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Windows 7 Clean Start Orb B,W

Hi guys!
I've just decided to make an own win7 start orb, here you can see the final result.
I made it for myself, but I thought you may find it useful.
You can use this orb with Windows 7 start orb changer.

*update* Now available for both taskbar sizes!
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The zip doesn't contain the white versions. 
It also doesn't contain the .bmp 3 version layout required for the start orb changer.
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I think you missed the white ones because they blend in with the image viewer background.
The orb changer that I know of accepts png's.
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I used an image viewer with a dark background. (dark grey) 
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where is the download link
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another request of the top taskbar please...
the big one...
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It changes back to normal every time i restart the PC
i use Avira.
Can you give me .bmp version of this?
thank you, and great work.
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You just press restore.
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Can yo make the slim for top taskbar please?
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Use the start orb changer and set this orb. There will be a new exe file in the Windows folder with the bmp orbs. Grab the one which is bmp and save it. Then uninstall the orb changer and do the patch manually.
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i would really like to use this but it's ong and i need them for bmp. because i do it manually.
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very cool great work :clap:
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its a png file, my start orb changer application needs bmp. how do i change it
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You can use this start orb changer as an alternative..
Do you want to patch the explorer.exe?
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Wow love it, and yes one for the big taskbar would be awesome if you could do that !!!!!!!!!!!!
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:) please leave a comment if anyone needs it for big taskbar.
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Oh yeah I like it! Thanks dude!!!:D
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