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Mophair Reneroid Dance by Vusiuz

Need some money to continue surviving my passion,
So i decided to open some commision.




Queue :

Plain lawn green 16x16 block Commisioners:

Added more slot with consent :) 

  1. :iconzacen12: :bulletblue: 75% Complete by SimplySilent 75% Complete
  2. :iconryderbread: :bulletblue: 75% Complete by SimplySilent 75%  Complete
  3. :iconwarningparade:  :bulletblue: 100% Complete! by SimplySilent  100% Complete :D

  • the consent is more bottom position will wait longeeer~~ (note me)

✪ Payment via Paypal,or Points..

just ask me for more infos...

Note me or comment below if you interested :D

message my Facebook Page

Check your "Other" Message folder in Facebook,
Sometimes my reply went in there as spam LOL



★What i need before doing some commishes:

1. Talk about the commishes, so we can discuss about the payment, deadlines, deals,or others (in note or other messages)

2. Character Concept / Art / Background Story / Even Maybe stickman concept lol,
  to make me "know" more about your chara before i make / animate them

3. The character title, actually it is just my OCD,
i usually naming chara with some title/aliases/code/ephitet 
in front of their name:

- "Man of steel" - Superman,
- "7th Hokage" - Naruto, 
- "Váfuðr Gungnis" - Odin

Only that,other thing would be disucces on point number 2 :D



✪ 2D Commishes (Open):

Plain lawn green 16x16 block Stylized CHARA Drawing Commision (OPEN)

Price : 22$ each 
★Fullbody / Colorized
★[You get: 1600x2000px Image of your Chara in PNG/JPG format]


★ examples:
Plant Kaiju Type One by Vusiuz  Flame Kaiju Type Four by Vusiuz  Water Kaiju Type Seven by Vusiuz 
Grass Kaiju Type Eight Hundred Ten by Vusiuz Flame Kaiju Type Eight Hundred Thirteen by Vusiuz Water Kaiju Type Eight Hundred Sixteen by Vusiuz
The Fox - Lenerd by Vusiuz Bartender Jaz - Jasmine by Vusiuz Vengeful One - Colt by Vusiuz

Plain lawn green 16x16 block 2D ANIMATED CHARA DRAWING (OPEN)

Price : 45$ / move
★Fullbody / Colorized
★ Simple Moves 4-5 seconds,looping
★[You get 700x700 px MP4 Video]  
★[You get 500x500 px GIF] 
★[You get 150x150 px preview GIF] 
★[You could ask me to adjust size or transparency of sprite format for your use too)

★Actually 3D animation in disguise of 2D tho 

★examples : 
Tofu the Doge by Vusiuz   Mataddrakh by Vusiuz  Kaede Honjou - Maple by Vusiuz  Doll Hunter - Colorface by Vusiuz  Howling Madness - Wullfie (2D Version) by Vusiuz


3D Commishes (OPEN AGAIN MAY):

Plain lawn green 16x16 block Animated Commission Pack- 3D Chibi Vusiuz Style

★ Price : Base Price 105$ / Animation + Poster 
★ Fullbody / Colorized / Stylized 
★ Simple Moves 4-5 seconds,acting/idle (looping) 
★[You get 700x700 px MP4 Video]  
★[You get 500x500 px Animated GIF]
★[You get 150x150 px Preview Animated GIF]
★[You get 1600x2000 px POSTER IMAGE of your Chara Posing (PNG/JPG)] 

★Animation examples : 
★Poster examples : 
Imp Dragon - Mirage by Vusiuz  The Scarecrow - Victor by Vusiuz  Shadow Crow - Kira by Vusiuz   Okamimi - Okami Lavendar by Vusiuz  The Skybreaker - Andhaka Matadrakh by Vusiuz  Orb Girl - Qamra by Vusiuz  

 ★U have the all the right to post or use the commision file u get,
★I Will have a right to post my commission works as a portfolio + endorsement for you :D



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Hi! It looks like you do mostly human/fantasy stuff, but would you be confident to do a 3D otter animation?