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Faunia Rancher Mascot Design - Mogus

A character design for mobile game "Faunia Rancher" [link] <- here is the game fanpage

Mogus are guardian spirit of Faunia world, each mastered an element that maintain the balance of Faunia world
Because they are very hard to find, they are said only exist in a legend, some great people managed to tame them and describes them as follows:

Hell Mogus
Mogus of Darkness,said to be very aggressive, just show up the night darkness,silent or creepy place, and will suprisingly attack anyone who are not lucky. Legend said, this Mogus symbolizes death, Because a lot of people who went to look for it will never return again.
It characteristics feature a purple body with half his face is gray. Has two spiral arrows under his body that could be used to attack if he wants to.
Hell mogus have very sensitive eyesight, so he does not like the light.

Forest Mogus
Mogus of natural elements that mastered soil and leaves.Live in the jungle with other animals. Has a Very loving nature and was titled as the guardian of nature. Forest mogus can fly very quick, leaving a trail of leaves and make all in its path to be fertile. Forest mogus also often help people who lost in the woods. Forest mogus characterized by it brown skin, crown and leaf-like wings, jovial and unruled nature. Forest mogus is mogus fastest of all kinds mogus.

Dynamite Mogus
Mogus of fire that live in the volcanic mountains, especially if the volcano is still active. Hot-tempered, and very explosive. Many victims of Dynamite Mogus attacks on Volcanic mountain has been recorded, so Dynamite Mogus categorized as a very dangerous monster. Dynamite mogus recognizabled by it red skin, and it flaming fire. If it feels its territory is interrupted, then Dynamite Mogus does not hesitate to attack with fireballs, even threw explosives that are manufactured in its body. Some people managed to tame Dynamite Mogus and use it in the industry and for fight

Blue Mogus
This blue Mogus live in clear water. Has fin like a fish that makes it able to swim very fast in the water. Blue mogus have the highest intelligence of all mogus, and often assist struggling fishermen. Blue mogus is very friendly and often appeared to human. But if it feels threatened, it do not hesitate to create tidal wave and then fled very quickly into the water. Blue mogus is the only mogus that can not fly.

Angelic Ring
Named as angelic ring because of ring-like ornaments on its body and wings that looks like an angel. Angelic Ring existence said to bring good luck,make people and monsters around him to be calm. Has the ability to heal and give life energy to the surrounding environment. Angelic ring is very friendly to humans, but very difficult to find. Angelic ring appear wherever they want and gives happiness to its surrounding. Although it looks harmless, if it feel upset, angry angelic ring is very scary.History recorded, a house razed to the ground with a very blinding light, the owner of the house who survived claimed he hit weird animal in his house with a broom before the animals shoot out a beam of light. Characteristic features of that beam shooting creature is very similar to the angelic ring as the survivor said
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