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Just wanted to give a fair warning about this place.

I've been receiving emails from them for awhile, about a month or two (I realized I should have taken a screenshot of one to show as an example but deleted them all. If I get another I'll be sure to update this and include it). I didn't notice them at first, as they were in my spam folder. Basically its someone (usually "Erica") from this place called VIDA Design that claims to have seen your artwork and asks for you to be a designer on their website and upload your work to be printed on products such as scarves, tote bags, etc. It's essentially like Redbubble, Society6, Cafepress, etc. - where you as an artist/designer upload content and earn royalties whenever a product is sold with your design on it.

The mere fact that these emails were in my spam folder already sent up a red flag. It isn't like this place is fraudulent or a scam - it is a real website/business. Looking at their website though and seeing some of the designs on their products, I had no idea why they would consider my work for their products. It made it kinda obvious that it was just an email that was mass-sent to whatever emails they probably could get a hold of, particularly artists. I'll admit though, the email's are particularly professionally sounding and made to sound like it's geared specifically to you (it's not). The thing about the emails that bothered me is: they don't give you details about your rights to your work when you upload to their website, usually that is mentioned first thing as that's every artist's concern pertaining to their work. They also don't even say whether or not you can earn money (royalties) from sales - it is completely omitted from the email. They just basically say "Hey we like your art come upload your stuff here and we'll print it off and sell it can't wait to see your beautiful stuff!". Seemed extremely fishy. The whole email is just worded oddly. I usually research things like this as I'm severally cautious. I'm glad I did.

Here's the problem: Their ToS for submission and licensing for designers uploading to their site is absolute shit. It's no wonder they don't mention anything about it in the email.

This article has a nice break-down of it:

For one, the artwork you upload may not even be selected to be used on products. They pick and chose which designs they want to use, based on their preference alone, meaning even if you upload something it may not be accepted, ever, simply because they don't like it. Two, you earn very little royalties from sales of products with your design on them (Its at 10%, and you cannot change it, unlike other websites which allow you to adjust it between 10% - 25% or so). Three (and this is the big HELL NO one) : if a product with your design on it gets sold, they gain exclusive license to your work, meaning you cannot upload your design anywhere else nor let anyone else use it. They and only they get exclusive rights to that design. In other words, you're giving YOUR rights of YOUR artwork to THEM. No artist likes that.

So unless you don't care about giving up your rights to your artwork and earning diddly-squat off of sales, stay away from this place. They don't care about you, they just want business and use artists to their advantage to get sales. As far as I know, the other websites that I mentioned that are similar don't demand the rights to your work for them to use exclusively, they just have nonexclusive licensing agreements (meaning they have your permission to print off your work and use it in advertisements on their website, but you still have exclusive use/rights over your work and can use it elsewhere).

Otherwise play it safe - just upload stuff you don't care about. XD But I figured I'd give a heads up about this place, in case others are getting their emails. Don't fall for it.


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Happy Birthday. :)
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