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Bioshock Infinite Sketches



I love the idea of Bioshock Infinite so much that I started drawing tonight. That's... kind of miraculous. I never draw.

I drew what I thought the "Daddies" might look like. You can't see much of them. Actually, I think I know what their proportions are, but it's the problem of their stupid hips. Do they have hips? Do they have joints in their elbows? I can't quite SEE.

Initially I thought that they had hips, but I'm not that sure. When the "Daddy" swings Booker through the window, he takes a step to do so and his torso appears to remain stationary -- he doesn't swing his upper body. Right now I'm going to put bets on no hips and no elbows.

If you're wondering why I gave them little human heads, it's because the blog from PC Gamer stated they have them -- complete with extravagant mustaches and nicely parted hair (loool). I... am not sure I like THAT part, but I tried to draw it. I didn't know if they meant they had a human-like metal head or a real fricking human head jutting out.

Over there on the far right (and nestled next to the boot) is Booker DeWitt, the character you play. I tried to make him look badass. Instead, I made him look arrogant. He IS a Pinkerton. I guess that's what Pinkertons look like because they KNOW just how fricking badass they are. Doesn't matter if a superpowered chick is interested in you or not. Gonna look broodingly over into the corner. Because you're bad. Ass.

I drew him by blocking out his shape and then going over it with white. It was really fun and it's never worked that well for me before D:

Elizabeth sucks, as do all the women I draw, buuuut I'll take what I can get! :dummy:

Because you can entirely throw crows at people in this game

some crow pics on the first page of Google
These Saucy Fellows
The Trailer
Ken Levine's Announcement
PC Gamer Write-Up of the Demo
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Games that inspire you to draw are truly wonderful - I can't wait for this game either, but your sketches reflect your own personal spin and style on it all. A pleasure to see! I've been doodling based on a game called Bastion recently.. hopefully get some scans in soon.

Despite your claiming that Elizabeth sucks, I like both the figures on the right a whole lot. Classily stylised in a way that nicely reflects the 'period' feel of the game.

..I also like the crows a whole lot xD