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July 1, 2021
Every Night by vuogle
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Every Night


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Personal work 2021
I just listed “Every Night” for sale on Foundation.…
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Marscaleb's avatar

I see a lot of symbolism in this image; it is filled with elements that seem to be distinctly chosen for a purpose.

I feel as if I don't completely relate the situation that spurred this work, but I feel as if I do relate to the emotion it captures.

PixiePowderPuff's avatar

Man... I love this! The clovers and the rainbow 🌈 so cool.

Yasuki-Konno's avatar

What a powerfully impacting piece this is; while the fact that the individual is long gone and the only sense of his story is the photo of his loved(?) one he's holding, the layout and the touches of brightness only amps up the tragic feel of longing and unfortunate without being forced. The soft concentrated focus of bright light on his backside and torso section, coupled with interesting flow of rainbow-toned liquid further into the distance also has a profound feel, that we are, in spirit like flowing water or liquid and that we should really live our best even when facing a desparate or ephermal state. A moral hidden within a memento mori inspired haunting elegy.

Carpe Diem. Sieze the Day.

The object of his affection appears to have her glasses somewhat askew. Arcane!

LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

That's why we don't eat unicorns...

fireytika's avatar

wow this is so stunning yet also sad.

the bones looks really realistic. awesome <3

Kyouken0w0's avatar
BartGT5's avatar

Super beautiful artwork!!

Tinselfire's avatar

Pride month ended?

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

The most colourful picture of a skeleton I've ever seen 😊

sani-chann's avatar

Gorgeous yet powerful

LindArtz's avatar

Beautiful work and it's already in my favs :love: Congrats on your DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only

Congrat on your Daily Deviation :)

RoastBeefie's avatar
Powerful statement. Well done.
GioilMago's avatar

I love pictures that let you imagine the story behind it

OniGin's avatar

What was the cause of death doctor?

~Looking at too much porn.

SketchMonster1's avatar
Fascinating and intriguing. Beautiful detail and color design. Awesomeness.
Phenomirage's avatar

Beautiful work! Awesome concept and great execution. :)

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