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Clack Cookie Tease

By VVKiti
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Last one people...I swear. :iconiloveyouplz:

:airborne::party::cake:HAPPY BIRTHDAY :iconlagunanojutsu:!!!:cake: :party::airborne:

This one was suggested by :iconalbedosreqium: and we've dedicated it to you for being the wonderful, amazing and lovable you!! :iconlovesplatplz:
Your Mother and Big Sissy love you!! :iconsmoochesplz:

Heeheehee aww poor Cloudy...I've been so mean to him these past couple days! :blush: But maybe one of these attempts will land him the cookie!! :giggle:

Zack Fair and Cloud Strife ©Square Enix
the original :iconcookieteaseplz: ©`Chimpantalones

note~ To use this adorableness in comments, journals etc. here on da, simply type :iconclackcookieteaseplz : without the space between the plz and last colon ( : )
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© 2011 - 2021 VVKiti
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Thanks! I'm glad you think so! xD
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this has just bin faved x3
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Can i use this for my group
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Yes, you may! xD Thanks for requesting it! :iconbigeyesplz:
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awww! this is so cute! but i do want to give cloud something! hes trying so hard
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Lol if only he was a little taller, I bet he'd be able to reach the cookie! :giggle:
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lol if wanting a cookie makes you grow I'd better start tying cookies to my ceiling! :giggle:
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awwww thatd be cute!
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Ah, so the cookie theme finally wraps up. XD I've been seeing cookies everywhere from everyone! You sneaky cookie people, I swear. I wanna say :iconalbedosreqium: was the start of it all, but really, it looks as though Zack is the one that has been pulling the strings all along. Or rather, the pole with the cookie hanging on the string. *rimshot, then shot* x . x

I can sit here watching them all day. Cloud never looks bored, that's the beauty of it! He's trying so damn hard to get that cookie...I hope Zack rewards him later on for all that hard work. Whether with a cookie...or with noookie! *is shot again*

You two are the best! THE BEST, I SAY! :iconisayplz: You made me feel so special and loved... ; w ; I definitely don't deserve it. >w< Thank you again for the gazillionth time! :iconiloveyouplz: I love all my amazing presents from you, but what I love most is yooou~~~! I can't help from being sappy!! <3 <3 Thank you!!! :iconclackcookieteaseplz:
VVKiti's avatar
Yes lol it was a very cookie day! I laughed so hard when I saw Funky's cookies and was quite the unplanned theme as far as I know! :giggle: Maybe we were all trying to feed you to make up for the food you can't eat! D:

I'm sooooo glad you loved all your presents! AND YES YOU DO DESERVE ALL OF THEM!!!!! :shakefist:
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Jump, Cloudie, Jump! :psychotic:
Don't ask me why, but seeing the twig and Cloudie made me remember that poking squishy Cloud silly game for some reason.
This one I mean: [link] based on this pic: [link] Whenever I bump into it, I can't help poking Cloudie like that forever, just to hear him "pyoooonging" :mwahaha:
VVKiti's avatar
Hahaha you always know of the oddest things my dear! :rofl:
NoBuddy-else's avatar
Why yes of course, oddest things are my primary business!! :mwahaha:
Ahem, step on it, Sephy dear! My work here is done! :iconherecomesmeteorplz:
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Oh please don't stop making them!
VVKiti's avatar
Hahaha I won't! xDD Glad you like my work! And thanks for the :+fav:!
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So damn adorable.

It turned out so well. Poor Cloud just wants a cookie. Zack is such a tease. >.< I guess turnabout is fair play!!!
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Yes it came out great! Such a good idea too! ;) Glad you like it hon! :D
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awww! So cute! Cookie! me ideas.
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Thanks hon! xD Yay for ideas! :iconclackcookieteaseplz:
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