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Sky city

I recently heard about the space hotel opening in 2027. Guess I have to start saving money for that.
Anyway this is my kind of sky castle/city

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Thanks for viewing <3
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Phantastic work. The composition and colors are outstanding.

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I am so using this for my Star Wars Game. Im thinking of putting this somewhere in the Sol System.... Venus perhaps.

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Looks cool, but I imagine any damage to the underside buildings would be catastrophic, as they're hanging from the same surface that supports the topside ones.

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Thanks! I just sort of imagine the whole "island" has its own gravity at the center region.

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Oh yeah, maybe. You never know with space age stuff.

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This is fantastic! excited I love the perspective your picked with the chains extending away from the viewer. I feel like I'm arriving to this fascinating place!

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Thanks. It looks like those girlfriend-leading-photographer kind of travelling photo doesn't it :D

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Welcome! Oh yes, it really does!

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