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Retro Women - Brushes

::> hope you like them :) (Smile) works with PS 7

::> please comment and try to credit me if you use these brushes (nope i won't complain even if you don't). giving me the URL of your work that involved my brushes would be highly appreciated (for curiosity's sake)

::> might take a while to download. please bear with me.
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Please reupload them :'(
Love the look of these but alas they come up 404 :-(
Have they been found or does anyone else have them? Would love to use them.
Thanks :kitty:
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gr8 brushes series... this link does not work for me when I download?
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I'd really like to use these but I can't seem to download them =(
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::> This is from a long time ago. Let me try to find it and reupload it.
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aww shucks! thanks :D
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same problem as Kellyan.

did DA lose the brush? ~ file size says zero bytes.
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::> I guess so... :( Let me check if I have the copy of the brush on my computer. If not, maybe you could request it from one of the deviants who downloaded the brushes.
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naughty DA! please drop a reply if you find them?

thanks :D
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::> Sure I will :) Rest assured.
hmm i can't download your lovely brush! :(

when i click dl they direct me to another page
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Pretty.. very pretty... :) If I use them I will link.
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::> Thanks Magda :)
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::> Thanks Sylvia. :)
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great! good job! i will link if i use them on the net:)
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great for a poster in ur room...
awsome ;)

blx :
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