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This is a group dedicated to one of Earth's most efficient and majestic scavengers, the vulture. Quality vulture-related photos, art, crafts, etc will be happily accepted! Group icon is a photo by XSini used with permission.

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:bulletgreen: You can submit anything as long as it has to do with vultures. If it's a group of animals with a vulture included, it's still acceptable.

:bulletgreen: Flaming is unacceptable. Debate on certain subjects is okay, as long as it doesn't get ugly. However, if you get caught flaming or attacking another member, you will be blocked.
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Sad Mzingo backstory,Mzingo was born in Pride Lands to vulture family that eat carrions therefore making Pride Lands clean. Once has brother that is named Mstatili. When was night a storm hit a tree, young Mzingo is started being fascinated by fires and he want play with fire. young Mzingo is playing with fire until he accidentally burned his brother. He apologized for this incident and want ask parents to treat his brother but because of a cruel tradition that is part of vultures that if no matter if incident is minor and vulture apologize and reform, young vulture would be banished to place where is far away from any source of foods, his parents is angry at Mzingo and decided send to place that there is no food near and ban Mzingo from visiting Pride Lands, punishment would be death. He is intentionally abandoned by his family to punish for actions that he apologized for when he was young. Before this Mzingo was good and friendly vulture but because of this event he now has become greedy and evil. Mzingo has tried finding food but all is unsuccessful. One day he met young Mwoga and nine vultures who was banished from Pride Lands by his family for same reason. Decided that he need help to find foods so he and other vultures assembled to form parliament. He has started being hungry so he with vultures started flying until he met Janja and his clan in a place near Pride Lands. Then he decided become friends with Janja but it all changed when he met Scar who promised that will bring foods for he and his parliament and remove Simba from power. Years later he visited Pride Lands for first time since his banishment. This is the end of backstory of Mzingo.
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Repost from VCF- Vulture conservation foundation.

A survey of attitudes towards vulture conservation in the Bulgarian Rodopi regions
As part of the LIFE project “Conservation of Black and Griffon vultures in the cross-border Rhodope Mountains”, led by Rewilding Europe in partnership with Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, WWF Greece, the VCF and the Hellenic Ornithological Society, a survey on local attitudes towards vulture conservation has been done.
The project aims to recover and further expand the black and griffon vulture populations in this part of the Balkans, mainly by improving natural prey availability and reducing mortality factors such as poaching, poisoning and electrocution and collision with power lines.
This type of survey is seldom done but they are very important to understand the perceptions, motivations and drivers of several important local stakeholders.
In this study, a total of 52 people responded to a quantitative questionnaire poll and/or an in-depth interview. Here are the main results:
 Distinct differences were observed between villages. In particular, respondents who live away from a well-known vulture spot (Madzharovo ) perceived vultures as specific for the Madzharovo region and not as a topic relevant for their region
 Local people in Madzharovo are well aware of vultures’ presence but perceived vulture conservation as a field of work that is distant to their life and is carried out mainly by “foreigners”
 Local businesses are rarely developed in connection to vulture-related tourism, though some commercial activities (local stores, flat rentals) are seasonally dependent on this tourism
 Vulture-related and environmental tourism is mainly developed by people from other regions and big cities and has alienated the members from the community
 NGO people are generally regarded as a donor to the community but no sustainable models of joint work have been created over the 20 or so years of work in the region
 Some negative reactions to NGOs are expressed both by people working for NGOs and by local villagers. These opinions say that NGOs have become businesses and projects are aimed at gaining grants as providing salaries and offices without vision for developing environment protection activities further
 So far no model of cooperation between food producers, tourist operators and accommodation services in the region has been established, so there is no involvement of local people and their main livelihood is large-scale stock raising and vegetable growing, while food for tourists is provided by city wholesale stores
The general attitude of the local people to vulture conservation is positive but with no personal engagement, apart from the respondents working in environmental and tourist entities.

A copy of the report is available upon request. You may request a copy of the report at VCF's FB. I'm assuming via messenger.Please follow the link below.Thank you.…
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