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Kid Friendly Is Not Childish

By VVraith
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I may love dirty jokes, cussing, and violence, but I think it is silly to think that something has to have them in order to be enjoyable for mature adults. Heck, I think most cartoons I watched as a kid are more sophisticated that a lot the junk we are expected to watch on TV as adults.

One good example is Harry Potter. There is no sex in it, violence is rare (up until the bloodbath that is Deathly Hollows), but it is still very well-written and poignant. In fact Prisoner of Azkaban was the darkest, scariest, and best-made of the movies and I do not think it showed a single person getting killed.

The Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM cartoon was another example. It managed to be incredibly smart, dark and poignant while still being 100% kid friendly.
Contrast that with Shadow the Hedgehog. It may be one of my favorite games, but it was incredibly corny how they made him say bad words the whole time. (I liked his gun though, but I'm not an oversensitive liberal)

Video Games too. Smash is looked down on some as childish and cartoony, but it's gameplay is still incalculably better that any other bloody fighting game out there.

And I don't know about you, but I'd take Mario over GTA any day.

Animaniacs might also be dismissed as a kiddy show, but compare it to something like Family Guy. They both used referential humor, but Animaniacs focused more on fine arts and history while FG mostly just alluded to 70s and 80s TV shows.

Cartoons are also dismissed as childish, too, and its almost like the more effort was put into the animation, the more likely its seen as childish. I may like Simpsons and South Park, but it would be nice to see a primetime adult cartoon whose animation is par with a classic Disney cartoon.

Im not against R-rated and stuff like that; some of my favorite movies are violent and foul-mouthed but people shouldnt be closed minded toward enjoying something you can take your kids to see. There's lots of family-safe stuff out there with wit and heart.
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