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Rising Anubis MK-1 Turntable

A Gif from old 3D modeling, in 2011 :P
youtube link + sound :…
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Rising Anubis MK-02 |WIP2 by VusiuzRising Anubis MK-1 by Vusiuz
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This is really cool i am making a hell hound i think something like this would be cool to show it off when i am don making it i will start trying to animate it. Here is a link to the progress of it.…
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This is sick! The animation runs smoothly and the character design's amazing :D
Vusiuz's avatar
:iconohstopityouplz: ihihih but, it is not smooth, because the loop is flicked :)
AltairSky's avatar
This is really impressive! I totally love the animations and design!
Actually all your gallery is full of amazing stuff.
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Hihihihi thank you very much my friend,glad you like them :D
G4MM43T4's avatar
oh my dayum
amazing work
Vusiuz's avatar
Thank yoou very much
G4MM43T4's avatar
You're quite welcome fellow deviant
LegacyGame's avatar
This guy couldnt be more bad ass!
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Hhihih, he can in his mark -II later :P
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Ok... This is beyond awesome :thumbsup:
Vusiuz's avatar
:iconderpfaceplz: thank you very much my friend
RAMWOC87's avatar
Super amazing character design!! ^ ^
Vusiuz's avatar
RAMWOC87's avatar
You're super welcome! ^3^
STChimera's avatar
wow that's a really unique mecha design
Vusiuz's avatar
Rusty mecha :P
FlameTorchic's avatar
So cool! Mechanical awesomeness x3
Vusiuz's avatar
hihihi thanks :D
WildPencil's avatar
I love this design! looks awsome!!!! keep up the good work!
Vusiuz's avatar
yep thank you man :D
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This. This right here is just....freaking awesome.
Vusiuz's avatar
Hihihi thanks
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