeah, yeah, puffy sleeves, but they're not THAT puffy) and a cape would be a really good reason.

As far as the other bundle outfits go ... L2R is a relatively practical outfit with a confusing name and wildly impractical shoes, and Arisia is a relatively impractical outfit with extremely sensible shoes, which are also not so fantasy inflected that they can't work with modern outfits. So there's that.

As far as the characters go ... eh. This is not, let me note, a comment on quality -- Emrys builds characters very well and Viollet has solid promos; as far as Hinkypunk's Constance goes, after the James fiasco, I am looking on Constance with a bit of the side-eye. (Though not as much side-eye as is reserved for Daz QA for letting James through with serious errors not once but twice.) I only mean that they aren't driving me to purchase and may well not be used. Zephyr, in the add-on items, on the other hand, I definitely want (also an Emrys character, let it be noted), and if she were in the pro bundle, I'd be a happy camper indeed.

Seriously, I wish Daz would try a different sort of build-a-bundle thing. They could divide things into categories for Daz Original items in the bundles or addons. (PA items in the addons would be excluded, because it's unfair to draft them that way.)

You'd be required to get the main character, of course; that only makes sense.

Then they could say: (1) "For either starter or pro, you MUST pick at least one additional character and/or morph set, but no more than two for the pro bundle". For Tasha 8, that would mean that the additional Daz-O characters would be Viollet and Constance (both in the current pro bundle), Zephyr, Lilitu, the Gorgeous morphs and the Tasha HD-addon. I myself would happily pick Zephyr and the Tasha HD addon and call it done (even though the HD doesn't seem to do much, but it visibly does something, so that would be fine); for that matter, they could also add a rule saying, "If you pick the HD addon, you CANNOT pick an additional character in the pro bundle, and you lose one other option from the other categories in the starter", and that could work. I would happily pick Zephyr and A Random Character -- probably either Viollet or the Gorgeous morphs -- if I couldn't do both her and the HD.

(2) "For either starter or pro, you MUST pick at least two clothing items and/or texture sets, but no more than three [or possibly four]." I would happily pick the Twilight outfit, its texture set and ... hmm, maybe the Burgundy Outfit, maybe the Immortal outfit, maybe even Arisia just because of the boots, maybe L2R because of everything but the boots. I'm really not sure, but it wouldn't be a huge deal either way;

(3) "For starter, you MUST pick at least one pose set OR texture set; for pro, you MUST pick at least one pose set; you may also pick an additional pose set OR an additional texture set." Done this way, I'd probably pick a random pose set (the extent to which they do not affect my choice in this particular set is profound) and a texture set for whichever third outfit I picked in category 2;

(4) "For starter, you MUST pick one hair; for pro, you MUST pick both." Phrased that way this time because there are only two hairs in Tasha's release page, including the addons; if there were more than three total, it would default to the "you MUST pick one, but no more than two" language.

If they handled things this way, people could get more what they wanted, Daz could actually get really good sales information about what people really want, and there would be less complaining! ... OK, no, there probably wouldn't be less complaining; I can hear the "why are they making me CHOOOOOOOOSE?" laments already. But it would still be a better way to go.

That said, it might do nasty things to individual PA buyouts. I mean, if everyone's preferences matched mine (and of course they don't), the only pose PA who might still consistently get buyouts would be Capsces. (I generally really like Zeddicuss' products; I do not like -- or even particularly understand -- the Z Midnight Terrors poses included in Tasha's pro bundle.)

Something of a side note: if Daz does plan for Genesis 9 to go on past, say, July or August, they probably ought to say so. People are already beginning to rein in purchases in anticipation of having to buy everything All Over Again, or so they say. It's going to hit everyone but the props and architecture people hard if they don't say anything. (Everyone including Daz, I might note.)



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