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Big Wings-1


Big Wings-1

The summer of my 13th birthday was kick-started by my puberty and all my brothers coming loose at the ends. Jim was 14.  He had a tire collection that he left stacked on the side of the yard.  They weren't worth anything, so he couldn't sell 'em, but he kept them anyway, for kicks. Henry was maybe 16.  He was the middleman, stuck between two cocky brothers.  He never did say much, never helped much.  Wouldn't give two hoots about his birthday.  He was good like that. George liked to say that he owned everything, including everything in the refrigerator, and Jim's tire stack (they had spats about that one).  He was just 18.  Turning that


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happy holidays!

happy holidays!

christmas eve was very fun! i spent time with my dad's side of the family and got a lot of presents.. yayy! christmas morning it was just me n mom and we opened our presents it was fun. (i got a new computer chair in which i am sitting on right now. it's rolly!) hmm tonight i'm going to a party at tracy's house and manda's coming with.. i haven't seen anna emily or lizzy in a while so it'll be cool to see them again. tomorrow's my birthday! DUDE. fourteener.. it's just not right. XD i'm going to mall of america with dad for my present.. LOTS OF SHOPPING. oh yes and an ipod with video.. i am a happy girl. HOPE EVERYONE HAS FUN!! :D

i'm eating oatmeal.

i'm eating oatmeal.

well this morning i woke up and i had a sore throat and my nose was plugged and i felt really dirty. XD so i got up, drank a cup of water and showered. now i feel good. and i'm eating oatmeal. XD hmm well today mom and i are putting up the tree. we've been meaning to do it earlier but she's too busy to do anything nowadays. umm and we're also going to go to my brother's best buy for some stuff.. later i'm gonna be doing stuff with my dad so if you know me and you have my cell number call me! =D we'll be seeing a movie most likely though sooo if it goes right to my answering machine it means the phone's off. i'll call you back though.

Should I submit my Kill Kairon series?

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  • Doesn't really matter to me.. =/
  • Wtf is Kill Kairon? (IM me and I'll send you a sample thing.)
  • No.

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FountainClassic Traditional Artist
just dropped by to say...


nyahahahahha anyway..
i can't wait untill you submit more photographs :O
YoshidaPimpaHobbyist General Artist
Gao SHENG LEE da pimp...
Okay talker later
Damn, you're on the rocks.
By that I mean your photos are awxome.
Gracie......... I LOVEEEEEEE YOU!!!!!!

FountainClassic Traditional Artist
i still to this day sing the yo mama part to that song.

and yes.

that pudding...
Hello,I have msn now.
lmao thanks. XD