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Myasva Serena - Chibi Redraw

Redraw of my old OC...
Vusiuz OC - Myasva Serena by Vusiuz
Myasva Serena..I create her concept in 2007 , digital colored it on 27 March 2009, and now redraw it again in 25 November 2013
She is a reaper witch...
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TwinSeaSpirits's avatar
I love the colours!! GIF Gravity Falls - Cute!
Vusiuz's avatar
Thanks mate, still want to recreate this color scheme today :D
SnazzyDoodle's avatar
Those colors.. whoa, man... they are AWESOME.
Vusiuz's avatar
Yaay..thank you :D
ArlekOrjoman's avatar
That is really neat use of color. I really dig your style.
Vusiuz's avatar
i glad that you like it mate :D
Serii-Chan's avatar
Hah. This caught my attention because it had the same name as me xD

:happybounce:But it's drawn AMAZINGLY. The colours, the background, Everything looks.. Wow. I will give you the award of awesomeness. :iconclapplz:
Vusiuz's avatar
:iconohstopityouplz: ihihihihih...tengkyu...Serena means moon, mah friend,that is a beautiful name :p
Serii-Chan's avatar
Ahah :D I see :O I didn't know it meant that :O Woow I love the moon :)
Vusiuz's avatar
you must love yourself :p
Serii-Chan's avatar
How can I not. Glamorous Shades 
Ahah, Just kidding xD I'm very VERY insecure. and shy :sorry: 
Vusiuz's avatar
Dont be shy and insecure sis...:p
Serii-Chan's avatar
Haha :D I'll try not to bee :D (I really love your icon xD It's so original and cool)
Vusiuz's avatar
My avatar eh? hihihi, i like my last avatar more than this one :p
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Ked-V's avatar
cute cute cute!!! I like her design °w°
Vusiuz's avatar
Thank yoou sis :D
KeplerNova's avatar
She's so cool!
Vusiuz's avatar
:iconchuuplz: thank you,mate
SrGrafo's avatar
this, I LIKE IT

Vusiuz's avatar
:iconleleleplz: Another! yes sir! later sir!
SrGrafo's avatar
xD I really liked the designe in this one
Vusiuz's avatar
Hihi, is is a old concept,of a series i write about 7 years ago, there are also 5 characters beside her but i lost the sketch :/
Erotome's avatar
Oh this is a lovely concept, I like it a lot! <3
Vusiuz's avatar
Yay, Thanks mate :D, glad you like her
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