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Impa by VultureDuck

First Appearance (Old): The Legend of Zelda (1987)
First Appearance (Young): Legend of Zelda: Ocarina in Time (1998) 
Race: Sheikah
Occupations: Protector of Zelda, Sage of Shadows, Hyrule's Royal Guard

-Is the leader of her own tribe
-Has been Zelda's protector in all of the timelines
-Helped Link in her quest
--Taught Link Zelda's Lullaby 
--In the Manga, she trained Link into becoming a better swordsman
-In the Manga, she can easily defeat Link when she was training him, who has defeated the likes of Barinade, Phantom Ganon, and Volvagia
-In the Manga, became Kakariko Village's protector after Ganondorf ruled Hyrule Castle
-Became the Sage of Shadow
-In Skyward Sword, found a way to get inside the Earth Temple without unlocking the gate
-Helped Zelda's army to defeat Cia and Ganondorf
--Protected the Great Deku Tree from Wizzro and his army
--Saved Darunia and the Gorons from hypnotism
-Fought the likes of King Dodongo, Manhandala, Gohma, and Agnarok
-Can defeat hundreds or thousands of enemy soldiers all by herself

-Is capable of carrying the Biggoron's Sword
--Can still run just as fast, attack quickly, and can throw/kick it high in the air
-Can swiftly slice three big Pendulums at the same time using the Biggoron's Sword
-Can damage/launch monsters (Such as Darknuts) and other characters into the air (Such as Darunia)
-Can destroy the storm-summoning Argorok
-In the Manga, pushed back a shielding Link using her Kodachi

-Survived hits from Ganondorf
-Can take hits from enemies (Such as Darknuts) and enemy commanders (Such as Link, Darunia, and Volga)
-Can take hits from King Dodongo, Manhandala, Gohma, Agnarok, and Ganon

-Was able to disappear in site after the Deku Nut's effect
--And before Link can turn around 
-Can run around the battlefield in seconds
-Can dodge attacks like fireballs, lasers, and even lightning
-Is able to jump high in the air
-Can keep up with Argorok, who can keep up with the relativistic beam-dodging (Twilight Princess) Link
-In the Manga, dodged a punch from Ganondorf
-In the Manga, dodged attacks from Link during their training
-In the Manga, Appeared atop the wooden tower before Link could turn around and face her

Weapons & Abilities:

-Used in the Ocarina of Time Manga
-Essentially a Small Sword
-Used it to slice Stalfos into pieces

Throwing Knives
-In the manga, can throw knives a high speeds
-In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Impa uses kunai to throw, can also throw explosive ones too

-Card like items that Impa can telekinetically use to blast foes away with wind

-Her straw hat is actually razor-sharp and can be thrown like a boomerang

Deku Nuts
-Seeds that act like flashbangs
-Can be used for quick escapes
 -After the flash of light, Impa would disappear immediately from anyone's sight 

-Can drop in barrels that can burst into energy explosions
-Duplicates can help place in multiple barrels (Requires Three Symbols)

-A sheet that she holds on with her limbs
-With the help of the wind, she can use it on the air to glide

-Can disappear in a puff of smoke and reappear at a different position
-Is great for surprise attacks, dodging attacks, or chaining attacks

-Impa can force a symbol above the opponent, in which she can absorb it back
-Can throw a kunai at the enemy to have the symbol above them, in which she can teleport right next to them
-While absorbing the symbol, she can create duplicates and can access different abilities
-Can absorb three symbols

-In Skyward Sword, Can create a blue barrier to deflect attacks
-Took a couple of slashes from Ghirahim to break it

Energy Ball
-In Skyward Sword, She can manifest a ball of energ
y from her palms
-Is powerful enough to destroy the Time Gate

Gravity Control
-Using her Sheikah Powers, Impa can trap her foe in the air, giving her an opportunity to strike

-Can call forth a giant frog to drop down and slam on her foes
--Can also ride onto the frog as it tramples enemies with its leaps
-Can summon a giant kunai to dive down

Possible Mind Sealing
-An ability she can use in the Ocarina of Time Manga
-Can put someone's consciousness to sleep
-Once sealed, she can make anyone believe they are someone else, like how she made Zelda believe she was a male Sheikah (in other words, Sheik)
-However, the spell would break if the sealed person gets hit by a strong attack and/or gets unconscious 
-Might only work on Zelda due to pressing the Triforce medallion on her hat; even shows it glowing

Biggoron's Sword
-An item that was from Ocarina of Time
-A heavy sword that is longer and stronger than the Master Sword (But lacks Holy properties)

-A stronger version of the Giant Blade
-Can somehow quickdraw using it
-Strength can go from 280 to 420
-Has the Water Element, which causes a bubble of water around foes' heads, making them take damage periodically over time

Biggoron's Sword +
-Comes from Hyrule Warriors Legends
-A more powerful version of the Biggoron's Sword
-Strength can go from 500 to 750

Biggoron's Sunblade
-Same as the Biggoron's Sword +, but adds the Light element
-The Light Element 
increases damage the more that groups of enemies are attacked by consecutive attacks

Water Sphere
-Generate a giant water spear that can suck enemies inside it, in which Impa proceeds to slash

Water Blades
-An attack from the Biggoron's Sword
-Can rain down giant kunai made out of water
-Can summon swords made out of water

-Uses the Biggoron's Sword to create a big and long horizontal slash and hit multiple opponents

Sheikah Naginata
-A stronger version of the Naginata
-Strength can go from 280 to 420
-Can swing and spin it around, and can cover it with fire
-Can throw it like a projectile, which creates a fiery explosion on contact
--Can get it back in her hands out of nowhere
-Has the Fire Element, which causes foes to create a small explosion when they hit the ground, damaging other nearby foes

Sheikah Naginata +
-Comes from Hyrule Warriors Legends
-A more powerful version of the Sheikah Naginata
-Strength can go from 500 to 750

Crackling Naginata
-Same as the Sheika Naginata +, but adds the Lightning element
-The Lightning element causes the enemy to take extra damage from miniature lightning strikes 

Fire Wall
-Covers her naginata with fire and throws it on the ground, creating a wall made out of fire

Fire Naginata
-Can create duplicates of naginata made out of fire

Image result for impa focus spirit gif
Giant Naginata
-Can summon several naginata blades to slam on her opponents

Phantom Duplicates
-A trick that can create multiple clones of herself
-She can spread them to different locations
-Are able to attack and damage enemies
-Almost has the same health as the real Impa
-If one is defeated, it will disappear
-If the real Impa is defeated, All the duplicates will vanish 
-In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, she creates multiple copies of herself using her Sheikah powers to attack in unison or order them to attack foes
--Duplicates can also detonate like bombs
--Duplicates can levitate and shoot lasers from their hands (Requires Symbols)

Flurry Rush
-Once the user dodge as when the enemy attacks, everything will slow down for them as they barrage the enemy with strikes so fast, that the enemy doesn't realize until the effect is gone
-Can even break defenses

-Is able to throw multiple bombs
-Is strong enough to break boulders
-In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, she requires Remote Bombs, which will detonate into a blue explosion as long as Impa wants it to
--Can create a whirlwind to suck foes into the bomb/blast

-Causes enemies to be confused

-Shoots a quick projectile with little damage
-Can kill enemies with a thin stem

-Can reach far areas
-Can latch on her opponents, and move towards them

Image result for hyrule warriors legends hammer
-A large hammer that can break Helmaroc King's Helmet
-Can also stun him
-Can push giant levers
-Stuns enemies and can kill Chuchus in one hit

-Can bring forth magic chains that can leave enemies frozen in place once they make contact
-Once the enemy is stuck, Impa can bring the beatdown to them, and if the effect wears out, the enemy will feel every single hit Impa inflicts as well sending them flying with the combined force of said hits

-Can summon a large block of ice out of the ground, which will explode into shards
-Can kick it to have it move, in which she sits on the top of the cube with a cushion
--While sitting on top, she can control where it moves before breaking

-Using the Rune, any metal weapons or objects magnetically onto said rune and combine together into a make-shift hammer, in which she swings and slams with it
-Can steel enemies' weapons as long as it has metal

Fire Rod
-A magic rod that lobs a giant fireball that creates an area of lingering fire

Ice Rod
-A magic rod that can shoot spheres of ice, which can leave enemies frozen solid if hit
-Hitting the ground will create large ice stalagmites 

Lightning Rod
-A magic Rod that can call forth thunder strikes at any position she wants, which can cause enemies to spaz out it they get hit

Yellow Potion
-The best Healing item
-Can recover a great amount of health and special attack
-Can carry from 1-3 Potion Bottles

-Food Items in Age of Calamity that are used to heal the user
-Can use more than once

-Special Meals that will give the eater increased/decreased stats and/or unique perks
-Eating two or three meals with the same effects will stack
>Steamed Mushrooms: Increase Movement Speed +10%
>Glazed Mushrooms: 
Increase Movement Speed +10%
>Tabantha Bake: 
Increase Movement Speed +15%
>Copious Mushrooms Skewers: 
Increase Movement Speed +15%
>Herb Saute: Increase Perfect-Dodge Timing Window +5%
>Copious Fried Wild Greens: 
 Increase Perfect-Dodge Timing Window +5%
>Akkala Buns: 
 Increase Perfect-Dodge Timing Window +10%
>Pumpkin Stew: Recovers Health per Enemy KO
>Carrot Stew: Charges Special per Enemy KO
>Creamy Meat Soup: Increase Special Attack Charge Rate +7%
>Creamy Seafood Soup: 
Increase Special Attack Charge Rate +7%
>Deya Hot Pot: 
Increase Special Attack Charge Rate +12%
>Creamy Heart Soup: Recover Health Every 10 Seconds
>Steamed Meat: Increases Damage +5%
>Noble Fruit: 
Increases Damage +7%
>Spicy Pepper Steak: 
Increases Damage +10%
>Meat Pie: 
Increases Damage +10%
>Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat: 
Increases Damage +12%
>Steam Fish: Decreases Damage from Enemies -5%
>Salt-Grilled Crab: Decreases Damage from Enemies -5%
>Fish Pie: 
Decreases Damage from Enemies -5%
>Porgy Meuniere: 
Decreases Damage from Enemies -10%
>Hard-Boiled Egg: EXP +5%
>Mabe Souffle: 
EXP +7%
>Vegetable Omelet: 
EXP +8%
EXP +10%
>Mushroom Rice Balls: Increases Sheikah Rune Damage +15%
>Seafood Rice Balls:
 Increases Sheikah Rune Damage +35%
>Vegetable Risotto:
 Start Battle with +1 Heart
>Curry Rice: 
Start Battle with +2 Heart
>Seafood Paella:
 Start Battle with +3 Heart
>Gourment Poultry Pilaf: 
Start Battle with +4 Heart
>Ceremonial Platter: 
 Start Battle with +5 Heart
>Zesty Meat Skewer: Decreases Damage from Ice -50%
>Chilly Fish Skewer:
 Decreases Damage from Fire -50%
>Electro Mushroom Skewer:
 Decreases Damage from Lightning -50%
>Wheat Bread: Increases Cooking Effects +20%
>Honey Candy: Rupees +20%
>Honey Crepe: 
Rupees +30%
>Honeyed Fruits: 
Rupees +30%
>Egg Pudding: Material Drop Rate +10%
>Egg Tart: 
Material Drop Rate +15%
>Wildberry Crepe: 
Material Drop Rate +20%
Material Drop Rate +30%
>Monster Cake: Increases All Stats +5% but Decreases Max Health -10%
>Monster Curry: 
Increases All Stats +10% but Decreases Max Health -25%
>Monster Stew: 
Increases All Stats +15% but Decreases Max Health -50%
>Dubius Food: Rupees 
+100% but Decreases Max Health -20%

Fairy Tonic
-A potion that, once consumed, will automatically revive the user when defeated 

Focus Spirit
-Happens when she has full magic
-Makes her Faster, Stronger, and resists knockback
-Can break the enemy's defense 

-Her special attack before her magic gauge runs out is firing a blade beam that creates a horizontal slash (Biggoron's Sword)

-Her special attack before her magic gauge runs out is summoning a fire dragon to attack her enemies (Sheika's Naginata)
 --Causes her opponent to be stunned for quite a while
 --However, Focus Spirit will end when she uses it
Image result for impa hyrule warriors gif
-If the gauge runs out: She slashes down to jump up and then slams down, causing a shock wave (Biggoron's Sword)

-If the gauge runs out: She slams her naginata to the ground, creating a shockwave (Sheika's Naginata)

Weaknesses by VultureDuck
-Weak to Darkness
-Lost to both Ganondorf (twice) and a boosted Volga
-Opponents can break free from the mind seal by being hit by a strong attack
--Can be argued that the mind seal ability only worked on Young Zelda due to pressing the Triforce Medallion on her hat
-Phantom Duplicates will disappear after Impa is defeated
-Failed to stop Ganondorf from getting the Triforce of Power
-Potion and Focus Spirit are limited

Image result for impa hyrule warriors gif

"The boy with the noble Zelda's Ocarina...As I expected you have come. I am Impa, one of the Sheikah. I am Princess Zelda's caretaker, and I am also the Sage who guards the Shadow Temple."
This took quite a while. This is a composite version of Impa, mostly the young, ninja-like look.

The picture from the weakness section is made by Setzeri, you can find their work in here: setzeri.tumblr.com/

UPDATE: Included most of the stuff she has in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Impa and the Legend of Zelda is owned by Nintendo
© 2018 - 2021 VultureDuck
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Nice, bio man, there are some extra little facts about Impa you could possible add due to her her Hylian biology.

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I would like to know some

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Well Hylian's pointed ears aren't just for show it give them advanced hearing and lets them revive messages from the Goddesses, they have a natrual capicty for magic and psychic abilites, they are also able to live much longer then ordinary human.

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thanks, though I want to know how hylians use said magic/psychic abilities, and how it applies to Impa

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it likely explains how she can use a wide vairety of magic and Hylians can pass messages via telepathy and even read minds so I don't think it would be strech to say Impa has some form of telepathy, Zelda who she taught has telepathy.

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this will help when i put her up against Undyne
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*Reads the title* I Think she's a little too late for that.

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For durability, she also survived a defeat from Ghirahim.
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