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La Mog

La Mog! suggested by :iconim-a-tumor: too...

Lol the la mouth didn't quite want to look good in his adorable little face but I stuck it in there anyway. :iconlamogplz:

Made with GIMP in around 20 minutes.

Moogles and Final Fantasy ©Square Enix

No moogles were harmed in the making of this icon
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You're welcome! ^^
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Aw man, this is great :)
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lol! xD
Halerious! :rofl:
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:boogie: I'm glad you like it!
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KUPO... kupo... and kupo.
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I kinda think I need a la dark nation keep in the animal theme... :plotting:
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I would bear your children if I could if you do that... OMG!
:iconexcitedlaplz:Don't know how I would do that... but... hell, your story with Tseng and Genesis is going to be epic! (I hope):iconexcitedlaplz:
Dark Nation... I love the beast as you know!
:iconexcitedlaplz:I will love you forever and everandever and all that...
:iconlamogplz: Kupo!
:iconlachocoboplz: KWEH!
:iconlacactuarplz: Needle attack! I will protect you.
:icontonberrylaplz: DOINK!

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:iconbabyplz:We shall call her Genesissnei... :love:

:iconladarknationplz: [link]
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I LOVE HER and our baby is adorable too! I think it is a perfect name.
Genesissnei... quite a mouthful too... I was thing of Tsenesis. would be more approprite for our child (and story), even though it sounds like a disease.
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OMG Twins then!! Gensissnei and Tsenesis!! :love:
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:iconlarenoplz::iconaxellaplz: <-- sorta twins...
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Yes, and adorable sorta twins, at that. :love:
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tis truly adorable!
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:boogie: Thanks, love!
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