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Yohoooi ,Me, Vusiuz, is back with my once a year journal every 31th January
Eh wait..This is already 15 July =_=
I'm too late to make yearly journal...
But better late than never..

You can read my previous journals here :
The Art Journey of Vusiuz - Part 1  *When i was 5 years old,my mind was captured by a shape of a scissor and its bright green color...
so i traced it and color it,about 12 scissors with 12 colors, yeah, i used 12 colors snowman marker back then :D, my style consist of abstract geometrical from objects around me...
*5-8, I rarely draw, but i read so many mangas, especially doraemon and other Fujiko.F.Fujio mangas,
my style heavily influenced by them...and this time i usually drew many magical tools and kid's doodles, like a triangle headed stickman, round giant whale,flying box with chicken feet,man eater kaiju etc...they were so surreal but it was very fun...i wish i can go back into that time, when my imagination was still very wild!
*8-10, I made some friends with the same hobby, still heavily influenced by Fujiko F.Fujio + lego...
yes, i play lego and created many thing using that, i made a book that contains many magical tools doodle, it is similar to catalog, but with a children do
The Art Journey of Vusiuz - Part 2

Hi,I am Vusiuz and i am back with my once a year journal
You can read my previous journal here :

Deviantart Gallery

Instagram Gallery

Youtube Gallery

Facebook Gallery

Okay, shut the chit chat and i will review my year 2014 Art journey :D

*January 2014, Skybreaker Project Started
After creating 2D to 3D, decided to make a 3d short animation...the one that i planned in Australia...
So i
The Art Journey of Vusiuz - Part 3
Yohoooi ,Me, Vusiuz, is back with my once a year journal every 31th January
You can read my previous journals here :

Deviantart Gallery

Instagram Gallery

Youtube Gallery

Facebook Gallery

Once again I will review Journey :D

*January 2015, A new start
After coming back from a vacation, i started this january with a productivity..
Unfortunately i didn't met the LINE webtoon deadline bec

Once again I will review my Journey :D
Works of Vusiuz - 2015 by Vusiuz

*January 2016, A new start again...

After some heartbreaks, i decided to mve on quickly and focusing on my works, Marooned project,
I commute using a bus in the morning and evening for work,
while in the bus i randomly draw something like these using my cellphone:
Random Sketch - Payapo by Vusiuz Random Sketch - Ideal Girl by Vusiuz 
in this month i also do commision,
Siesta Lover - Andy by Vusiuz
and did a 3D character workshop to
teach internship students on my office:
Poporing by Vusiuz

Other than that, my 1st month in 2016 is somewhat nearly stable 

*February 2016, Distraction from a missing things...

Actually i'm not that stable, i start to miss someone who made me broken hahaha...
At this state, art is not enough to soothe my mind...because i trapped in a demonic loop
Missing someone - > Badmood -> Can't do things properly -> Can't make a good art -> Badmood
To cope with that, i decide to travel around my city Jakarta, bringin my cellphone, and take pictures...

In this month, i traveled around my city, while honing my photography skills

Meanwhile,In my office, like usual,I make a workshop again...
?????? by Vusiuz J-Reel by Vusiuz
it include these tutorials:
Vusiuz Workflow: How to Create Wat! by Vusiuz   Vusiuz Workflow: How to Create J-Reel! by Vusiuz
Aand...also promotional teaser for my project, Marooned
Marooned Project - Teaser 2 by Vusiuz
But wait, i also must do my commissions:
Twin Blades Persona - Kitsooki by Vusiuz Manta Shark - Kaito by Vusiuz

Unexpectedly, i also commissioned someone, an artist,
who inspired me with his art...
Andhaka Mataddrakh by Vusiuz

In this 2nd month, i became very productive...The reason is simple...
Make myself so busy, so i could move on and forget my problems lol...
And also make myself better, so that someone would regret her decision on me...

*March 2016, Meet an unexpected old friends..

I segemented this month into 3 phases,
at the early of the month,
i honed my photographic skill in office 
Evening Brown - Melanitis leda by Vusiuz
and did a commission like usual
Technopath - Ivy by Vusiuz
(this one made me learning particle effects again)

and did some traveling again while taking photos...
(actually a date with tinder match,but i prefer to take a pic of panorama LOL)
Ayodya Park by VusiuzAyodya Park by VusiuzAyodya Park by Vusiuz
in the middle of the month, 
i must learn Maya on my office
Maya 1st Render by Vusiuz
Didn't understand how to use it,
and nobody teach me how to render...
thanks to Youtube for teaching me...

and also make some workshops too
Ripped Maple by Vusiuz
actually a "monstrous" fan art of Maple,
u can use it as a LINE sticker here:…

in addition, commisshes also must goes on
  Earth Magician - Therice by Vusiuz
this one, i love to animate her, but her hair is soo hard
Face Texturing Tips by Vusiuz
learning a fundamental is better than learning software...
for this project, i learn how to do make up ahahha...

in the end of the month, 
My old friend asked me to join a traveling to Pahawang Island,Lampung
Me, who was attracted by traveling and vacation, decided to have fun!
and took some photos...
Merak Port - Banten by Vusiuz
Ketapang Port - South Lampung by Vusiuz
The Water Shuttle by Vusiuz Water Strider by Vusiuz Seaside Rock by Vusiuz
Little Pahawang Island by Vusiuz
(i uploaded this pic above to Google Maps, to give tourist more view before they go to there)

12924321 10209549039501874 511000367541129310 N by Vusiuz 12804720 10209549059062363 1077850047113516176 N by Vusiuz 12803261 10209549050422147 5461976966830677135 N by Vusiuz
and actually,i met someone who would change my life here lol...

*April 2016,Blue lake..
In this month,i'm so busy revising marooned in my office,
Too much traveling back then made my job unfinished and must be hurried before the deadlines ahaha...
And what i did in this month someone from my trip last month...
Doin commissions:
Silent Automaton - Alpha by Vusiuz
the commisioner give me a freedom
to redesign this character a bit, so i give her
Blooming Rosella Booster
what is Rosella?
6912271174 9b5873082c B by Vusiuz
Rosella is a plant, usually dried to make a sour tea..
i inspired after drinking it..(inspiration comes from anything)

then i went traveling again...
with my family this time...
to Belitung Island
13133267 10209862365054817 5440684304580244321 N by Vusiuz 13094132 10209854308013396 2182741636793332470 N by Vusiuz 13092025 10209854312693513 4471027405073130581 N by Vusiuz
13151576 10209863262117243 7764557226662630203 N by Vusiuz 13087894 10209863258917163 2551315954087753836 N by Vusiuz 13103445 10209863269277422 7201905070520793771 N by Vusiuz
13100795 10209871509643426 2081372349293930975 N by Vusiuz
13103543 10209871540444196 7504425035230391985 N by Vusiuz
13164360 10209871518683652 3410689578758204223 N by Vusiuz
Some Fascinating things in this island are
Their Bright Blue Kaolin Lake, Belitong Drip Coffe, Their Food , Giant Stones on the beach and also Their culinary..

*May 2016, Sea! and New Partner!

After i come back from Belitung, i was involved in a project for gas company...
i did some animations and cloth simulation here

and in this project, we made many alternative of mascot...
(this bunny above was made by my friend)
actually, that gas company want to open their factory on the seashore, 
they want to make fishermens love them...

I made something like this when i thought of fishermen...
Random Fishmen by Vusiuz
and brutally rejected lol...

So i made a 3D from that crappy-rejected design
Random Fishmen by Vusiuz
if this thing become a real mascot, i bet fishermen's childrens
would cry and don't want to go to the sea anymore...

While working, i also dating a girl from back then...and i went to island vacation...with her and her friends
this time, to Pari Island
13177680 10209897809620909 1445123858990158664 N by Vusiuz
from Jakarta Bay
13177605 10209898063507256 6250890473157357701 N by Vusiuz
Arrived at Pari Island - Star Beach
13174004 10209898065547307 3475948169135395719 N by Vusiuz 13103305 10209899179535156 7726965529389976558 N by Vusiuz 13178620 10209899183095245 2874450275744658792 N by Vusiuz
13177711 10209899180335176 5210225939163770149 N by Vusiuz 13125000 10209899181935216 2527456120513621280 N by Vusiuz 13133159 10209898065067295 5136218026334264072 N by Vusiuz
because we must go on schedule, we went to snorkeling location...
with very small,traditional fishing boat, in a raining hard weather...
it was a near death experience, because the boat tilting more than 45 degree and the water already touching my hands...
13178929 10209907931913960 820813337007088294 N by Vusiuz 13102629 10209907933113990 7751786438803105719 N by Vusiuz
(the effects was exciting and also devastating lol)
13177601 10209907940554176 1066810778109239435 N by Vusiuz 13179372 10209907937514100 5408858780175463022 N by Vusiuz
in the next morning whe took pic like this...
Sunrise with a feels of Sunset
After that, we went back to Jakarta,
13177170 10209900007835863 7920919173498909315 N by Vusiuz
2 weeks after that i get myself new Partner :D

*June 2016, New Life,New Motivation

Vacationing too much made my work halted,
i must do my commission!!
Rain Dragon - Teryx by Vusiuz
(1st Dragon animation i made, need long time to learn it anatomy for rig)

Beside that, i also joinin local fan art contest, but doesn't win lol :P
It's okay, i just like IPO chan character so much :D
Ipo Chan 1st Anniversary by Vusiuz  Happy B-Day Ipo-Chan by Vusiuz

*July 2016, Monster Month!

In July, created and uploaded bunch of monsters to my DA:
(wtf random butt dragon)
Doodle Gone Wrong by Vusiuz
Commission Dragon
Teleporting Dragon - Draco by Vusiuz
and some Jitenclock Creatures
Flying Chomper - MegadragonflyRat by Vusiuz Retarded Cat - Meongbego by Vusiuz Crab Prophet - Holycrab by Vusiuz Drunken Horse - Kudamabok by Vusiuz
these monster above is bunch of collectibles i made for
Jitendrium 1st Clock
somewhat like digital trading card collections in website named Neonmob…

*August 2016, Mocap Cliffs!

In this month, i was conctacted by my friend to learn facial motion capture and get paid...
so i tried it...somewhat, learning alone is hard...

while making mocap, i also traveling again with my partner, 
to Tebing Keraton - Bandung
14102729 10210819456781512 1176657114125536580 N by Vusiuz14045563 10210819442261149 4874816453165413772 N by Vusiuz14040170 10210819458221548 3258375366008088632 N by Vusiuz
14100361 10210819413580432 4137241657980631121 N by Vusiuz14051811 10210819441661134 7991592397673901411 N by Vusiuz
13962585 10210819477142021 3830409813492560403 N by Vusiuz13912889 10210819468861814 1731736377495395028 N by Vusiuz

Mountains sure give me refreshment to work again...

and sadly, i only upload this to DA
Random clicks by Vusiuz

*September 2016, Google Map Contributor
The photo i uploaded in March Hit 5000++ view...
Google invited me to contribute more with some offer of 1 Terrabytes of Google Drive Spaces... started my hobby as landscape photo mapper? lol..
Here is my Gmaps Photo Gallery if u want to see all of places i've ever marked…

this month,I went to Semudun and Pontianak..
15940568 1853039518299217 7173294801547103615 N by Vusiuz15895249 1853039514965884 7834623639606501348 N by Vusiuz 15871520 1853039521632550 1576014541023676921 N by Vusiuz
14368713 10211119938813375 8295795103384382914 N by Vusiuz 14440834 10211119954053756 4701272845827987059 N by Vusiuz 14433144 10211119906612570 8873895170399141381 N by Vusiuz
15027828 1822167391386430 6164202166756974548 N by Vusiuz 15032854 1821537618116074 7597363637317689652 N by Vusiuz
(it is a remote village in the seashore, but the culinary is good and the people in there are nice)
after that...i go back to Jakarta,then i went to

 Pari Island again

i planted mangrove and caught pokemon
Mangrove Stem by Vusiuz Queen Conch Snail by Vusiuz
And then i come back to my office, the internet was so suck
As a result,i made some fanart...
G-Pterodactyl by Vusiuz G-Dino by Vusiuz
(u know why i made them)

F-kin slow internet made me can't work properly / sending data
so i went to nearest mall, take some pics and made tutorials below
Vusiuz Workflow: How to Create Landmarked Photos! by Vusiuz

And good news, Marooned Short Movie was published!

*October 2016, Commishes again!
In this month.. I traveled again to
14705669 10211318997789725 9202332867131452660 N by Vusiuz 14657507 10211318997349714 173608067638228223 N by Vusiuz 14681611 10211318997109708 8184721143496291002 N by Vusiuz
(they have same traffic as Jakarta)
18033377 1904272736509228 6070812760253833246 N by Vusiuz 18010197 1904272733175895 5655753518856129164 N by Vusiuz 18033153 1904272709842564 2142333632066459004 N by Vusiuz
(they have cool pagoda in Kemaro Island)
19029601 10213784390182994 90038094524213215 N by Vusiuz
(and cool ampera Bridge)

While travelling around,I just realized that i already procrastinating DA commishes!

So i made it again
Imp Dragon - Mirage by Vusiuz
this time using more complex particles and explosions
Imp Dragon - Mirage by Vusiuz

and like usual, i like makin monsters in office...
Cicak Elektronik by Vusiuz

*November 2016, Learning Blender..

My office trying to cut a budget, so they have an idea to use blender as a freeware...
I have some free time after finishing Marooned, so i tried to learn it...
Blender 1st Rig and Skin by Vusiuz
my 1st  rig and skin 
(my skill reset to zero again everytime i met a new software)
Blender 2nd Rig Animation by Vusiuz
my 1st animation...HAHAHAHA
Blender 3rd Rig Animation Render by Vusiuz
my 3rd try...
Blender 4th Rig Animation Render by Vusiuz
my 4th try (learning how to render)

Btw, i the past month, i also worked to help a shortmovie production of my Junior, who also help me created Marooned...
the shortmovie have a title Plan-T
Plan-T by Vusiuz
(he never uploaded the final video, and now he become a very good photographer)
visit him here:

Back Then I also decided to sell something to add my revenue,
T-Shirt Mock Up by Vusiuz
but i think i don't have much time to print them out.
Anyone want to buy it? but i don't know how to reduce shipping cost from my country.

BTW, in this month i also continuing my mocap research again...

*December 2016, End of the Year and the Beggining of the New memories

What i did in this month was....
Continuing my commission!
Nuran Lynx - Hassara Abyss by Vusiuz Nuran Lynx - Hassara Abyss by Vusiuz
i tried camera movement and particle glow
a little here..
Not only that, i learn z Brush again too
Zbrush training by Vusiuz
and i hate z brush like usual...

Why i learn Zbrush again?
The reason is i want to retopo my chibi character into a new proportion
Shoba Remodel by VusiuzShoba New Face Up by Vusiuz
In addition, i researched render style 

Survey: Which one do you like more by Vusiuz
and Cloth animation for the skirt :D

after these research, i ended my year with traveling again to
South Bali!
   15780897 10212161613134582 6561563062642712409 N by Vusiuz 15781229 10212161612854575 3030756470134284060 N by Vusiuz 15780678 10212161613534592 4534469228402530262 N by Vusiuz
(we went down using a hidden stairs)
17904040 1904221349847700 5126113253657579534 N by Vusiuz17952508 1904221346514367 8767852514054580592 N by Vusiuz17952476 1904221243181044 7771255088313891774 N by Vusiuz
(to reach the hidden Bingin Beach)
15741232 10212152416504672 1857327783271771033 N by Vusiuz 15781038 10212169446610414 5071503163308358387 N by Vusiuz15873557 10212169446250405 3937358744883932114 N by Vusiuz
(and saw the violet sky on Dreamland Beach)
15825934 10212142899666757 1166539869174453342 N by Vusiuz 15781603 10212142898786735 4267188393617757035 N by Vusiuz 15727089 10212142899226746 2738293179613097136 N by Vusiuz
(then we celebrate our new year!)

That was my 2016's journey..
More like...vacation journal than art journal...
but trust was for reference,wkwkwkwkwkwkwk..(wkwkwkland laugh)
And i realized that traveling eating my time so commishesh are became so loong to complete...
This 2017 i want to save money, so i think vacation is halted, and i must start to do commissions faster and faster like before!!
These are my Life journey...And my journey still continues....
Works of Vusiuz - 2016 by Vusiuz is your 2016? was yours 2016 good?

For anyone reading this,
feel free to contact me, i have a hope that we can inspire each other :D

But i'm a lil bit introvert...
so sometimes i become a lil bit shy with a new people or replying late :/
But i will try to reply A.S.A.P :D

i'm more active on my facebook page btw, usually i uploaded my W.I.P in there,
My pages are:
[link] Vusiuz Artwork
[link] Vusiuz Landmarked

Keep struggling for an improvemeent!!


Vusiuz's Profile Picture
Albert "Aru" K.I
Artist | Film & Animation

Yohoi...My name is Albert K.I , some people call me Aru,Ruki,Bert, Bet,Aruki,Vusiuz,
or whatever they want.
I am just a still desperately improving 3D Artist who currently freelancing or do my personal projects at night.
However, the realities is i browsed deviantart,read manga or chat at night.
My daily food consist warteg and padang foods.
In addition, i have faith in almighty helpers including google,wikipedia and youtube. Also,i have been learning how to unleash Kamehame and Hadouken since 5 yr Old...Very interested with character design, but doesn't have a time and skill to draw properly:la:

Served as a servant of Lord WC, he summon me everyday to do a shitty ritual. I also very weak at "bed-high-gravity- zone", i swear, these beds are made using the same technology as Goku's gravity chamber. Usually,i feel pressed to the bed every morning by the 20x gravity and it is so hard to stand up..

I want to become demigod, so i pray...& I want happiness, so i play...I eat anything to survive, but sometimes i got food poisoning..
I am a lazy idealist,with efficient and absolute time management ritual and i also kinda hard to communicate with new people..

Sleep-Dreaming-Working-Improving-Survive-cycle is my daily routine
i have a profession as an 3D Artist and did some projects for living...
That give me money to live.
This mean

My ultimate goal is to unleash kamehame/ hadouken or splitting a mountain with 1 kick
*nothing is impossible,they said, just believe,they said*
I love all about Nature,Flowers,Martial Art - 3D - and Arts
Ah, I love animals too..because they are just delicious :sprint:



Works of Vusiuz - 2018
The Compilation of :iconvusiuz: 
works in 2015

Template by yorunaka

The monthly notes:
  • January : Jitenclock - Mataddrakh , only thing i did when i still have the spirit,and then sick coz overwork
  • February: Depressed coz marriage and relationship problem + sickness
  • March:  Trying to cope with it
  • April: Do anything to stop my negative minds
  • May: Realize i got trauma with art and 3d coz the past problems, can't even stand to do any art at night, feels and gloomy mood ruining my spirit...
  • June: Trying to do art but somewhat i vomit and feel cant do it
  • July: Trying to do art but i lost my skill, get depressed,cant even do proper 3d...being away from pc, it remind me to my past...
  • August: Got a hectic days on my workplace, want to do art but too tired and even let my pc untouched,give me a feels of unworthyness...
  • October: DO some art but not too finished to be uplaoded, not in my standard,feels so unprofessional and shitty
  • November: Trying to find spirits to do deadline on workplaces an new workplace...and spirit to do art again...
  • December: Preparing for the 2019, must not depressed and artblocked for too long, trying to accept my loss and depression as a new artstyle
Announcement of Hiatus,

Sorry to not informing  you all about my hiatus since February until Now,
The last commission still in proggress but i work very slow not and i feel very guilty too,

Short story,
- I got heavily depressed beacuse of ...err...
marriage problem :(
- that made me can't do any art or anything at night...
- in afternoon, i have fulltime job at a indie animation studio...
- somewhat when i open 3D softwares at night, it made me depressed and block my art motivation, and i can't even think about anything that could motivate me,
- i feel so empty...and unmotivated...
- if i try to create, it just become an under my standard art that made me annoyed and redo it many times...but still can't reach my standard...
- it made me more and more depressed...i think i lost my skills...the only one that i can be proud...
- have tried travelled to many places,cooking,finding many other hobbies to fill that lost thing, to find any other thing that maybe i'm good at...
- still feeling empty and unmotivated..for live...
- And in work, i work with many junior artist that still full of motivations, i feel like a older guy that only spread negativity to young artist now :(
- Many people think that my conditions now is very unfortunate because they hope me to create and inspire them more...and this made me more depressed because i can't meet their expectations lol...
- For now,  must complete my last commish,then i decide to do an art hiatus until next year, while finding my meaning of life, fighting my depressions and maybe will be back next year with a new technique or style...that must be more improved than me now...
- I online more at my instagram @vusiuzrender ,usually doing shitpost about my daily life,searching and learning any other life skills, not only art skill, if u want to ask something, talk about normal life as a human,etc....other than new commisions,
i'm still online

Regards, Vusiuz / Albert Ki 


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