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In loving memory of Leiji Matsumoto Galaxy Express 999 (1979) fascinates me with the Nippon Animation-inspired animation style, surprising characters and great soundtrack. Alright, I have watched the original New World Pictures dub of the said anime full-length film. The movie is, well, a story about a street urchin who wants to avenge his mother's death at the hands of a trophy hunter, Count Mecha. The street urchin meets a woman who exactly looks like his late mother. Together they went into various adventures before the final showdown with Count Mecha, which ends with his castle collapsing. Unfortunately, street urchin Tetsurō's comrade Antares sacrifices himself during the battle with Count Mecha. After the battle with Count Mecha, Tetsurō Hoshino and Maetel visit the latter's hometown Andromeda. The ruler of Andromeda is, of course, Queen Promethium. The quarrel with her and her cronies successfully ends in favor of Tetsurō and Maetel. Andromeda is then destroyed for whatever
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Vuxovich: Your first gig as a voice actress was? Peggy O'Neal: First voice-over gig was replacing a performance in a live action TV show called Fortune Hunter. Didn't know what those pesky beeps were for the first time out. Vuxovich: What are you doing these days? Peggy: I'm grading plays for a college course. I'm teaching at the moment. Vuxovich: Will you please describe your childhood in your hometown? Peggy: Growing up in Florida was... sticky humid, lush sounds of cicadas whenever the afternoon sunshowers were about to begin... dodging giant dragonflies in a kiddie pool and picking dandelions to make wishes while navigating around painful sandspurs with my bare feet.
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is my interview with actor Richard Leacock, done via a Facebook conversation. Vuxovich: Who inspired you to become an actor? Richard Leacock: Too many to name. All the greats. Vuxovich: What is your main motivation? Richard Leacock: My family. Vuxovich: Your favorite cartoon character from your childhood? Richard Leacock: Batman. Vuxovich: Will you please admit about your experience as a voice actor? Richard Leacock: Haven’t done a lot but I love when I do it. Vuxovich: Your favorite television show? Richard Leacock: Ozark. Vuxovich: Your favorite video game? Richard Leacock: Star Wars: Battlefront. Vuxovich: Have you ever played a single video game as a child? Richard Leacock: Yes and I still do.
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excuse me why did the server hear this what oops I'm sorry my perfect removers here

Thank you for the fave :heart:

You are very welcome!

Hey Vuxovich, could you imagine if the dubs to Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood were done in LA, then what would be the Recording Studio and Who would pick it up

Thank you for the watch Awww

You are welcome!