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Catedral São Sebastião, Ilhéus, Brazil, September-15-2005

I removed some disturbing cables (it´s nearly impossible to find buildings without them), added two adjustment layers (curves and channel mixer), one greyscaled layer with 75% opacity and changed the perspective

Original photograph can be found here

It´s my entry for the contest at :icon291:

Many thanks to :iconequivoque: for her encouragement :-)
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1/200 second
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11 mm
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Sep 15, 2005, 9:45:20 PM
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Da hast du aber heftig "gephotoshopt"! ;) Macht sich aber gut. Ist das ein analoges Foto?
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Das habe ich 2005 mit meiner ersten, gebrauchten Digitalkamera von Olympus aufgenommen! Da musste Photoshop ran, da das Foto sehr flach rüberkam! Die Tage kommt noch eins mit weniger PS..,
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Ich bin erst 2008 mit Digitalfotografie angefangen, zunächst mit Bridgekameras.
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I also noticed that there are number of comments on the back end just from 2005 and 2006 then all of a sudden nothing at all until just two days ago
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Maybe I should go through my stone age stuff and resubmit it 🤡🤡🤡
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You never know I just pulled one out of the hat today of Yolanda AKA Sephora 04, a little bit of an animation we did in 2008
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Very lovely I hope you win and maybe you'll become president of deviantART 2 and then some art rules can change back to the more familiar!!!!
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Thank You very much, Mark! The competition ended in 2005... It’s an old submission I reposted to show one special person one can take a good photo without great camera 📷 
Take a look at the huge number of comments... 
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I did see that and that's what's changed between then and now I was looking over my stats several days ago and I don't have any way of the page views and comment history on good strong images as I used to have.

So there's something we can all learn that have been here all those many years. However congratulations on that revelation. And it's a beautiful image
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Look at the DD’s and You can see... few comments, some favs! I remember my first DD features with overwhelming results. 
Looking at the old comments of this photo I noticed some of the people have died...

It seems I am too old for this shit 👿
Alembic-LynXXX's avatar
Yes the only one I know here that's dyed well 2 is a Francois benavista about a year-and-a-half ago and about five years ago Dave Collier he was mugshots-UK he did a lot of work with Holly Leeds aka Ivoryflame... he worked for Harrier, and was a really gracious fellow and give a lot of tips to a lot of people helped people he was kind of a professional hobbyist you might say he knew the do's and don'ts the Rights and Wrongs light-dark balanced filtration and how to get a good picture but he got a Cancer and it took them in about four months, FB101 , went faster, and then we've had some younger ones like Christine Kessler August Ames January Seraph so there's been quite a few models that have checked out to
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I know some more, even two persons I met in real life 😪
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Well you got me on that one these people I just knew through deviantART the notes they passed the photographic critiques they offered, the only one I knew in real life and he's gone from deviantART but well alive is Michael Helms AKA PelicanH, he's still a photographer in Los Angeles and getting ready to retire his wife is an art director at some very fine establishment and they get to live half the year in Los Angeles and half the year in Japan now I keep in touch with him and I get an email from him three or four times a year
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Good luck with the contest I hope your a winner it's beautiful work.👍
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Thank You very much, Melissa! It´s from my camera-stoneage;-)
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Thank You very much! :)
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👍🏻Good luck! This is awesome. 
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I loved this architecture and I have some great memories...

Thank You very much, Maryellen :hug:
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Wonderful. And you’re very welcome, Volker. :hug:
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